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Travis R.
Colorado | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Really poor post communication and sick dog

Where to start. While I'm certainly glad to have a new puppy this whole process has been really frustrating. No one has ever replied to any of the messaged that I sent you on your app. I was told that he passed an exam and that he was in in good health before his flight, but what I received was a sick dog (upper respiratory infection + swollen lymph nodes). While I've reported this to your team, no one has returned my calls or emails about this. I've of course had immediate vet bills in regards to his illness. This dog should have never been shipped. I've reached out to the breeder to get some more information about him. I've asked for any thing that he enjoyed, liked to play with, or possibly photos of his parents... There's been ZERO response from her as well. For the exorbitant cost of buying this dog from you, this has been a major let down. I feel like I was lied to about his health and the condition of the dog that I would receive and I've had no contact from you since the start of this, so I feel like you stole money from me as the "product" that was delivered was not as promised.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Travis - We're sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience and one that varies greatly from that which we strive to provide our community. We were shocked to learn your puppy arrived not feeling well, as his mandated pre-travel nose-to-tail health examination performed by a licensed veterinarian did not indicate any of the issues your vet found shortly after he arrived home. Here at PuppySpot, we are 100% pro dog and as living breathing beings, we would never refer to our puppies as a product. We care for our puppies and puppy parents, which is why as soon as we received your feedback a member of our health team quickly reached out to learn more and most importantly, see how we could help. Our team has been closely with you to address all of your concerns, including the items requested from your breeder. That said, we never want a puppy parent to feel that they are unable to reach us at any time and we should have done better. Our service extends well beyond the delivery of your new pup and we're committed to being here for you until your concerns have been resolved and throughout your puppy parent journey!

Susan N.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Cockapoo

best puppy experience ever-5 stars all the way.

muffy(lucy) is a typical puppy- full of energy. she is the best well behaved dog ever. awesome puppy.

Brittany E.
Colorado | Breed: Great Pyrenees

We love our new baby!

Our puppy Scuttle fit right in with our Irish Creme Golden Retriever. We are thrilled with our experience with PuppySpot!

Kati C.
Oregon | Breed: Havanese

Great Experience

I was very nervous ordering PUPPY online, but my story is a very positive one. I fell in love with a Havanese puppy and spoke to someone on the phone about the process of buying her and I went ahead and did it. They flew her to me from South Dakota to Oregon and I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof!! But when she arrived, she was fine, a little traumatized and I think she got airsick, but she seemed fine — very cuddly, nervous and shy. But over the past four days, she has bursts of energy and playfulness and goes on her pee pee pad!!! I took her to the vet and he said she seems very healthy and normal!!! I couldn’t be happier!!!!

Ruben T.
Texas | Breed: Siberian Husky

Excellent Service

This is one of the best services I have dealt with. Great communication. Very professional and knowledgeable. Made the experience very satisfying knowing the details of the transaction all along the way. They take care of everything. All I had to do was pick my pup, make the purchase, and go to the airport and pick up my new furry friend.

penny c.
North Carolina | Breed: Poodle

Tripp poodle

I am well pleased

Carderra E.
Maryland | Breed: Bichon Frise

My Buchon Frise, Buddy

I had a wonderful experience from seeing the first picture of Buddy on the Puppy Spot website to the finality of picking him up from the Airport. Expert and professional interaction with staff at Puppy Spot. They kept me informed throughout the process of getting Buddy home to me. Thank you Puppy Spot, I'm sure, we will be using you again and again in the future. FYI, Buddy is the sweetest, most intelligent, most precious, and most adorable puppy addition to our family. Thanks a bunch

Jean P.

You should review your advice

You should review your advice about Nutri-cal. Small breeds like mine can easily become hypoglycemic due to the sugars it also gave my puppy diarrhea He was very lethargic for 2-3 days

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Jean - Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We have used and recommended Nutrical supplement for puppies during travel and transition to their forever home successfully for many years. This product works for dogs and puppies during times of stress, recovering from illness, and even after surgery for dogs in need of supplementation. We will continue to educate people in the benefits of this product and ask that your veterinarian be involved in your pet’s care as each individual dog’s care will vary slightly. We always have the best interest of each puppy in our minds continue to evaluate products and processes to make each puppy’s transition the best it can be. Our relationship began when we matched you with Benny, we will continue to act as a source of support now and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Charlotte S.
Kansas | Breed: Bernedoodle

Miss Rose

Our experience with PuppySpot was first rate from initial contact to delivery of our new puppy. Excellent organization!

Burnell C.
Florida | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Our experience with Puppy Spot

Our experience throughout the buying process was great. From our first phone conversation to the delivering of our two puppies. Thoroughly pleased everything was explained step by step and worked out like clock work. Extremely professional and Thanks from my wife and I. Sincerely Burnell & Annette Carstens

Roland O.
California | Breed: Golden Retriever

My Dog Scout!!

On behalf of my wife, I want to thank everyone at Puppy Spot for all your incredible support in bring in to our lives this much needed new little bundle of joy!!

