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PuppySpot has helped families across the country fetch their new best friends, and we have puppies for sale in every state. Here are a few of the pups heading to California that you may soon see in a dog park near you!

Breed Spotlight: Corgi

Smart, affectionate and a masterpiece of canine breeding, the Welsh Corgi is a dog that needs no introduction. At less than a foot tall, you wouldn’t guess the Corgi to be a feisty, athletic herding dog, but you’d be wrong.
These low-slung working dogs were bred to herd cattle; they’re fearless by nature and fiercely independent - but are never above a good belly rub. Welsh Corgis are also bright, intelligent and keenly attuned to their owners emotions.
The Corgi’s need for exercise is moderate, though they require a fair amount of mental stimulation and togetherness. Welsh Corgis form strong bonds with their family and seldom enjoy being alone. If you can provide a Corgi with activity, attention and a whole lot of love, then you will never find a more loyal companion.

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