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      Boxer Characteristics

      Short, shiny, smooth
      55-70 lbs
      • Size


      • Energy


      • Weight

        55-70 lbs

      • Coat

        Short, shiny, smooth

      Special Travel Accommodations

      Boxers are amazing dogs and have special travel requirements. Our dedicated travel team will work with both you and your puppy's breeder to schedule the best accommodations for your puppy's needs.

      About Boxers

      Boxers are athletic, energetic, happy dogs. Their short muzzles and large underbites, along with their proportionately long tongues, give them a distinctive appearance. Originally bred in Germany, these dogs are now hugely popular family dogs, as they adore children and other animals and love to be with their owners. Boxers are clever and quick to learn. They have a lot of energy and do best when they are given something to occupy them, whether it be obedience, agility, or any other kind of mental challenge. Boxers are medium-large dogs, typically weighing in at around 55-65 lbs.

      Did You Know?

      Because Boxers are not considered fully mature until the age of three, these playful and energetic pups are sometimes called the "Peter Pan" of dog breeds, with one of the longest puppyhoods of all dogs.


      The Boxer as we know it today originated in Germany in the late nineteenth century. The breed gained popularity in post-WWI America when soldiers brought them home after the dogs had completed their military duties.