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      Kimberly S.
      Washington | Breed: Goldendoodle

      Very Happy

      Professional, quick to reply and we got a great puppy! Thank you, Dave & Kim Siegrist

      Bunny R. M.
      California | Breed: Cocker Spaniel

      Great service and personalized attention

      Great service and personalized attention to detail

      Dena P.
      New Mexico | Breed: Cockapoo

      Tucker-now Chaco

      Very good feed back except the breeder not geting to the flight on time,that was a hard disappointment but the very next day we did get him.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Dena - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend, Chaco! We are so sorry for the last minute travel change and truly appreciate your flexibility and understanding. From our recent communications with you, we're thrilled to hear that your puppy is healthy and happy. Welcome to the PuppySpot family!

      Thamara S.
      Massachusetts | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer



      Janice W.
      South Carolina | Breed: Silky Terrier


      His has fill my life with joy had wonderful experience with manger and staff would reccomend puppies spot

      Suzan L.
      California | Breed: Akita

      Completely satisfied

      Our experience with puppy spot was very satisfying, easy, and enjoyable. We recieved our puppy hassle free and with all documents needed Thank you puppy spot.

      Samuel R.
      Florida | Breed: Frenchton

      Amazing experience

      I no longer will go directly to breeders. So many thieves and scammers out there that can’t even provide a health guarantee.. puppy spot was amazing Professional and quick. We purchased a Merle frenchton that we named Luna She’s perfect. I highly recommend puppy spot especially if you are looking for that specific breed.

      Ricky B.
      Indiana | Breed: Boxer

      Great for the Most Part

      Puppyspot did a great job helping us get approved for our new fur baby, however there were times they came off as pushy and are unorganized when recieving and recording the documents required. Now that we've used the service once and know what to expect we may use them again one day

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Ricky - Welcoming home a furry family member should be one full of joy and excitement and we're disappointed to learn that your experience may have been any different. We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to continue to provide a positive experience for our community. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to learn more about your experience and how we can improve in the future.

      Mike A.
      Montana | Breed: Havanese

      Finding the best transportation to a forever home.

      Everything went smoothly until transportation was required from Indiana to Montana. Hailey was originally scheduled for the wrong day. We got that ironed out and they hard her scheduled her to arrive on the last flight of the day. If the weather had been bad as it has been,She was no one could tell us where she'd be. 9:30 at night is too late to have a puppy arrive anyway. We were finally informed at the last day, she'd be sent on UNITED instead of Delta with an arrival at 3:30 pm, as it was that flight was over an hour late getting in to Great Falls MT. Luckily the weather held until we got back to Helena, MT. You should caution those making travel arrangements to never schedule a puppy to arrive on the last flight of the day. That is a recipe for a dissaster. The fall weather can get bad in no time.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Mike - Thanks for your candid feedback, without it we wouldn’t be able to improve and do our very best for our puppies and puppy parents. While our travel team works very hard to coordinate with your breeder to accommodate your preferred arrival date for your pup, it can sometimes be tricky. That said, we're happy that we were able to change your pup's arrival date and time. Unfortunately, Just like human air travel, puppies' planes can be delayed, too, as was the case in your situation. We understand it can be scary for first-time fliers, whether they walk on two legs or four, and our team was quick to confirm that your puppy was well cared for during her travels. Our relationship began when we matched you with your little one, so please let us know if there's anything more we can do to be helpful in your puppy parent journey.

      Patricia B.
      Pennsylvania | Breed: Cockapoo

      No return calls once money is paid up front.

      Would NEVER recommend this way to getting a puppy

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Patricia - Our team works incredibly hard to thoroughly, consistently and transparently communicate with all members of our community, which is why we were deeply troubled to receive your review. We never want any member of our community to have difficulty getting in touch with our team and we're truly sorry to learn that may have been the case for you at any point in your experience. A dedicated member of our Management team has been trying to get in touch with you to learn more and see how we can do better in the future and we look forward to speaking with you soon. Please remember that your relationship with us began, it did not end, when we matched you with your puppy and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

      Josephine M.
      New York | Breed: Shiba Inu

      I love my puppy, and THANK YOU PuppySpot <3

      I did a ton of research before deciding where to purchase a puppy. PuppySpot blew me away with how much they care about the entire process, about the pup's health, and about my awareness of everything going into adopting a puppy. I am incredibly happy with how healthy my little Eloise is. I believe her breeder had already started to crate train and house train her, as she is better than most pups about those 2 difficult to train attributes. The first night, she crawled into her crate ready to sleep with her Snuggle Puppy. She has been here a week, and has adjusted beautifully to city life. I love her tremendously and am so happy with my experience. ^^

      Shanea O.
      North Carolina | Breed: Chihuahua


      Great people and service would definitely recommend

      Lucy G.
      Massachusetts | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

      I love my puppy everything was perfect

      My experience was amazing couldn’t be more perfect

      January B.
      California | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

      January Bryant

      Great!! I adopted my puppy wisely and I'm so happy He's so loving, loves to play!! Just amazing little guy

      Mac G.
      California | Breed: Goldendoodle

      Amazing customer service and experience!!

      The level of service with Puppy Spot should be the bench mark for other companies. Their professionalism and attention to detail was very impressive. Our puppy was giving priority and care through the entire process. The Customer service representative was informative, professional, and accommodating. My over experience was 10/10 stars. I will use Puppy Spot again.

      Cynthia A.
      Tennessee | Breed: Poodle


      Thank you for such a wonderful experience, and such a precious little tiny baby girl. We are having so much fun with her. Regards, Cynthia Adrian

      Mitra T.
      California | Breed: Labradoodle

      Chris and PuppySpot was h

      Chris and PuppySpot was h

      Paul C.
      Massachusetts | Breed: Golden Retriever

      Excellent! Not only have I

      Excellent! Not only have I been extremely satisfied with everything they do on both sides between the breeder of the puppy and also got a review from our vet as well who is been very impressed with all the documentation that’s been sent the loan for the puppy. Thank you so much for everything. Paul Cambria in Boston Ma

      Jeanine W.
      California | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

      Averi’s Mommy

      Great experience working with Puppy Spot. Great communication and coordination. Thanks Puppy Spot for helping us find our new furbaby!

      Barbara C.
      Tennessee | Breed: German Shepherd Dog


      Alan our puppy concierge provided excellent service and was very patient throughout the PuppySpot process! Thank you Alan for all you did and we love Ellie, our new family addition!