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Orlando L.
California | Breed: Pomapoo

Good experience overall.

Not 5 stars due to lack of/slow communication between the time the credit card gets charged to the time you receive your puppy. Wish they shared updates and more details about your puppy versus just canned marketing emails. Live chat never resulted in an actual conversation with a human. Instead you got an email response hours or days later which didn’t truly answer my questions. Puppy arrived in the middle of the night (3:30 am to be exact) which was not a good experience. If they can fix the communication and delivery time issues, I’d bump them up to 5 stars.

Suzanne F.
California | Breed: Golden Retriever

Wonderful service. My puppy is

Wonderful service. My puppy is exactly like I expected. Happy, healthy and well cared for. PuppySpot delivered everything they said they would.

Marcus B.
California | Breed: Maltese


Excellent service. Great communication. Expensive but worth it having a puppy delivered to your door

Katie (Katherine) F.
Colorado | Breed: Shiba Inu

I was very hesitant on

I was very hesitant on using PuppySpot and they aren’t cheap either but considering everything that they do to ensure the pup arrives safely and healthy is worth it and not to mention having a health guarantee throughout pays for itself. I definitely felt more assured using them than finding the pup I wanted online. Great experience and thank you for my little Shiba!

Julie S.
California | Breed: Springerdoodle

Puppy had parasites

Our puppy had four parasites... now we need to spend hundreds of dollars getting rid of them. Also, the puppy came a week early with no notice! When I texted the concierage, he had no idea and I havent heard from him since.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Julie - We were surprised to hear your puppy was not feeling well shortly after he arrived. As living, breathing beings, as unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick. And, that is why our service extends well beyond the delivery of a puppy and we have a dedicated health team to help resolve any issues our customers may have. Our team has been quick to try to not only understand your issue but also see how we can help, but we've been unable to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, until we speak with you and receive veterinary records for your puppy, we're not able to address and resolve your concerns. That said, with proper documentation, we always honor our health guarantee, and our team is here for you whenever you need them. Your relationship with us began, it did not end, when we matched you with your puppies and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Susan Y.
Massachusetts | Breed: Labrador Retriever

At every step of the

At every step of the way PuppySpot was available with information and answers. Felt confident that we would get a great pup and all logistics, etc. would be handled professionally.

Kirsten A.
Connecticut | Breed: Australian Shepherd

We love our sweet baby!

We love our sweet baby! Communication was great. The breeder sent us updated pictures along the way. With any online purchase, take good notes when speaking with the reps, watch for many emails and read them to understand your next steps. We used the app which was helpful. Puppyspot set clear expectations and kept their commitments.

Whitney L.
Colorado | Breed: Boston Terrier

I must admit I was

I must admit I was a bit nervous purchasing a puppy online. However I would definitely use Puppy Spot again. The app was very helpful and our puppy was delivered on the exact day they stated it would be delivered. Our Boston Terrier is in perfect health. All shot records were up to date. The process was great! Would highly recommend Puppy Spot.

Jacqueline A.
Rhode Island | Breed: Pomeranian

I was a great time

I was a great time buying from puppy spot. All the way until delivery. then it got a bit upsetting, but it all worked out. For that reason I am giving them a five star. The puppy is beautiful.

Ellen S L.
Virginia | Breed: Yorkiepoo

Puppy is healthy and a

Puppy is healthy and a precious little clown! The process could not have been easier, and when the carrier delivered her to our house, he even took pictures of us first holding our little bundle of fun and texted them to us!

Joanie G.
New Jersey | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Great Team Great Service

Would recommend to all friends

Marina G.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

Thank you PuppySpot for Zuri!

We couldn’t be happier with our new golden-doodle puppy Zuri. PuppySpot answered all of our questions and provided great support throughout the process of getting her to our home. She is healthy, smart and very sweet. Thank you PuppySpot for providing excellent service!

Krassimir D.
Michigan | Breed: Shih Tzu

Great service.

Great service.

Joe B.
New York | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Great new family member

Easy, safe and wonderful way to get a pup. He is better than we could have imagined. A healthy, happy puppy. Great help from your phone Rep.

Larry S.
California | Breed: Cockapoo

The puppy was delivered on

The puppy was delivered on time and in good health

Nichole K.
Florida | Breed: Maltipoo

This third party complicates everything

Both the Breeder and I were given Miss information regarding updates, pick up location and food.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Nicole - Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We are proud to offer each and every new PuppySpot puppy parent complimentary AKC registration or Canine Partners Listing, and we're sorry to hear there was any miscommunication or confusion. A member of our management team has been trying to connect with you to see how we can help but hasn't been able to reach you. You joined a community when your puppy arrived home and our team will continue to be here as you need us, so please never hesitate to reach out if we can be helpful in any way.

Charlene H.
Minnesota | Breed: Dachshund

This is the second dachshund

This is the second dachshund pup I have purchased through Puppy spot and I have been so happy with the health of the dogs and the excellent communication with Puppyspot. Both dogs were exactly as advertised and pictured. Highly recommend.

Bettye D.
Florida | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

I am satisfied with my

I am satisfied with my purchase. I received a happy, healthy puppy. There were two delays in delivery, but both were necessary for the health and well being of the dog and the people transporting her. The team at PuppySpot had me well prepared with supplies and actions to take on her arrival. I would use PuppySpot again.

Gayle P.
South Carolina | Breed: Shih Tzu



Vivienne L.
California | Breed: Cockapoo

Puppy Spot was perfect from

Puppy Spot was perfect from beginning to end. I would and have recommended Puppy Spot to everybody. Many Thanks Puppy Spot