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Stuart K.
District of Columbia | Breed: Maltipoo

We are happy to welcome our Maltipoo Penny

I We are grateful for having discovered PuppySpot . The eight week process got off to a great start but was uneven in various portions leading up to the final 10 days. From that point response time from experts was much faster and helpful. It was not clear wheteher we would have one PS rep or a team which could be a bit exasperating given a couple issues we were looking at. In the end, it was flawless with delivery as smooth as promised. And happily, re cannot believe how little Penny has adapted so very fast to her forever home.

Alexander R.
New Jersey | Breed: Poodle

The entire experience was amazing

The entire experience was amazing

Lois I.
Arizona | Breed: Cavachon


I am so happy with my new Puppy Beau! She is everything that I was looking for in a puppy companion! PuppySpot was amazing! I would and have recommended to others. Thank you!!!

Angela C.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

PuppySpot provided end to end

PuppySpot provided end to end service from finding a puppy, to providing health and care tips, to giving status updates on the puppy’s progress, to safely transporting the puppy home. This service gave valuable insights and peace of mind that I greatly appreciated as a first time pet parent.

Kathleen d.
New Jersey | Breed: Shihpoo


I was so happy with the experience I had with Puppy Spot. They prepared me ahead of time for Brownie's arrival and kept me abreast of his progress and his arrival. I would recommend them to anyone!

Catherine G.
Texas | Breed: Border Collie

Prince AKA Baby Boy

Great experience from start to finish!! Thanks for helping us find the perfect family dog! He’s cute, sweet & really funny! Thanks PuppySpot & to our Breeder Annie Mae!

Kelly R.
Maine | Breed: Bernedoodle

Terrible communication

We finally got our beautiful puppy! However, the communication was terrible and the app is a joke....they never update your puppies photos.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kelly - While we are thrilled to hear your beautiful puppy, is thriving in her new home, we're troubled by your feedback. A member of our team will be in touch with you soon, to learn more and see how we can improve. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Andrea N.
Connecticut | Breed: Schnoodle

Our Jesse

We thank you soooooo much for our wonderful Jesse. He is such a joy and a very very happy pup. He has grown so much what a great addition to our family. He’s met new friends and everyone just love him. He now gives you his paw and know when it time to eat. I think he’s becoming a watch dog he loves looking out the door and when someone walks by he barks . Having a problem with him going on wee pads. He will poop on them but not always pee any suggestions???? He was in a crate which I lock at night but somehow he got out the other night and didn’t have any accidents. So now he sleeps by my room out of crate in one of his beds lol. I just love him so much and so does my family. What a treasure he is. Thank you all so much. Will send videos soon. Love , The Naclerio Family

James U.
Vermont | Breed: Border Collie

Nice dog, but they do everything they said they would

What I appreciate about PuppySpot is how they screen breeders and connect breeders with dogs to people looking for pets. We tried working directly with breeders first and that was a lot of difficult work. People may or may not have dogs. Not everyone gets back to you. Making sure they are ethical. Etc, etc. However, we did have challenges. The person who made the sale with us explained the first vet visit would be covered, and that we had a participating animal hospital near us. After making the purchase, turns out the participating hospital couldn’t see us for several months and PuppySpot would not cover a vet visit elsewhere. The ad said he would come with food. We planned to use that food to slowly transition him to the diet we would provide. He didn’t com with food, however. They don’t carry what he was eating at our local store. Had we known he wasn’t coming with food we would have planned a little differently. Poor pup got diarrhea. He’s ok, but we are frustrated. The ad said he would come with a toy. He didn’t. The ad said the ap would update us regularly as he got ready to come home. It didn’t really. Updates were inconsistent and info on app conflicted with what was on website. Our vet wanted immunization record a week or two ahead so they could plan first visit timing. PuppySpot was very reluctant to send that to us in advance. In all, we did get a great dog. None of the above issues were deal killers. It did feel sloppy and frustrating. I wish our experience was more like some of the other reviews

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

James - We really appreciate you taking the time to share your candid feedback. Without it, we can't do better for our puppy parents, breeders, and puppies. We're sorry for what sounds like the exact opposite of the experience we strive for. We want our puppy parents to feel confident about their decision to welcome home a furry family member and we never want any member of our community to have trouble getting in touch with our team for updates. Since receiving your feedback a member of our After Care team has been in touch with you to learn more and most importantly so how we could help. We will continue to be here for you until all of your concerns have been addressed and throughout your puppy parent journey!

Karen S.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

From Questions to 100% Satisfaction!

