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cairn terrier

cairn terriers

Breed Overview

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Quick facts

Lifespan13-15 Years
Shedding AmountLow
Breed GroupTerrier

Personality & Training

Tendency to Bark




Good For:
  • Kids
  • Cats
  • Other Dogs
  • Apartments
  • Large Living Spaces
  • Seniors
  • First Time Pet Owners
  • Watch Dog
  • Cold Climates
  • Water Activities

Physical Characteristics

Average Height

Females: 9 in
Males: 10 in

Average Weight

Females: 11 lbs
Males: 12 lbs

Grooming Requirements

Bathe as Needed, Trim Occasionally

Drool Amount


BlackBlack BrindleBrindleCreamCream BrindleGrayGray BrindleRedRed BrindleRed WheatenSilverSilver BrindleSilver WheatenWheatenWheaten Brindle
Black MaskBlack MarkingsBlack Points

About cairn terriers

Cairn Terrier originally descended from Scotland such as all the other terrier breeds, and this specific one was bred more than 200 years ago. You may recognize the Cairn Terrier as Toto from the movie, The Wizard of Oz. This breed is very intelligent and curious, but just like all the other terriers, it tends to be independent-minded, tough, but still a great watchdog. Cairn is the happiest when they can hang around their humans. Don’t leave your Cairn alone for a long time because he might become destructive. This breed has a high energy level, loves digging, chasing, and barking. Cairn Terriers love kids and are highly tolerant of them. With early socialization and training, they are very respectful of other animals. Cairn Terrier’s size is about 9 to 11 inches, and he weighs about 14 pounds.