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Breed Overview

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Quick facts

Lifespan12-15 Years
TemperamentAffectionate, Active, Playful
Shedding AmountHigh
Breed GroupN/A

Personality & Training

Tendency to Bark




Good For:
  • Kids
  • Cats
  • Other Dogs
  • Apartments
  • Large Living Spaces
  • Seniors
  • First Time Pet Owners
  • Cold Climates

Physical Characteristics

Average Height

Females: 12 in
Males: 14 in

Average Weight

Females: 18 lbs
Males: 23 lbs

Grooming Requirements

Bathe as Needed, Wrinkle Care

Drool Amount


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About frenchtons

The Frenchton is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier. This breed originated in recent years in the United States. As with any mixed breed, it is not uncommon for the appearance and personality of one puppy to vary greatly from that of its littermate but, in general, Frenchtons are very friendly, loving and intelligent. They are also very laid back and have low exercise requirements, making them ideal apartment pets that can also excel in homes.