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      Cane Corso Characteristics

      Short, stiff, shiny, dense outercoat; Light undercoat
      85-110 lbs
      • Size


      • Energy


      • Weight

        85-110 lbs

      • Coat

        Short, stiff, shiny, dense outercoat; Light undercoat

      Special Travel Accommodations

      Cane Corsos are amazing dogs and have special travel requirements. Our dedicated travel team will work with both you and your puppy's breeder to schedule the best accommodations for your puppy's needs.

      About Cane Corsos

      The Cane Corso is an intimidating breed at first glance, with a muscular body and large head. Corsi come from Italy, where they were employed largely as guard and hunting dogs because of their power, courage and willingness to work. A very intelligent breed, these dogs are easily trained and versatile, and at the same time are intensely loyal to their humans. Corsi are great with children, make excellent family pets and tend to be protective of their families. Despite the Cane Corso's size and strength, Corsi have a medium energy level.

      Did You Know?

      This breed has a course and thick waterproof coat.


      One of many Mastiff-type dogs, the Corso was developed in Italy and is believed to be descended from Roman war dogs.