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Samantha W.
Illinois | Breed: Chihuahua

I was impressed with Puppyspot

I was impressed with Puppyspot up until it was time to schedule the travel. Despite expressing to them multiple times that I didn’t feel comfortable with my puppy driving from California to Chicago, they completely blind sided me and told me the night before that they arranged this entire ground transport. I never agreed upon the date of arrival NOR the travel arrangements. Be very careful when choosing this company because they will not have your dog or your best interests into play.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Samantha - We are truly sorry for what sounds like a very frustrating experience and one that we never want a new puppy parent to have. Adding a puppy to your home should be a joyful experience and it's disappointing to know we let you down. Shortly after receiving your feedback, a member of our management team quickly reached out to learn more but unfortunately was unable to connect with you. It's valuable feedback from customers like you that helps us improve our process and continue to provide the level of service we strive for. We hope to speak with you soon!

Mark J.
Massachusetts | Breed: Olde English Bulldogge

Thank you puppy spot.. You

Thank you puppy spot.. You guys made my dreams come true.. I love my Grace she the best dog in the world. You guys are awesome.

Philip F.
New York | Breed: Bullmatian

Love my bullmation

Bob formerly known as James is an awesome little guy. Feisty stubborn affectionate responsive not a dog for amateurs but he is perfect. He arrived on time as a well and happy little guy and we are family now.

robert f.
California | Breed: Aussiedoodle

Great overall experience

Prior to using PuppySpot I had always dealt directly with the breeder and although I had some apprehension about working with a broker, my overall experience was a good one. They’re responsive, professional and have high standards. My puppy was flown to my home town and delivered to my door. The breeder did a fabulous job with the puppy. She was healthy, pretty much potty trained, crate trained, had all her shots etc and was very well socialized. Couldn’t ask for more. I’d always prefer a local breeder but if thats not practical, PuppySpot is an excellent alternative.

Paul H.
Oregon | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Good concept, a puppy online and at your door, but some room to improve

I like that they use only reputable breeders. It's very convenient to shop online, and they had a great selection. 2 issues - not sending a photo of the pup to me more than one time. This was frustrating because I bought it at 5 weeks, knew I had to wait until 8 weeks, so was eager to see weekly updates. Also, slow in delivery; it shipped at 9 weeks not 8. But the puppy was terrific and healthy. She also arrived clean, so we tipped the delivery guy.

Heidi H.
Michigan | Breed: Havapoo

Awesome experience

We had an awesome experience with our puppy adoption. We were pleased with all the phone calls and emails from the time of reservation to even now 2-1/2 weeks after. Our puppy is healthy and adjusting quickly. Puppy Spot went above and beyond what was expected. We were also very pleased with the breeder. Would definitely use Puppy Spot again.

Lesley M.
California | Breed: Golden Retriever


I would have liked have given you a 5 but there were things that fell through the cracks for me. When I purchased Natasha, I talked to Susan & she said Natasha would be traveling by van. When I got notice that Natasha was almost ready to come home I tried to calculate how long the drive would be so I could make a vet appointment. On July 11 I was told she would be traveling on July 13 but no one told me she would be flying out. I was also told someone would be calling my on July 12, except no one did. I got an email that gave me the flight information. No information that a van would be picking her up from the airport & bringing her to my house. I went to the airport expecting to have to bring her home myself. The van service did take her to their facility to clean her up & I brought her home from there. Natasha had giardia the medication sent with her exploded on the envelope & nothing was salvageable. So she went 5 days with no medication. I called the puppy spot after no response to my emails & was told that as long as I took her to VCA my first visit would be free & that I would be reimbursed for medicine to treat the giardia. Well that hasn’t happened! I had to pay for the vet visit along with the medication. I submitted my bill via email to puppy spot on July 17 & haven’t heard a word. Also early on I asked if there was a way the pictures of her that were put on the app could be emailed to me & got an answer back that the puppy raiser was too busy to take pics for me. I only wanted the pictures that had been posted on the app. I hope someone will take the time to call me so we can discuss this further. Otherwise Natasha, who now answers to Carlie, is doing well, growing & learning some commands.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Lesley - Thanks very much for your feedback. We are happy to hear that your puppy Carlie, is doing well in her forever home. That said, we want to make sure you're happy, too. We never want any member of our community to experience any difficulty reaching our team. To that end, a member of our management team will be in touch with you shortly to learn more and see how we can help. Our relationship began when we matched you with your puppy and we will continue to act as a source of support and guidance throughout your puppy parent journey.

Louis C.
New Jersey | Breed: Goldendoodle

I had a great experience.

