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Tracy B.
California | Breed: Havachon

Poor Communication

To start my puppy is beyond beautiful and full of energy and personality, but did come with kennel cough. We started with a date for transportation, but it was canceled due to the breeder not being notified, so we were given a second date and was given a confirmation, but I never heard from the Dog Cab, so an hour before the time he was suppose to arrive I called Puppy Spot and wait on hold for 45 minutes(that is short for them) and then was told the he did not make it, once again the breeder did not respond. I later found out they send an email to the breeder. So, I ask for a manager who comes on the phone not identifying herself as a manager, just by name. I raise heck and she takes everything I throw at her calmly and texts me her direct line. Another date is given and confirmed. The day before travel I call to make sure the breeder was notified, they say they were sent an email, grrr... I ask for them to be called and be spoken to and then to notify me, which they do. I later received a call from the Dog Cab telling me how it all works and when I should be expecting my pup. He arrived nice and clean and happy. This is our second pup from Puppy Spot and it seems like they have declined.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Tracy - Thanks for trusting us twice to find your furry best friends! We’re very sorry to hear that your second experience with us did not meet your expectations. We never want a puppy parent to feel their needs are being ignored at any point of their experience as that is the exact opposite of what we strive to provide. We sincerely apologize for any stress or inconvenience this may have caused. Despite your dissatisfaction, we'll continue to be here if you need us at any point in your puppy parent journey.

Tapas M.
New Jersey | Breed: American Eskimo Dog


1. The puppy arrived fine, but with diarrhea and the first Vet appointment showed he had parasites. This was a disappointment for us. 2. We were given to understand the the puppy would have microchip, but he does not have one.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Tapas - Thank you for trusting PuppySpot to find your new furry family member! We truly apologize for the confusion regarding whether or not your puppy was microchipped before heading home to you. While some of our puppies are microchipped before going home it is not a mandatory procedure for our breeders. We were surprised to learn your puppy wasn't feeling well shortly after arriving home, as both his pre- and post-arrival nose-to-tail health examinations performed by two separate licensed veterinarians (the latter of which was your own vet) did not indicate he was anything other than 100% healthy. Unfortunately, as living, breathing beings, puppies sometimes get sick, which is why we provide lifetime support and industry-leading health guarantee. Our service extends well beyond the delivery of your new pup and we're committed to being here for you until your concerns have been resolved and throughout your puppy parent journey!

Karen R.
New York | Breed: French Bulldog

Benji our baby!

I will say this is a legitimate spot to get your puppy. My fiancé and I really wanted a French Bulldog and after searching high and low we felt this was the best place to get a breed of this kind. We just didn’t trust anyone! When I first inquired they had me on the phone for about 30 minutes asking me a ton of questions as a buyer so I can only imagine the screening they do for breeders. Yes, the prices are high but you are getting what you pay for... a puppy that was born healthy and done the correct way. The app is great because the breeder posts updated photos of your puppy every week so you can see how he is growing & the status of his release date. It was sweet to see how he was being taken care of which made me feel secure and at ease. The reason I gave Puppy Spot 4 stars is because their communication skills are not that great as far as arrival date, when the puppy got his initial vaccines etc. My advice to you is this... do not stop calling if you need to know anything about your four-legged baby because once someone gets on the phone they are very helpful and the customer service is great at that point. Do NOT choose to message chat with them because you will not get a reply for the next 24 hours if you’re lucky. Also, do not select for them to call you back when you’re next in line... they will not. Just stay on the phone and speak to a rep and I promise you will be updated. The pet transport they used was great and I kept receiving messages throughout the day and night on the ETA. My puppy’s breeder sent a cute little care package with Benji (food, food bowl, blanket, treats, poop bags) which included a folder with all his paperwork (chip info included). I will say this experience was a great one, I did have to harass the company but I didn’t care hahaha and they didn’t seem to care either. They were all for helping! Benji is our first baby boy :-)

Alzira C.
California | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Never Will Recommend

Your response time was unacceptable. The travel team was the worst part of it al. Nothing was smooth about this experience. We had to drive 7hrs to get out puppy. I will never recommend and actually have requested some compensation. Of course, no one has followed up. Very poor customer service.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Alzira - We are truly sorry for what sounds like a very frustrating experience and one that we never want a new puppy parent to have. Adding a puppy to your home should be a joyful experience and it's disappointing to know we let you down. Since receiving your feedback, a member of our team has been trying to connect with you to learn more and see how we can do better in the future. It's valuable feedback from customers like you that helps us improve our process and continue to provide the level of service we strive for and will do whatever we can to make it right.

Esther G.
Arkansas | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Happy family!

We love our new family member, Elsa! She came to us healthy, happy and ready to join our family. Puppy Spot helped make the process and transition go extremely smooth informing us along the way with every step. So glad we worked with Puppy Spot, highly recommend them for any family looking for a new furry family member.

Marcy L.
California | Breed: Boston Terrier

Everything was great! My puppy

Everything was great! My puppy is perfect, healthy and happy. His personality was as described, I’m in love. Easy to work with and responsive.

Charles P.
Montana | Breed: French Bulldog

A PuppySpot Nightmare!

