Havanese Puppies

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About Havaneses

The Havanese is an affectionate breed who loves to be closer to their owners. They are smart, easy to train, and are great companions. The Havanese is a small breed that doesn’t need a lot of space to roam. This, along with their lovable temperament, makes them great for both apartment dwellers and first-time pet owners. With silky hair instead of fur, they are allergy-friendly as well.


When Havanese aren't shadowing their family around the house or snuggled in your lap, they can be found performing tricks or working as therapy dogs. Though the Havanese was originally bred to accompany the Cuban aristocracy, these princely pups don't mind clowning around - they love pulling toilet paper off the roll and sprinting around the house and full speed.


Havanese are easy to train and remarkably intelligent breed. They are seldom aggressive and need little exercise, but they do require regular grooming sessions to look their best. A wonderfully happy breed, the Havanese is a terrific addition to any family looking for a sweet, well-mannered companion.

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Deidre T.



As never having purchased a puppy on the internet, it was a little scary. We spoke with Linda at Puppy Spot and she explained everything to us and really made it an easy and comfortable experience. One thing I would suggest is that you always use your cell phone #, my husband called from our landline and it made it a little difficult to hear from the transportation team as they tried texting our home phone number. Linda did change it to our cell numbers, however some how it didn't get thru to...

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