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      Carol R.
      Florida | Breed: Labrador Retriever

      Very professional

      I was very pleased with puppyspot. They helped me thru the procedure in getting our new puppy. Hes a beautiful lab. They answered my emails right away & phone calls. I would recommend them to anyone.

      Debra J.
      Alaska | Breed: Dachshund

      My puppy is just what I wanted

      Definitely a 5 star rating. Everyone at PuppySpot was friendly and helpful. There were times when I was slightly anxious, such as when travel details were delayed but c’est la vie. :) My only thing that I seemed to have a frequent problem with was getting extra pictures and videos of my puppy. I would call PuppySpot about them and they would email the breeder, but then no pictures or videos. I felt as if the breeder didn’t communicate with PuppySpot as much as they should have. That really frustrated me. However OVERALL I had an AMAZING experience with the company and people who dealt with my calls. I would definitely recommend and buy from you guys again. Pricey, yes. Worth it? YES.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Debra - Welcoming home a new family furry member is very exciting and we are glad that we were able to make it a joyful and stress-free experience for you! We understand how anxious you must have been for updates on your puppy. As soon as we received your requests for photos of your puppy, a member of our team immediately reached out to your puppy’s breeder each time. Sometimes breeders are busy with their little ones and can take a moment to get back to us and we apologize if the turnaround was not as timely as you expected. That said, we are thrilled to know that your puppy is thriving in her new forever home. Congratulations on your beautiful pup again, please do not hesitate to reach out if there’s anything you ever need!

      Jackie M.
      Iowa | Breed: Morkie

      Easy Way To Choose Perfect Puppy

      Although we weren't quite ready to get a puppy just yet, looking at pictures of Morkie puppies was our downfall. We found the perfect little guy just looking at us from his pictures. It was so easy to get more information about him. The process went fairly smoothly, but some of the parties involved were located in Florida and it was during the week of hurricane Dorian. That caused a little bit of a delay in responses to my emails, but they were quickly handled as soon as possible. We loved the fact that they don't support puppy mills and specifically screen breeders to keep them out. We were able to meet the actual family that bred our little Morkie and that made us feel very good about the transaction. Our vet at home gave him a clean bill of health and said he was a great little dog. If we have the occasion to get an additional fur baby in the future, we will use PuppySpot. Thank you for our newest additon.

      Connie W.
      Nebraska | Breed: Cockapoo

      Expensive but she is worth every penny!

      The process of purchasing Duchess was really flawless. I was worried about spending what I did online but all my worries were for naught. I was happy with how smoothly the process, shipping and receiving occurred. And Duchess was everything I was hoping for.

      Linda B.
      Oregon | Breed: Boxer

      Some hiccups

      Puppy is great. Puppy spot rep not correctly informed about transportation. Our puppy was in a cage for 3 days and not let out, while being transported. When she arrived her food was not labeled with her name or type. No personal info from breeder about puppy. Needed a shot and was under weight. Then after I sent vet check form, I was called by a AKC rep who I thought just wanted to register her proceeded to try and sell me a 200 package. When I said nothing additional she practically hung up on me. This is a affiliate of Puppy Spot and part of the experience.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Linda - We sincerely apologize for what sounds like a frustrating experience and one that we never want a puppy parent to have. We’re truly sorry to hear that there was confusion surrounding your pup's travel details. Snub-nosed breeds like your puppy require special travel arrangements and we’ve implemented a new system to communicate travel details clearly to prospective puppy parents. While the pet courier may have limited stops for your pup while traveling, we are certain that your pup was well taken care of throughout her journey home to you. We are proud to offer each and every new PuppySpot puppy parent complimentary AKC registration or Canine Partners Listing, along with other helpful items like enrollment in AKC reunite, lifetime access to AKC events, and more. Our partner offers several additional optional items for purchase and we apologize for any confusion surrounding the price of these options. As soon as we received your feedback a member of our management team was quick to get in touch with you to learn more and clear up any confusion. You joined a community and will always be a call or email away, so please let us know if there's anything you need in your puppy parent journey!

      Everett H.
      Vermont | Breed: Labrador Retriever

      i am quite happy with

      i am quite happy with my new little boy, even though he is not the one in the pictures you showed. How come?

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Everett - We are truly surprised to learn you feel like you received a different puppy. We take pride in the honest, responsible and trusted approach we use to help puppy parents meet their new furry best friend. All pictures uploaded onto our website are original photos from our trusted breeders. Although we are confident that your new pup is indeed the one pictured, it is important to us that you too, are positive that you received the exact puppy you requested. A member of our team will be in contact with you very shortly to learn more and answer any questions you may have. Our service extends well beyond the delivery of your new pup and we're committed to being here for you until your concerns have been resolved and throughout your puppy parent journey!

      Melanie T.
      Washington | Breed: Aussiedoodle

      Slow in responding to questions,

      Slow in responding to questions, changed flight plans at last minute. Incorrect person listed on weigh bill.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Melanie - We're so sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience. Welcoming home a puppy is such an exciting experience and we’re so sorry for the inconvenience the change in your puppy’s travel arrangement had caused. Once we, learned of the change, a team member quickly contacted you to learn more and get your pup home as quickly and safely as possible. That being said, we never want a puppy parent to feel as if they are unable to reach us at any time. Your feedback is very important to us. A member of our team has been trying to connect with you to learn how we could make improvements in the future. Your service didn't end with the delivery of your puppy, we remain committed to being here for you both every step of the way!