Cheryl Q.
Wisconsin | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Puppy app was very helpful

Puppy app was very helpful

Randall W.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Dachshund


They went above and beyond for us

Karen V.
Maryland | Breed: Pug

Puppy Spot to everyone. Would

Puppy Spot to everyone. Would definitely use them again

Amy D.
California | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Good service

Puppy Spot definitely makes it easy to find and buy a puppy. You pay about a 100% mark-up (in my case) instead of going directly through the breeder, but at least they have "vetted" the breeders and you get some discount offers for using their service. Going forward I might just work with the breeder directly, so it's easier to get more frequent and detailed information on the puppy's personality, updated photos, and just get questions answered instead of having to rely on a phone representative who is fielding hundreds of other customers. Their service was good, but I would have preferred a more personal relationship with the breeder just to feel extra confident about the process. All that said, I picked a wonderful puppy who is an absolute joy for my family!!!! :)

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Amy - Thanks very much for your feedback and for trusting us to help you find a furry family member from a screened and vetted breeder. While we're thrilled to know your puppy is thriving in her new home, we were troubled to learn you felt as though you were able to connect with your breeder. We are always happy to connect our prospective puppy parents with their puppy's breeder via conference call before a puppy arrives and then more directly shortly after and we are surprised to learn you felt this was not an option. We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to help us turn good experiences into great ones. You joined a community when you found your puppy through PuppySpot, so please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going and let us know if there's anything you ever need.

Darrien Faye B.
Alaska | Breed: Samoyed

Everything is great

The process in order to get my samoyed puppy is very easy. The communication with my puppy manager is excellent and they always keep me updated with the process. During the travel of my puppy, the puppy chaperone texted me and sent me pictures of my puppy. My puppy came with all the health certificates and other documents. My puppy also came home up to date with vaccines, and he's very healthy. Overall, I had a great experience with puppyspot and I recommend this company if you want to get a puppy.

Mary Lee B.
Vermont | Breed: Aussiedoodle


I cannot believe Amos (Ace) did not come from a puppy mill. My vet checked him and he has worms, and 2 different parasites caused by unsanitary kennels. He was in that carrier for 12 hrs. which is abusive. Needless to say he wasn't very clean & smelled terrible. He has issues w/someone reaching to pet him or put a collar or leash on him. These things don't happen on a well raised puppy. I have raised several puppies ( dobies, pointers,etc) over the years and am well aware of a well cared for puppy. Some of your employees were very good others not so much. It was like once you picked out a puppy & paid for him the help you are promised is nominal.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Mary - It is our mission to place healthy puppies into happy homes, which is why we were surprised to learn your puppy has Giardia, a common and treatable puppyhood condition. Like all PuppySpot puppies, shortly before arriving home your pup underwent an extensive nose-to-tail health examination administered by a licensed veterinarian and concluded your pup was 100% healthy. As unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick, which is why we have a dedicated health team who has been working closely with you. We want to ensure you that your breeder is not a puppy mill and is one of our best breeders. He makes sure that his dogs and pups are taken care of and loved on. We would never work with puppy mills. Puppy mills have no care for their animal's health and wellbeing and are absolutely cruel. We are 100% dogs first here at PuppySpot and we absolutely care. As promised, we will continue to be here for you and Amos every step of the way.

Arizona | Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux



Andrew E.
Virginia | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Reponse time sucks!

When I first was contracted by Puppy spot on May 27 2019 about a puppy I requested information, a Puppy manger Jordon was the best and I wish he was their to help me through the would process. Lindsay is the worst puppy manger/ travel manger. Her response time was the worst. I would get an answer about a question days after I asked the question. I didn't get my puppy until 6/6/2019 which was very upsetting. My puppy is over priced at $3000 I was okay but with interest is comes out to almost $8000. Spend your hard earned money else where like a local breeder or a shelter. Overall I am not satisfied with my experience with Puppy Spot. I am just glad I have a happy and healthy puppy. Never again will I get a puppy from Puppy Spot.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Andrew - Thanks for your honest feedback. It's important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. While there are certainly less expensive ways to find a furry family member, we work hard to be the best option. We handle all the research and often time-consuming logistics for you so that you can focus on what truly matters: welcoming home your puppy. We accept several methods of payment and offer qualified prospective puppy parents with a payment solution when needed. These finance options cover the full cost of your puppy. The agreement made between a puppy parent and their finance company regarding any fees or interest, do not reflect the price of our puppies. Our mission is to place healthy puppies into happy homes and to make finding a puppy a joyful and stress-free experience. We are very sorry to have failed with you, as we never want a puppy parent to feel as if they are unable to reach us at any time. We care deeply for our puppies and puppy parents and will continue to be here for you and your puppy throughout your puppy parent journey.

Vanina T.
New York | Breed: Dachshund

Incredible experience

I am very happy that I found puppyspot.com, to help me find my beautiful pure breed, champion blood dachshund, from a very professional breeder in Missouri. They helped me from A to Z, responded all my worries through their app, I got very well prepared to receive my baby of 8 weeks old in La Guardia airport and bring him home in Manhattan, NYC. I went to the vet to check him as they requested and he is very healthy and so beautiful and nice. I really want to thank puppyspot.com and the breeder from Missouri who also did a very good job as she has a lot of experience. What an advance system puppyspot.com proposes to their clients. Incredible experience.