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Quick facts

All three sizes of Poodles - Standard, Miniature, and toy -- are amazingly smart and loyal, allergy-friendly, and wonderful family dogs.

Lifespan10-18 Years
TemperamentProud, Active, Very Smart
Shedding AmountLow
Breed GroupNon Sporting

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Personality & Training

Tendency to Bark




Good For:
  • Kids
  • Cats
  • Other Dogs
  • Apartments
  • Large Living Spaces
  • First Time Pet Owners
  • Watch Dog
  • Cold Climates
  • Water Activities

Physical Characteristics

Average Height

Females: 22 in
Males: 25 in

Average Weight

Females: 45 lbs
Males: 65 lbs

Grooming Requirements

Brush Weekly, Bathe as Needed, Trim Occasionally

Drool Amount


ApricotApricot & WhiteBlackBlack & BrownBlack & CreamBlack & GrayBlack & RedBlack & SilverBlack & TanBlack & WhiteBlueBlue & WhiteBlue MerleBlue Merle & WhiteBlue Merle White & TanBrindleBrownBrown & TanBrown & WhiteCafe Au LaitChocolate MerleCreamCream & WhiteGrayGray & WhiteRedRed & ApricotRed & WhiteSableSilverSilver BeigeWhiteWhite & ApricotWhite & Silver
Black MaskWhite MarkingsWhite MaskBlack MarkingsBlack PointsParti-ColorSable MarkingsPhantomMerle Markings

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About poodles

Poodles are commonly bred in three varieties: Standard, Miniature and Toy. All three varieties have the same build and proportions but are differentiated by their size. The Poodle is known the world over for its iconic curls, unshakeable loyalty, and deceptively aristocratic appearance.


The breed's prowess at duck hunting was soon out-shown by its iconic appearance and beguiling intelligence. Second only to the Border Collie, the Poodle is considered one of the smartest breeds in the world and is one of the most capable dog breeds in history.


Poodles have time and again proven themselves to be the perfect canine companion, having won more than a dozen international dog shows, including the highly competitive Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


Poodles as alert, highly intelligent, loyal, and trainable which makes it easy for them to learn commands and form strong bonds with their families quickly. The Poodle's intelligence also provides it with a fair amount of pride, which may manifest in stubborn dog behaviors.


Poodles are great watchdogs and family dogs. They're typically shy around strangers and rarely show aggression except for occasional barking. Poodles are also exceptionally attuned to their owner's emotions, often mimicking their owner's mood.


Temperaments vary slightly among the different sizes. Standard Poodles are energetic, and more reserved than Miniature and Toy Poodles who espouse an energy far greater than one would assume from their diminutive stature. Miniature and Toy Poodles are described as more mischievous than their larger cousins. Miniature Poodles are the most energetic of the three varieties and known to follow their owners around the house.

poodle Care

The Poodle may look like an aristocratic couch-potato, but in reality, the breed is energetic, alert and highly intelligent. Poodles are surprisingly low-maintenance.


Poodles commonly jump on people and occasionally growl, both of which are behaviors that can be addressed with proper training. Despite the abundance of energy, many Poodles are often shy, opting to stay very close to their owners rather than playing with other dogs or venturing out on their own. New Poodle owners should expect to spend lots of time with their new puppy.


In addition to "clingy" behavior, Poodles are also very excitable and known to suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Poodles to become so excited when their family returns that they lose control of their bladder.


There are many different ways to groom a Poodle and its not uncommon for two Poodles of the same variety to appear as two completely different breeds. You certainly don't have to master show-worthy grooming, but regardless of the style you choose for your Poodle, grooming must be a regular part of its life.


Although Poodles don't shed and are allergy-friendly, their curly coat is prone to matting, which can affect the dog's overall health and even restrict its movement. Owners will need to brush, clip, and trim their Poodle's coat every 3 to 6 weeks to avoid a costly trip to the vet to remove matted coats (resulting in a bald Poodle) and to treat potential skin conditions.


Poodles were bred to be water retrievers and are excellent swimmers

poodles FAQ

Poodles have a reputation for excessive barking, but the truth is that Poodles do not bark any more or less than other breeds. Poodles are likely to bark at guests entering the home, other dogs, and even thunderstorms. The key to dissuading your Poodle from barking is by ignoring the behavior. When your Poodle sees that barking is unlikely to result in your attention, they will find a more constructive way to get it.