      Amy O.
      Pennsylvania | Breed: Cockapoo

      PuppySpot communicated well and was

      PuppySpot communicated well and was responsive

      Terence B.
      Indiana | Breed: Cocker Spaniel

      Fantastic service and puppy buying process

      I was a little skeptical about using an online service to purchase our puppy, as for 30+ years I purchased directly from top breeders around the country. I was very impressed with their service, the quality of the Breeders represented, the quality of the puppy, and the overall support from PuppySpot throughout the process. Our dog was delivered on time, full paperwork, cage and food, and the process was flawless. I mentioned to our Vet how pleased I was with PuppySpot. She said she’ll be using them for the purchase of her next dog! Lisa was amazing and super helpful. In the process of buying a second dog for our son! A+++++!

      Constance Kay L.
      Washington | Breed: Lhasa Apso

      Love my baby!

      Best experience ever! From start to finish this has been a first class experience. Door to door service with a breeder who truly cares about her puppies and the homes they go to!

      Jeff M.
      Washington | Breed: Boston Terrier

      Very Smooth and Attentive Adoption Process!

      I am a new puppy owner and Puppy Spot did a great job of talking through the details of adoption, where the breeder was located and their history of raising Boston Terriers. My little Bruno arrived in perfect health and has become an very important part of my life. I couldn't be happier!

      Josie W.
      California | Breed: Havapoo

      I’m leaving a 4 star

      I’m leaving a 4 star for 2 reasons. The first reason was that there were gaps in communication especially through the app I needed to call them every time I needed a question answered. The second rradin is because I expected a full health screening on my little puppy and there was never a fecal test done and my poor puppy tested positive for Giardia she arrived with it as she does not go outside here because i live in the city and tested her 2 days After she arrived. She’s on antibiotics and it’s not life threatening but I think it’s something that should be done prior to sending the pups. Besides that I’m very very happy with my puppy she is even cuter than I expected and am so happy to have her.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Josie - It is our mission to place healthy puppies into happy homes, which is why we were surprised to learn your puppy has Giardia, a common and treatable puppyhood condition. Like all PuppySpot puppies, shortly before arriving home your pup underwent an extensive nose-to-tail health examination administered by a licensed veterinarian and concluded your pup was 100% healthy. As unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick, which is why we have a dedicated health team to help resolve any issues our puppy parents may have. We're so thrilled your pup is feeling better and has settled in and thriving in her new forever home! Our relationship began, it did not end, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can ever do to be helpful throughout your puppy parent journey!

      Candace L.
      Indiana | Breed: Morkie

      We were very pleased with

      We were very pleased with Puppy Spots! The flight went well for her. We are enjoying her very much! So is our other dog. They are playing well together!

      Vincent L.
      Florida | Breed: Poodle


      Amazing pups.

      Lauryn C.
      Tennessee | Breed: Goldendoodle

      Tannor Crabtree

      We added Tannor to our family at 16 weeks. He is already house trained and is learning basic commands easily. The process of getting him from his breeder to our house was easy and well supported by Puppy Spot. I would definitely recommend Puppy Spot to anyone that is looking for a new puppy member of the family.

      Carol F.
      Massachusetts | Breed: Bichonpoo

      Our new pup came, with

      Our new pup came, with his vaccinations and a lot of love to give! PuppySpot was great with getting his flights arranged and checking in with us with updated information!

      Brian R.
      California | Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog


      We love our puppy and are forever grateful to Puppy Spot. They have kept in contact with us from the beginning! Any questions we have are answered quickly. Any concerns we had were resolved! Thank you for bringing Sara to us!

      Joseph M.
      California | Breed: French Bulldog

      My experience with puppy spot

      My experience with puppy spot started off with just browsing, then talking with puppy spot reps, didn't think it would happen after I picked 3 puppy's and got denied on all three. Then i came across Shaw and he was going to be my last choice before I give up, at first it got denied and then the weekend passed and liz your rep and shaw owner communicated and somehow was able to turn around the denial and approved me. Thank you Liz for all your help. Thank you puppy spot. The hardest part then was waiting, I waited almost a month, so the suspense was killing me. I just wanted shaw, he actually is a gift for my wife for he is her dream dog. Again thank you puppy spot. I will and have been now recommending puppy spot to all my friends and family. I look forward to doing business with you guys again.

      Sarah B.
      Montana | Breed: Golden Retriever

      My Beautiful Golden

      I am so impressed by this service and would use it again and again. My Maezie came to me, via air, from Indiana to Montana. She is perfect in every way. The folks at Puppy Spot were fantastic. The communication was great and I got to pick from so many beautiful Golden Retrievers. I can’t thank this group enough.

      Susan L.
      Virginia | Breed: Bernedoodle


      Conflicted about what to do with my new Bern a doodle because I took her to the vet and he suggested a DNA test I believe she’s a Yorky Pooh. So I’m going to A different vet today. She doesn’t want to eat and she had places on her tummy that the other vet said look like she’s been laying in urine.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Susan - We take pride in the honest and trusted approach we use to help puppy parents meet their new furry best friend. Which is why we were truly surprised to learn you feel like you received a different breed than the one you selected. As mentioned in our recent communications with you, we cannot guarantee the size or color/markings of a puppy’s coat, as they are living, breathing beings. Once we received your feedback a team member quickly reached out to you to address your concerns and request updated photos. Although we are confident that your new pup is indeed the Bernedoodle selected, it is important to us that you too, are positive that you received the exact puppy you requested. Our service extends well beyond the delivery of your new pup and we're committed to being here for you until your concerns have been resolved and throughout your puppy parent journey!