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golden cavadoodle

golden cavadoodles

Breed Overview

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Quick facts

Lifespan11-13 Years
TemperamentAffectionate, Charming, Smart
Shedding AmountLow
Breed GroupDoodle

Personality & Training

Tendency to Bark




Physical Characteristics

Average Height

Females: 0 in
Males: 0 in

Average Weight

Females: 0 lbs
Males: 0 lbs

Grooming Requirements

Bathe as Needed, Brush Daily, Trim Occasionally

Drool Amount


Apricot MarkingsBadger MarkingsBlack & Tan MarkingsBlack BrindlingBlack MarkingsBlack MaskBlack Mask & TickedBlack Mask & White MarkingsBlack Mask, Black MarkingsBlack Mask, Brindle MarkingsBlack Mask, Fawn MarkingsBlack Mask, White MarkingsBlack Mask With TipsBlack PointsBlack SablingBlack TipsBlue FactoredBlue FawnBlue MarkingsBlue MaskBlue Merle MarkingsBlue PatchworkBlue TickingBrindleBrindle DominoBrindle MarkingsBrindle PiebaldBrindle PointsBrindle Points & TickedBronze MarkingsBrown MarkingsBuff MarkingsChocolate MarkingsChocolate MaskChocolate PointsCream MarkingsDappleDapple PiebaldDominoDouble DappleFawn MarkingsFawn MaskGray MarkingsGray MaskIrish MarkedIrish PiedMerle MarkingsNo MarkingsOrange MarkingsParti-ColorParti BeltonPatchedPhantomPiebaldPiebald, Black MarkingsPintoRed MarkingsRed MerleRed PatchworkRed TickingRoanSableSable & White MarkingsSable MarkingsSable Merle MarkingsSilver MarkingsSilver PatchworkSilver PointsSpottedSpotted On WhiteSpotted Or PatchedTan MarkingsTan PointsTan Points & TickedTickedTri Color MarkingsWheaten MarkingsWhite Marking, Brindle Points, TickedWhite MarkingsWhite Markings & Tan PointsWhite Markings, Brindle PointsWhite Markings, Tan PointsWhite Markings, Tan Points, TickedWhite Markings, TickedWhite MaskYellow Markings

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About golden cavadoodles

The Golden Cavadoodle, also known as a the Golden Cavapoo, comes from crossbreeding the Golden Retriever, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and the Poodle. This adorable breed is known for being loving, intelligent, gentle, and loyal. Depending on which trait a puppy inherits, their coat can range from medium to long, with soft waves or thick curls. Their coat will require moderate grooming to maintain it, along with regular brushing. The Golden Cavadoodle's pleasant and friendly demeanor makes them great with kids and other pets when socialized from any early age.