After I already purchased my amazing puppy from puppyspot, I did some more research (I should have done the research beforehand) and saw some not so great reviews about puppyspot. I also saw some negative articles from many years ago about puppy spot. However I also saw some amazing reviews about puppy spot. Well, I had a great experience. I purchased my mini golden doodle when he was 2 weeks old, and I had 6 weeks of waiting until I got to pick him up. Everything about the experience was very pleasant, including when I drove to Ohio to pick up my beautiful pup from the awesome breeder. Everything was amazing and I am beyond in love with my puppy Nico. The only reason I give this a 4 star rating instead of 5 is because I wish I was sent pictures more regularly during the 6 weeks while I was waiting for him! I wish I got updated pictures and videos every week but I only got pictures/videos 3 times over the 6 weeks. I also wish I had more access to talk to the breeder on a more regular basis. Other than that, everything about my experience was amazing and I thank puppyspot for connecting me to my incredible little guy.

Richard "Dick" W.
California | Breed: Golden Retriever

We received a great puppy.

We received a great puppy. Everyone was very helpful and we always had a timely response to any of our questions or concerns.

Veronica P.
New York | Breed: Shihpoo

Adopted a shih-poo with the marvelous assistantships e of Puppy Spot

My 5-star experience with Puppy Spot began with my conversations (s) with Jordan....such an outstanding employee you have ! He kept in touch via phone calls and texts, sent regular pictures and videos of our puppy and was so considerate and patient! The price P.S. charges is worth every penny...our puppy must have been VERY well socialized and cared for at the breeder because we could not ask for a more beautiful, friendly, energetic puppy! This experience with Puppy Spot was amazing--thank you so very much to all of you and especially Jordan the puppy manager. I was concerned about the transport but our puppy came clean and happy, and on time!!!

Anthony B.
California | Breed: Newfypoo

Great experience from start to

Great experience from start to finish.

Darren L.
West Virginia | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Great experience

Thank you PuppySpot for our amazing puppy! She arrived healthy, clean, and happy! The driver, Eric, was amazing! Your puppy managers kept us well informed throughout the entire process. We also appreciate the ease of AKC papers and continued support from PuppySpot through newsletters on the app. Thanks so much! We’d highly recommend your services.

Katherine R.
Massachusetts | Breed: Golden Retriever

Love our Pup

We had a very good experience with puppy spot and our puppy Maverick came happy and healthy! I really appreciated how puppy spot gave extended time to get exams done given the pandemic. The only feedback I would give is I wish we could have had weekly or even biweekly updates on our pup. We were only able to get new pictures once at 5 weeks and it made the process somewhat nerve wracking.

David M.
Michigan | Breed: Chihuahua

Our puppy Chihuahua came to

Our puppy Chihuahua came to our home in great health, with a fantastic temperament. We were kept in constant communication from the point of purchase from the puppy’s progress right through the travel process. We had an excellent experience made puke not hesitate to recommend Oupoyspot to family and friends.

Kathryn L.
Oregon | Breed: Australian Shepherd

I strongly recommend Puppy Spot

I strongly recommend Puppy Spot for their quality service with breeder vetting, transportation and communication up to the point of arrival! This would have been 5 star if follow up after arrival was better.

Felix N.
Maryland | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Very professional! Puppy came well

Very professional! Puppy came well and ready! We are totally satisfied. Thanks puppy spot!

Dennis C.
Massachusetts | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Great Experience

We had a great experience with puppy spot. Our manager was great. The challenge was on communication about the delivery. We read many bad reviews and it was tough getting answers. We decided to drive to get him, which worked great. Overall the cost was right and my son and I had a lot of fun on the journey. And we have an awesome new family member.

Lisa F.
Texas | Breed: Shih Tzu

Puppy wonderful, sales person was

Puppy wonderful, sales person was great- answered all our questions. Once turned over to Puppy Managers, the service was spotty- no pun intended. Staff were friendly but not well informed or good communicators. Transfer arrangements poorly communicated causing problems for us and breeder. Not sure why- I sent several emails confirming. Dog is cute as can be.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Lisa - Thank you very much for your feedback! It was our pleasure and privilege to match you with your cute pup. We work hard to communicate with all members of our community, between departments as well as with our breeders and puppy parents. We’re sorry to hear that there was confusion surrounding your pup’s travel arrangement at first, but our team was with you every step of the way before and after your pup arrived home. You’ve joined a community, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything that you ever need throughout your puppy parent journey!

Michele S.
New Jersey | Breed: Golden Retriever

We received our puppy 2

We received our puppy 2 weeks ago. He arrived healthy and energetic. I too was skeptical of buying a puppy online but our experience was great, especially in light of the pandemic. We couldn’t be happier with Hogan

Stacie G.
California | Breed: Bullmatian

2 puppies

We got both of our puppies through puppy spot and the service was wonderful for both! I highly recommend them for anyone looking to get a puppy!!