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      Helen B.
      Texas Breed: Shih Tzu

      Love my puppy

      We were able to meet the breeder and pick up our puppy. We love him.

      Walter H.
      Illinois Breed: German Shepherd Dog

      Our new addition

      Duke (aka Philip) our new German Shepard is fitting very well with the family.

      Stephanie H.
      Wisconsin Breed: Portuguese Water Dog


      Did a great job! Stayed in communication with us. No complaints

      Elizabeth R.
      Illinois Breed: Poodle

      Had great help and love my little dog.

      Every thing went well

      Michele I.
      Maryland Breed: Goldendoodle

      Found the pup we wanted!

      Convenient, well priced, great service so far

      Nancy R.
      Maryland Breed: Bichon Frise

      Good Dog!

      I accidentally ran across PuppySpot when I was looking for a dog. I started talking with Toni and it just went well from there. I love my little Roxy and the plane trip was handled well soo.

      Garry Z.
      California Breed: Labrador Retriever

      Puppy Spot services

      This was the first time to use an online puppy service. From the beginning they provided support and assistance to successfully pick a desirable Labrador. The delivery and health of the dog was good. Even the post delivery was good. Mollie is adapting to her new surroundings.

      Jill R.
      Utah Breed: Havanese

      Love my Puppy

      Great job to all of you who helped me get my sweet puppy. I have already recommended you to others. Thanks

      Karen R.
      California Breed: Beagle


      I'm so pleased with everything and everyone that helped me with my New beautiful puppy! You're 5 Stars!! From the beginning to the end! Thank you so much for making it stress free!

      Kaibeh J.
      Alabama Breed: Cavapoo

      Love My New Puppy

      I'm very please with the service that I received with PuppySpot when I was looking for my fur baby. I knew the type of dog that I wanted and Kevin (the PuppySpot rep) was able to email a list of available puppies right away. It was on that list where I saw Max. Immediately I knew he was the right puppy for me. I filled out the financing paperwork and I was approved right away. I will admit that their price is a bit high, but I plan on paying back the loan right away so I don't have to pay all that interest. I was able to pick Max up from the airport a week later. He looked just like his picture, except for the fact that he was a little bit smaller in person. Overall, I'm very please with my PuppySpot experience. I have an amazing puppy and I couldn't be happier.

      Galen S.
      North Carolina Breed: Samoyed

      Amazing Service

      Thank you Puppy Spot staff for helping us get a beautiful Samoyed puppy! She is truly a blessing in our lives. Great Service and would recommend!!

      Simona P.
      California Breed: Labradoodle

      A team work

      A team work

      Myron R.
      Virginia Breed: Miniature Schnauzer


      We got or puppy a few days ago and we could not ask for a better baby. He us the best!! Puppy Spot has been great and extremely helpful in the process. We had a glitch with the airlines and they were on to of the situation to resolve the problem. They have been proactive in this experience.

      Mark K.
      Washington Breed: Beagle

      We love our new Puppy

      We love our new Puppy

      Edward D.
      Rhode Island Breed: Pomeranian


      Terrific from start to adoption....

      Richard R.
      North Carolina Breed: West Highland White Terrier

      Our new Westie

      Puppyspot has been terrific and handling all the details with getting this puppy on time and in perfect condition she is the most wonderful puppy beautiful and smart and love her to death thank you puppyspot for making this experience as great as can be

      Peggy P.
      New York Breed: Shih Tzu

      Love our new puppy!

      We were so excited to get a second puppy from puppy spot and were not disappointed by the service and help along the way. We love our new puppy and will have many years of fun with the two of them together

      Stacy H.
      Illinois Breed: Cavapoo


      PuppySpot was extremely helpful and always available for guidance and answering questions and helping to make this process so smooth!

      Carolyn P.
      Tennessee Breed: Poodle

      Zeki and Starla

      I’m so happy to have my two new fur babies. I know new puppies are a challenge, but I’m willing to put in the effort. PuppySpot has proven to live up to their promises and I’m thankful to them for bringing our newest family members to us.

      Amanda G.
      New Jersey Breed: Siberian Husky

      Highly Recommend

      I got recommend by my cousin and due to shelters in my area are not as helpful as you'd think, I decided to try Puppyspot. The amount of help and guidance they provided were on point. They make sure you know every aspect of the puppy and make sure you're aware of everything. Any questions I had they were able to answer. From beginning to end they were so nice. From Tiffany that help me start to Steven F that became my puppy manager who was able to assist me as well. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to get this bundle of joy. Without them I believe no other place would let me get a Siberian Husky. They gave me the chance to get my dream dog. Thank You!