I admit to doing some research about PuppySpot before contacting them; I’d never purchased a puppy from anyone besides a breeder. I quickly found that PuppySpot is highly rated by the BBB, which spurred further investigation. I quickly noticed how each and everyone I spoke with keep the puppies’ health and welfare first and foremost. Throughout the process of purchasing my mini goldendoodle, I was 100% impressed with everything about PuppySpot. My little girl is well adjusted, healthy, happy, and easy to raise!.

Sally H.
California | Breed: Maltese

I called many times with

I called many times with questions,,,,, I did not get any answer.... They say u would get pic of your puppy every two weeks,,, that did not happen. When I did get through,,,they said they would ck on the picture. I did not get an updated pic at all. Although I Love my little puppy,,,it was a bit stressful until I finally got her.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Sally - Thanks for your candid feedback. We never want any of our puppy parents to have trouble getting in touch with us and we're sorry that was the case for you at any point in your experience. As soon as we received your feedback a dedicated member of our After Care team quickly reached out to learn more and see how we can help. We will continue to be here for you until all your concerns have been met. We will always be here for you as a source of support and guidance, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions anytime!

Vicki W.
Florida | Breed: Maltipoo

We are so happy with

We are so happy with our new puppy! Her sister and her have bonded almost immediately . Thank you , Thank you

Cynthia H.
Georgia | Breed: Havanese

F- Didn’t deliver to the

F- Didn’t deliver to the right address Never give any right information The worst company I ever did any business with

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Cynthia - We're very sorry for the confusion regarding which address to deliver your new puppy to. We understand that although you did provide us with a new address due to you moving during the process, we failed to update our records and caused unnecessary stress. We understand it’s a huge privilege to be a part of helping you select your new family member and we could have done a better job communicating and coordinating your pup's travel with you. We're happy to hear that your puppy arrived safely and is already thriving in her forever home!

Gina B.
New York | Breed: Bernedoodle

Great service, great communication.

Great service, great communication.

Karen S.
California | Breed: Havanese

Questionable Breeder

I would have given a 5 star rating except for the fact I really do not feel that the breeder is reputable. The pictures of my puppy's mom is very disturbing. I would of liked to have had complete information about the breeder prior to the purchase. I feel like I contributed to a puppy mill business. Puppy Spots' service, the companion who flew with her and my puppy, are all 5 stars.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Karen - We are so happy to hear that your new pup is healthy and already so loved. We take pride in screening each and every breeder who applies to be part of our network. In fact, we only accept less than 10% of applicants. This rigorous process is taken very seriously as it allows us to confidently offer our puppy parents a transparent and trustworthy way of finding a furry family member. We truly apologize if you had any unanswered questions or concerns, but please know that our service extends well beyond the delivery of a puppy and we have a dedicated team to help answer any questions. We'll be here for you throughout your puppy parent journey, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out if we can be helpful in any way.

Ken L.
Minnesota | Breed: Siberian Husky

Very happy

Love my puppy. She is beautiful. Puppy spot was informative, keeping me up to date on all phases. A little work on the app for easier functionality, but extremely happy with the overall process. Chloe was delivered to my doorstep, taking the worry of travel during COVID off my list of concerns.

Joi D.
Florida | Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Perfect puppy

I had an amazing experience with PuppySpot! My puppy manager was on point and always keeping me informed. My breeder was amazing and made things very easy for me during pick up of my puppy. My little Doby pup is absolutely perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better 1st time dog owner experience!

Shelley K.
California | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

An absolute joy to have

An absolute joy to have and a process that we will use again in obtaining a sister for our male puppy!!

Brian B.
Massachusetts | Breed: Havapoo

We (our family) had a

We (our family) had a wonderful experience using Puppyspot to find the perfect puppy! Our Havapoo (Havenese/Poodle) is the best! We love him beyond words. He arrived healthy and happy. The communication was amazing between our family and Puppyspot. They went above and beyond making sure the purchase and delivery of our new furry addition was worry free,safe,and informative. Great job Puppyspot! I will highly recommend your company/services to other people who are looking for a new dog. I took a chance using Puppyspot but ended up pleasantly surprised how seamless the whole process from start to finish was accomplished. The slight extra costs paid using Puppyspot was worth it in my humble opinion vs seeking out a breeder on our own. Thanks again Puppyspot! - Brian

Judy G.
North Carolina | Breed: Corgipoo

1200 miles transit by van.

1200 miles transit by van.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Judy - We can assure you that every member of our team holds the transporting of our puppies to the highest of importance, whether it be via airplane, ground, or meet up. We understand it can be scary for our puppy parents, which is why we take great care in booking travel for our puppies with their safety and best interest in mind. Although your pup had a long journey home, she was given great care and delivered safe and sound. We will continue to be here for you and your pup every step of the way, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can do to be helpful.