I went with PuppySpot because of what they stated in their advertisement in ensuring background checks on breeders and effective methods to weed out disabilities, poor genetics instead of just puppy mills. They took all my fears away. Then my puppy arrived and it's been a health nightmare for the animal and myself. The breeders lied on the Vet form about the health of the animal and I'm working with PuppySpot to surrender the animal. The animal is dying before my eyes because she can't hold her food and is having bloody stools. On top of that the dog has a growth on her esophagus. This is not the PuppySpot promise and I'm hoping to get a full refund and the dog surrendered quickly as it's now taking a toll on my own personal health having to stay up all night nursing this dog. This is all unacceptable. Please see to fixing this action immediately.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Charles - We are sorry for your frustrating experience and we are disappointed to learn that you have such a negative impression of PuppySpot. Our top priority is always the health and well-being of our puppies, period. That is why your puppy came from a pre-screened breeder who met our high standards, and PuppySpot absolutely does not tolerate substandard breeding of any kind. Your puppy's breeder followed our mandated health protocols, and your puppy underwent an extensive nose-to-tail health exam from a licensed veterinarian, which she passed and was in no way falsified, before coming home to you. That is why we were shocked and concerned when we learned that your puppy was not feeling well shortly after she arrived. As soon as you notified us of your puppy’s conditions, our team was quick to reach out to learn more and see how we could help. We always stand behind our puppies and health guarantee, which is why we offered to cover your vet bills associated with treating your puppy with proper documentation. You then expressed you were reluctant to continue to care for your puppy and we began working with you to make the appropriate arrangements. As promised we are committed to being here until your puppy is feeling better and all of your concerns have been addressed.

Judy G.
Nebraska | Breed: Rottweiler

Was reluctant at first to

Was reluctant at first to use Puppy Spot, but turned out to be a great experience. My puppy arrived in good health and on time. The breeder did a first class job raising her and providing the first shots and worming.

Julia B.
New York | Breed: Border Collie



Denise M.
Massachusetts | Breed: Poogle

Good pup, but travel= egads!!

Only took star off because of travel arrangements. Landed at one airport, but then was driven almost 5+ hours to Boston, given to concierge,only to driven back 3+hours .. basically driving past my area for a long scenic journey... Made a long day for pup... Great girl... Likes to tug war with tree root....!!!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Denise - Thank you for taking the time to share your review and the adorable video of your new puppy! We were concerned about your pup's long journey home and have been trying to connect with you to learn more. We hope to speak with you soon!

Jeannie R.
New York | Breed: Maltese

Everything I Hoped For

I was always a sceptic on buying something online especially involving a payment in the thousands. But, Puppy Spot was an amazing experience. My puppy is a dream come true. She came to me already paper trained and she goes outside as well! She is so so smart. The breeder did an unbelievable job with her. Even her arrival to my home, was a priceless moment I will never forget. Two days into her arrival, I got a call from Puppy Spot just checking to make sure she was ok. I would buy a puppy again on Puppy Spot with no hesitations. Thank you Puppy Spot for giving me my precious little girl!!

Pamela L.
California | Breed: Havanese

Great experience with the exception

Great experience with the exception of being hounded to return my vet’s certificate. I replied numerous times that I would return it as soon as I was able to get an appointment at my vet. They have been inundated. Clearly you were panicked about your liability and not listening to ME. My puppy Tailor (now Harriet for my Grandmother, Harry for short) is absolutely wonderful! She and my cat are hilarious frolicking all over the house. She felt at home right away and they adore her at my vet’s as she is very friendly and fearless. She just had one set of shots and tested positive for a common parasite but has no symptoms and i’m sure the meds will clear it up. Thanks for taking such good care of her.

Guillermo V.
Texas | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Very happy with the service,

Very happy with the service, fast and great communication via the app, telephone and e-mail. They always answer all my questions with the right information . The Breeder was very attentive and seems that he love his dogs and takes excellent care of them, they were sending photos of our puppy. My dog arrived by plane with a chaperone. She is an amazing puppy and we love her so much. Thank you

Mike C.
Maine | Breed: Labradoodle

Very Happy!

Very Happy!

Melody C.
Texas | Breed: Shih Tzu

When I could talk to

When I could talk to someone through the whole process, I was very pleased. It just took way too long on hold to be able to talk to someone. She does have an umbilical hernia that needs surgery when she is 6 months old. I absolutely love my Bella!

Rachel O.
South Carolina | Breed: Poodle

Thank you, PuppySpot!!

They were very helpful and communicated with us during the whole process of bringing our baby boy home! We enjoyed working with them!

Wallis L.
New Jersey | Breed: Labradoodle

PuppySpot was extremely helpful when

PuppySpot was extremely helpful when trying to find a puppy! Their representatives were able to talk through the process over the phone and answered any questions we had while we were waiting for Ace to come home! They ensured excellent care for my puppy!

Meredith B.
Massachusetts | Breed: Boston Terrier

My only frustration was response

My only frustration was response time on messaging was slow, sometimes a few days to receive a canned reply. The app is not as user friendly as it would seem. Ultimately they delivered an adorable healthy puppy to our door, which makes frustrations so much less important.

Gregory H.
New York | Breed: Australian Shepherd

We love our dog

We love our dog

Kelvin A.
Maryland | Breed: Chihuahua

PuppySpot is great from the

PuppySpot is great from the beginning when we talked to the Puppy Manager until the time he was delivered right to our front door. Bingo is a fun loving well tempered puppy who is very social when meeting new people everyone wants to hold him and he gets along with the other dogs we have .