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Larry B.
Massachusetts | Breed: Cockapoo

Very happy

Very happy

elie s.
California | Breed: Lhasa Apso

Excellent Package

All contents in the Puppy Pack are exactly what the little ones need in the beginning. Perfect selection of good quality items.

Martina H.
Delaware | Breed: Labrador Retriever

This company is the best...

This company is the best... everything thing was so smooth from the first time I saw Misty’s picture until the first class delivery. We are crazy about this up. Martina

Jenna S.
California | Breed: Cavapoo

So thrilled with our PuppySpot experience

We couldn't be happier with our happy, healthy Cavapoo pup Pinot (previously Reba). I was originally nervous to use PuppySpot because you have little to no contact with the breeders and the price of a puppy is incredibly inflated. However, we were so pleased with the level of communication and transparency we received from our PuppySpot Concierge,Tiffany, we felt good about purchasing a puppy. Tiffany helped us to find Pinot (Reba) and very easily guided us through the adoption process. Pinot (Reba) flew from Ohio to Los Angeles with a wonderful, caring Puppy Chaperone, Angela. Angela sent us videos and photos of their cross country journey which assured us that our puppy was safe and well cared for. Overall, this was a great experience. I just wish I knew the breeders name so that I could give them referrals. I have so many friends wanting clones of our sweet pup, Pinot.

Samantha U.
Georgia | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Perfect puppy

I had been searching for months for a chocolate lab and after exhausting searches at rescue groups and animal shelters I stumbled upon PuppySpot. The service was great and Dexter is an awesome addition to my family. My vet said he’s perfect, and I totally agree!

Lu F.
Maryland | Breed: Dachshund

Callie my mini.longhair dachshund is

Callie my mini.longhair dachshund is growing and doing very well. She is 4 months old now. I am paper training her and that is going well (not quite perfect yet). She loves her walks and chasing leaves. I walk with a cane so I am teaching her to walk on my left. She is very bright and catches on very quickly. She loves all her toys and loves to snuggle .

Danny B.
Florida | Breed: Cavapoo

We are very happy with

We are very happy with our puppy. Overall experience with PuppySpot was good. Did not give a 5 star rating due to lack of communication on delivery day. Our puppy’s delivery was delayed and there were no messages through the app and I had to call three times to finally get someone who knew what was going on. I did receive a call from PuppySpot the next day to apologize for the lack of communication and to make sure that everything was okay. Every other part of the process went as expected. Our puppy arrived happy and healthy, and we couldn’t be any happier.

Janice S.
Massachusetts | Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Great service, the respective was

Great service, the respective was very nice and informative.

Angela R.
Georgia | Breed: Cockapoo

Best place ever

PuppySpot is a excellent place to purchase a puppy. They use excellent breeders. This is a trustworthy site that I highly recommend. Everyone that I have spoken to here are very helpful and knowledgeable. They will answer any questions that you have and rest assured, you are getting the very best new addition to your family. They also make sure that you will be the best parent as well by screening you to make sure you and your home is the best place for the puppy. Be ready to spent top dollars because the cost of your new dog will not be cheap but it will be a great investment!

Shane B.
California | Breed: Siberian Husky

Great service!

Great service!

Christopher H.
Massachusetts | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Great experience

Using PuppySpot was easy and we were able to identify the best puppy for us. Christian was very helpful, answered our questions, and was a treat to speak with. Can't believe we were able to bring our sweet boy home some quickly!

Manuel S.
Puerto Rico | Breed: Lhasa Apso


So very pleased with the service

Rick H.
California | Breed: Lhasa Apso


Had a great experience. Love our puppy who arrived healthy and adorable. Communication was a bit lacking, but we got through it. More videos would be a great addition and a longer duration would take some of th anxiety away. Would recommend.

Peg N.
California | Breed: Shihpoo

Great selection of puppies & Woody is wonderful

Puppyspot has an excellent web site that is easy to use. We knew we wanted a Shihpoo, but if you weren’t sure what breed you wanted, there is a person on the phone with you to help and explain the process. Christa did a great job with us. Roxanne was our puppy manager after we decided. Whenever I needed help or had questions, she responded. I didn’t care for their app, but I’m old so that probably explains that. Roxanne was very patient with me. Alexia was the person who flew Woody to us and she took very good care of him. Woody is a healthy and happy little guy. We highly recommend Puppyspot.

Kathy P.
Virginia | Breed: Cockapoo


We love our puppy Kole! F1Cockapoo. The meet up time was off by an hour and frustrating otherwise very pleased. Photo of Kole before and after his first groomimg.

Ramesh M.
New Jersey | Breed: Goldendoodle


Great experience in getting a new Puppy !!!

Nancy J.

Best Experience Ever!

I am so glad I came upon Puppy Spot. Finding a puppy on the Internet is scary and not reliable. Puppy Spot is a wondierful place to find your furry flriends. They can be trusted. I love my puppy I got through gh them.

Darren P.
California | Breed: Boston Terrier

Willa May Boston Terrier

This is my third puppy edition to my pack. Previously two Great Dane female pups and now a Boston Terrier female pup. Great service as always with Puppy Spot. You will not be disappointed.

susan k.
Florida | Breed: Cavachon

PuppySpot has been great in

PuppySpot has been great in getting our new Cavachon, Sweet Pea to us safely...we have heard from them as well as the night she arrived we heard directly from her Breeder...these people care about the dogs...Angel, Sweet Pea’s Puppy Nanny flew with her and kept us informed all day with texts, videos and pictures....we would recommend everyone involved in this procedure....

Kevin G.
Florida | Breed: Siberian Husky

We’ve had a great time

We’ve had a great time with Indiana He’s developing quite a personality & has bonded with our Savannah cat & seems to have doubled in size in two weeks! We love this guy & he’s become a great addition to the family