Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Small
  • Trainability Accommodating
  • Overview

  • The Havapoo is fun-loving, tiny people-pleaser that combines the best features of two breeds, the majestic Havanese and the intelligent Miniature Poodle. These extroverted canines love to be the center of attention and to snuggle up to their favorite person.  

    Small, sturdy and Adaptable, Havapoos are excellent watchdogs, and adapt well to apartment living. They learn quickly and have little trouble housebreaking, though they are prone to excessive barking. Havapoos are energetic, fun-loving dogs who love to play outside, though they should never be unsupervised. Nor should they be alone for long periods.  

    This breed craves attention and is therefore prone to separation anxiety and destructive behavior when left alone and not regularly exercised. The Havapoos coat also needs extra attention to keep from knotting and matting. Daily brushing makes it easier to release tangles. 

    As a crossbreed, Havapoos come in many varieties, but all share a great affinity for their owners and an eagerness to love and be loved. If you appreciate cuddly companionship, and have time, love, and affection to give, then the Havapoo is for you.

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  • Breed Characteristics

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