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The Havanese is an affectionate breed known for being inseparably close to their owners. They are smart, easy to train, and make for great companions for everyone in the family. The Havanese is a small breed that doesn’t need a lot of space to roam. This, along with their lovable temperament, makes them great for both apartment dwellers and first-time pet owners.
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While Havanese dogs are small in size, they have big personalities! These outgoing, affectionate pups are bred for companionship and absolutely adore being around people. Native to Cuba (and named accordingly), they have a distinctive springy gait related to both their build and their spirited personalities. Havanese are somewhat active, and are suitable for apartment and house living, as a companion to an individual or family. These sweet, loving dogs are also very eager to learn and easily trained to do tricks. Havanese typically weigh between 10-15 lbs. when fully grown.

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By far the best decision we made for our family. ZOE has been a joy to have thus far. She is very playful, gets a long with everyone, loves attention, and enjoys sleeping 60% of the day like a cat. ZOE is perfect we love her so much. Thank you!

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5.0 star rating
First - let me explain that I found the future lov...
Review by Jack on 1 Jul 2018 review stating First - let me explain that I found the future lov...
First - let me explain that I found the future love of my life. I found the most handsome Havanese puppy named Piero -- who just happens to be in perfect health. So, thank you PuppySpot.

I do have some words of advice for buyers. Make sure you go in and read all the links located on the bottom of the Website page under the category called 'THE PUPPYSPOT DIFFERENCE' before you make your decision to purchase your furry friend! It will give you a lot of information and you are able to ask the Customer Advocate the right questions -- rather than jump in and say: "Yes, Yes, I want Piero -- please send him ASAP", It will also prompt more questions to ask questions that you never dreamed about asking --- and find out the reason behind the procedure.

For example: I purchased Piero when he was able to travel around June 15th. If I would have read the Travel information on PuppySpot's website I would have been more prepared. I would have learned that the pets can only fly on certain airlines and it if you live in the Southwest the summer temperatures could impact travel schedules!!! Instead of asking all the questions upfront I learned through the discovery method. I would have had known to ask what day does the breeder ship dogs on and why.

The discovery method was overwhelming and frustrating. It was not until I had all the information that I understood that PuppySpot was acting in the best interest of Piero and all worked out well. Many thanks to the Travel Department for educating me. May thanks to the Customer Advocates.

One other thing I learned is that Travel prefers to put dog's on flights that have layovers. I wanted my puppy to fly direct --- which was impossible because the afternoon flights would be too warm. I DID learn that a layover was a "good thing" for somebody was always there to change his papers, ensure he had not spilled his water, had food and could give his some attention. etc. I also learned that a puppy sleeps the majority of the time -- so if it is comfortable all is well. When he finally arrived the crate was CLEAN and Piero was a happy camper.

I would definitely recommend PuppySpot. And as a buyer it is your responsible to read all the information upfront so you can ask the right questions.

Special Thanks to Nicole who got the many opportunities to educate me on what was going on. You are wonderful.
Gregory Z.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
We loved the service and attention we received whe...
Review by Gregory Z. on 30 Aug 2017 review stating We loved the service and attention we received whe...
We loved the service and attention we received when buying our furry babies. We are so in love with Teddy and Ellie. They both have the best disposition. They are both healthy and happy... Thank you!!!
Maria B.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
We hit the jackpot with our precious puppy.
Review by Maria B. on 7 Jun 2018 review stating We hit the jackpot with our precious puppy.
Jeffrey was my puppy concierge. He was wonderful. Most everything was very simple. There were some difficulties with getting our Havanese puppy on the flight from the breeder to our home. However, the problems were due to the airlines not accepting the puppy because of unusually hot weather one day and then another day as well. So it took 3 tries before we got our new little puppy. The PuppySpot experience was very good. But again, we were very disappointed with the airline problems. Our little Benito arrived finally and we feel in love with him right away. He is absolutely the world's best puppy! He is very happy and playful, but also is quite calm and likes people. We definitely hit the jackpot with this precious puppy. I would definitely recommend anyone to use the Havanese breeder we purchased from and would recommend PuppySpot.
Danny C.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
World Class organization with a 5 star winning team!
Review by Danny C. on 15 Jan 2018 review stating World Class organization with a 5 star winning team!
Great experience all the way around, from the first conversation with Keffe, to the delivery of our precious little Havanese fur-baby. We had just said goodbye to our miniature schnauzer of 15 years a few weeks prior. We took that far more emotionally than we anticipated.I think my wife and two daughters still living at home cried every time we walked in the house he wasn't there to greet us.

Everyone I spoke with at PuppySpot was so empathetic and helpful. You've got a world class organization and 5 star employees on your team. I'm pretty sure we're going to get Bella a boyfriend later in the year, and I'm pretty sure I'll be in touch again when the time comes.
Nancy G.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
A Perfect Experience in every way
Review by Nancy G. on 9 Apr 2017 review stating A Perfect Experience in every way
PuppySpot was the answer to my prayers! I had been searching for a Havanese for a few years to be the younger sister to my 11 year old Havanese. Breeders either had no puppies, had gone out of business, were 1000 miles away and didn't ship and I was never able to find the location, sex, age and look I was going for. With many breeders I was uncertain that they were reputable.
Then I happened upon your site. I found my Maggie ( your Pam) in 30 minutes. I made the call. Voila! An actual person. A person who obviously knew and loved dogs. She contacted the breeder WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE.
Payment was completed, I immediately received confirmation emails, instructional emails and everything I could possibly need.
4 days later after a seamless flight I have the puppy of my dreams! I've continued to receive follow up calls and emails.
Many thanks for a truly perfect experience. Your customer service skills are exemplary.
Nancy Gage
Georgietta J.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Review by Georgietta J. on 14 Mar 2017 review stating lOVING MY NEW PUPPY
My entire experience was just great, even when a major change had to be made to the purchase! Everyone was very helpful and made sure I was totally comfortable with all aspects of the transaction. I received several followup phone calls to make sure I was happy.
Stacia M.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
It was a great experience. Everyone kept in touch with me and answered all ...
Review by Stacia M. on 8 Feb 2017 review stating It was a great experience. Everyone kept in touch with me and answered all ...
It was a great experience. Everyone kept in touch with me and answered all of my questions. They were also very concerned about the well being of our new family member and made sure I was informed of her needs!

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