Fast Facts

  • Energy High
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Stubborn
  • Overview

  • Born in the jungles of the Congo, the Basenji is a small, graceful hound with expressive almond-shaped eyes and subtle, human-like emotions. Recognizable by their glistening short coat, tightly curled tail, and wrinkled forehead, Basenjis are bark less, steadfast companions who are as independent as they are smart. 

    Basenji means “bush thing,” which couldn’t be more accurate. Basenjis are sweet-faced hunters bred to flush animals from the bush and to be faithful companions. They don’t bark, but they make odd sound that sounds like a cross between a chortle and a yodel.  

    Like cats, Basenjis fastidiously groom themselves and have a cult following of admirers. Owners adore the Basenjis, often describing them as eager to please, highly intelligent, and flaunting a stubborn streak a mile wide. 

    The Basenjis coat is low maintenance, but this breed is anything but. They love to chew and dig and have endless stamina for playtime. Basenjis are also escape artists - even fences are no match for a Basenji who is determined to be elsewhere. But if you’re ready to bring a “bush thing” into your home, a Basenji will be more than happy to love you. 

  • Breed Characteristics

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