Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Large
  • Trainability Accommodating
  • Overview

  • Adaptable, intelligent, and loyal, the Shepadoodle is a super trainable, super lovable crossbreed that combines the best characteristics of two of the most loyal breeds in the world, the German Shepherd and the Standard Poodle.  

    This intelligent and remarkably capable breed is a terrific family companion who is as smart as they are beautiful. Bright and eager-to-please, Shepadoodles are charming, highly trainable, great with children and profoundly loyal to their families.  

    Shepadoodles are also bold, head-strong and independent which can sometimes translate into destructive behavior when not regularly exercised. Shepadoodles do best with active families who have the time to keep them active, exercised and mentally stimulated.  

    As crossbreed, Shepadoodles come in a variety of shades and color variations, but they all need daily brushing, and regular grooming. Shepadoodles are watchful, alert and self-confident, which makes them fantastic guardians of home and family. 

  • Breed Characteristics

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