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Deborah K.
Texas | Breed: French Bulldog

Great service. Vetted puppies well

Great service. Vetted puppies well and great with communication. Transport handler very nice as well.

Jonathan R.
Colorado | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Extremely Satisfied

I will be honest I was a little skeptical about this service at first. I had never heard of PuppySpot and was not sure about the quality of dogs it provided. The service that I received was excellent and the selection of puppies was great. I got to see the status of my puppy each step of the way until he was ready to come home and I could rest easy knowing that he would be given all the necessary care he needed before traveling. After picking him up I have not been disappointed, my German Shepard puppy was verified by the vet to be healthy and he had been a great addition to the family that I am thankful to have. This was my first time buying a puppy alone but it was very easy and the staff helped me along the way with all necessary steps. I would buy another puppy from this service.

rafael H.
Indiana | Breed: Yorkiepoo

My boys and wife love

My boys and wife love the puppy like he was always a part of the family

Glen G.
New Jersey | Breed: French Bulldog

Great handler

The person sarah that brought Lizzy was superb. I would trust her completely and Sarah was a pleasure to meet. She took superb care of Lizzy

Jarrett E.
Maryland | Breed: Beagle

Proud Puppy Parent

I must say, at first I was rather skeptical of this buying process and wasn’t sure what to make of it. However, the puppy managers were very thorough in their explanations and communication. They responded to my questions promptly and addressed all of my concerns. I will say the entire transaction was rather above average in cost but it was worth it now we are the parents of a healthy beagle puppy who has brought the greatest amount of joy back into our lives! We would definitely consider PuppySpot for future additions to our household!

Nancy T.
Nevada | Breed: Poodle

I am very happy with

I am very happy with the purchase of my puppy. Communication was excellent even after I received my puppy. Additional information is available on emails to help.I have never paid so much for a dog but the experience was well worth it.

Debra F.
Wisconsin | Breed: Aussiedoodle

Your representatives were very helpful

Your representatives were very helpful and kind. Always there to answer questions. Very pleased...

Rene A.
California | Breed: Bichon Frise

My Bison Frise Sophie

I am so impressed how professional from start to even after the arrival of my puppy. David was in contant communication and answered all my questions as needed. My puppy’s arrival was on time. Sophie is in great health. Fecal checked out negative of any parasites. She is also crate trained and almost potty trained as well! Pretty impressive! I believe she came from a good breeder. My family loves and welcomes our new bundle of joy! Thank you PuppySpot!

Karen H.
Louisiana | Breed: Aussiedoodle

Fantastic Organization

We would highly recommend PuppySpot as a means to find your perfect puppy. They were very responsive from the moment we inquired about our puppy. All of our questions were answered in a timely fashion. Our puppy came via air and the arrangements were seamless and all handled by PuppySpot. We had never used PuppySpot before, but was pleasantly surprised at the selection of Puppies and the entire process. We are extremely happy with our purchase.

Julie M.
Louisiana | Breed: Poodle


Everything was well coordinated. We are enjoying our adorable puppy! My frustration is when a call is made to puppyspot you may be on hold for as long as 30 minutes. Isn’t there a better way to provide personalized service?

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Julie - Thanks so much for your review and for trusting us to help you fetch your newest best friend! We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to continue to provide a positive experience for our community and our team has taken your feedback to heart and will use it to improve in the future.

Jamie T.
Arkansas | Breed: Bernedoodle

Easy, wonderful transaction

Puppy Spot makes everything so easy. They communicated well, in a friendly, efficient manner. I'm in love with my new fur friend. I only wish the first dog I purchased through here was more like the recent one. The first is defective.

Victoria G.
Minnesota | Breed: Bulldog

They were amazing at helping

They were amazing at helping me find my puppy. Thank you PuppySpot

Terri N.
Kentucky | Breed: Aussiedoodle

Valentine is a great addition to our family!

All associates I talked to with puppyspot were helpful and went out of there way to provide the information I needed to bring Valentine home. The aftercare team were very helpful with information and questions I had from the breeder. Thank you so much!

joseph d.
Kentucky | Breed: Doberman Pinscher

new found friend

puppyspot helped me find my new best friend and I am thankful for that and the service was great

Ramprasad G.
Virginia | Breed: Labradoodle

Great service

Great service

Gina V.
New York | Breed: French Bulldog

Love our new puppy

Puppy spot was wonderful! They kept us informed every step of the way. When we had questions they got back to us pretty quickly. We are in love with our new puppy. So happy we got her!

Pamela R.
California | Breed: Cavapoo

Genuine Customer Service

Puppy Spot was fantastic. They walked me through the whole process and were available to answer all my questions. Couldn’t have been any easier.

Adam W.
Texas | Breed: Goldendoodle

Service was solid & Zeke the Golden doodle Rocks

The service was very attentive ~

Shelley S.
Colorado | Breed: Rottweiler

Awesome Service and our family member arrived perfectly!

I was hesitant to use this service but found the perfect AKC registered pup we had been looking for! She arrived happy, healthy and just as the picture and breeder review showed! We love our new girl and recommend this service. They were extremely communicative at every step of the way! I knew exactly the plan and the plane ride was fine-she was completely stress free upon arrival! Thank you for delivering on your promise PuppySpot!

Angella H.
Texas | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie Piper

Great experience!