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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

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About Bernese Mountain Dogs

Built to pull carts and work hard in central Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog is believed to be more than 2,000 years old. Bernese are incredibly loving, affectionate, and devoted family pets. Their calm nature and patience are ideal around children, and they are willing and quick learners. The distinctive black, white, and rust colors of the Bernese are uniform throughout the breed. Bernese Mountain Dogs thrive in larger living spaces, because of their size and moderate to high energy level.

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Matthew C.


Bernese Mountain Dog

The logistics of getting a dog from a breeder in Michigan to Maine proved challenging due to airline restrictions so we had a few false starts. When I started interacting 1 in 1 with Rony it all came together. Erwin was a rock star in the ground keeping us informed. Our Pup Ricky is a healthy your boy and we are beyond blessed to have him finally. We are hoping they will accept our late vet physical as we had to cancel his appointment twice due to the travel issues. I certainly got what I p...

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