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Breed Overview

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Quick facts

Boxers are happy family dogs who adore children and other animals.

Lifespan10-12 Years
TemperamentFun-Loving, Bright, Active
Shedding AmountLow
Breed GroupWorking

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Personality & Training

Tendency to Bark




Good For:
  • Kids
  • Cats
  • Other Dogs
  • Apartments
  • Large Living Spaces
  • Seniors
  • Watch Dog

Physical Characteristics

Average Height

Females: 23 in
Males: 24 in

Average Weight

Females: 58 lbs
Males: 73 lbs

Grooming Requirements

Bathe as Needed, Wrinkle Care

Drool Amount


BrindleFawnFlashy BrindleFlashy FawnReverse BrindleReverse Flashy BrindleSealed BrindleSealed Flashy BrindleWhite
Black MaskWhite MarkingsBlack MarkingsBlack Mask, White MarkingsBrindle MarkingsFawn MarkingsBlack Mask, Brindle MarkingsBlack Mask, Fawn Markings

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About boxers

Boxers are athletic, energetic, happy dogs. Their short muzzles and large underbites, along with their proportionately long tongues, give them a distinctive appearance. Originally bred in Germany, these dogs are now hugely popular family dogs, as they adore children and other animals and love to be with their owners. Boxers are clever and quick to learn. They have a lot of energy and do best when they are given something to occupy them, whether it be obedience, agility, or any other kind of mental challenge. Boxers are medium-large dogs, typically weighing in at around 55-65 lbs.

boxer Care

The Boxer is a strong and fearless medium to large breed of dog. They have a protective nature that has made them great guardians, especially with children.


The Boxer is considered a brachycephalic breed meaning they have a short muzzle giving their face a squished appearance. As with most brachycephalic breeds, the Boxer has what is considered a normal breed underbite.


While it is common that most Boxers get their tails docked and ears cropped, these are primarily cosmetic procedures that serve no health benefits and are done for appearance.


The Boxer are proud and emotional dogs that form strong bonds with their family. It is not beyond them to sulk or shut you out if they feel they are not getting the attention they feel they deserve.

boxers FAQ

Yes, Boxers love kids! They are happy dogs that make wonderful family pets.