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PuppySpot has helped families across the country fetch their new best friends, and we have puppies for sale in every state. Here are a few of the pups heading to Kentucky that you may soon see in a dog park near you!

Breed Spotlight: Boxer

Loyal, intelligent, and highly excitable, Boxers are the high energy goof balls of the dog world. Often referred to as eternal babies, Boxers ooze positivity and joy. They also possess a playful personality, a friendly temperament and enough energy to keep up with even the most active family.  


When not sprinting around the yard, these capable canines can be found snuggling up with their owners or standing guard as the family watchdog and guardian.  


Though Boxers are remarkably affectionate and seldom aggressive, their high energy and exercise requirements mean they may not be the best choice for first time dog owners. However, if you think you have the energy to keep up with a Boxer, then you will have a playful, loyal, and loving companion for the rest of its life.

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