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Mary Kay M.
Texas | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Great Experience With PuppySpot!

My baby Yorkie, Lilly, finally arrived on December 16th. She is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had. She’s smart, loving, fun, silly, and a perfect companion. She’s with me 24/7 and the love of my life! So happy to finally have her! Many thanks to everyone who worked with me at PuppySpot to get this little blessing.

Pamela C.
Virginia | Breed: Poodle

great spot to find and

great spot to find and adopt a pup. you have very good communication with your puppy concierge and it’s fast! i will definitely get another one from puppy spot.

Hollis K.
Illinois | Breed: Maltipoo

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for having my new little baby Mochi. She is a great puppy who just is so comfortable around other people. I even introduced her to other small doggies and a cat and she is just a happy little playful puppy.

Jacie J.
Connecticut | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Really good experience!

The entire process went smoothly, except for the arrival of the puppy pack which came about 2 weeks after the puppy! I would like to add an additional comment about the puppy pack the dog bed included and the leash, which are really much more appropriate for a 150 pound dog and not a dog that will be less than 10 pounds when full grown!!?? Both of our dogs love the toys! Thank you

Rachael M.
South Carolina | Breed: Golden Retriever

I was worried at first

I was worried at first since I have never done this sort of thing when looking for a pet. But I have no regrets great service and support. My pup was delivered to my door and I was given updates the whole way. I love my pup and could not imagine being with out him . Thank you puppy spot

Suzanne V.
Massachusetts | Breed: Schnoodle

Worth the wait.

My only issue was with communication. Plain and simply, it could have been better. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the pup. I would recommend that anyone that is looking for a new puppy, to trust that PuppySpot will deliver a healthy pet to you.

Kathleen B.
New Hampshire | Breed: Labradoodle

When I purchased my puppy

When I purchased my puppy I was told transportation would be by air , then over a week later told that wasn’t possible and that my puppy would be coming by truck thousands of miles over three days . After I vigorously complained they somehow found a flight across the country .

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kathleen - We're truly sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience. We understand how stressful travel changes can be whether we walk on two legs or four, and we should've done a better job explaining the travel options for your puppy. That said, we are happy we were able to accommodate you and very excited for you to be a puppy parent, knowing your puppy is thriving in her new home. As you know, our relationship with you has just begun and our team will continue to be here for you whenever you need us.

Anna R. D.
Massachusetts | Breed: Maltipoo

From the very beginning of

From the very beginning of our journey at PuppySpot to search for our puppy we received support right to Milo home coming. The team and manager were spot on to answer all our questions and concerns. I'm sorry the photos will be sent soon.

Monica E.
Arizona | Breed: Shih Tzu

I drove 1084 miles to

I drove 1084 miles to pick up my fur baby.. it was well worth it.. if I had to do it again I would.. there was good communication with the puppy spot and myself..

Tracy B.
Washington | Breed: Havapoo

Love, love, love our adorable

Love, love, love our adorable little puppy and are so thankful. Our Puppy Chaperone was amazing and kept in touch with me throughout his travel day. The reason I withheld a star is due to the lack of communication. I had to call and request info on his travel plans and each week for photo updates. For the amount of money we paid, I would expect to have an actual person from Puppyspot communicate with me on our puppy's progress.

Robin P.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

Great Goldendoodle!

Great Goldendoodle!

Rebecca G.
Puerto Rico | Breed: Maltese

Excellence Customer Service

Thanks Puppy Spot for all your help and this amassing experience. All the team (Puppy Spot Managers) has supported me and answered all my questions related with the process. I was a little worry at the fist time (my first time buying a puppy by internet from Puppy Spot) but puppy is healthy, beautiful, and loving. It was my son’s Christmas present and he is very happy with Scooter. Thank for everything ! :)

Jill M.
Oregon | Breed: Shihpoo

I had great service except

I had great service except that I had asked for updated photos & it took me a full week to get them. I wanted to make sure my puppy was growing & healthy. After repeated phone calls, I finally got ahold of a supervisor & she made it happen. Erin was her name. I received 2 videos. She was very helpful. I've had my puppy now for 2 weeks & she's playful & loving. We are settling into a routine.

John D.
Washington | Breed: Cavachon

Excellent service except for the

Excellent service except for the delivery driver. A minor point but he was supposed to call me with a time he would be at my house. He didn't and we weren't home. He called when he got here. We weren't far at least. Chase arrived healthy, happy, and roaring to go. He is the addition we needed in all this chaos.

Chunfang L.
California | Breed: Golden Retriever

Everything goes well. Love the

Everything goes well. Love the puppy.

Patricia S.
Delaware | Breed: French Bulldog

Little puppy is beautiful, frisky

Little puppy is beautiful, frisky and alert. Very happy with her. The only problem is she arrived with Giardia. Had to be on medication for seven days. Thankfully I asked my vet to test for that illness. Breeder did ship her in lovely crate with food and water. Little dog was clean, free of fleas and ticks. Would have liked to have seen a bit more communication from Puppy Spot throughout the process.

Deborah B.
California | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Awesome experience

The entire process was very easy and well communicated. The puppy was delivered right to my door and in great condition. I am thrilled with her and she's a wonderful addition to our family. Bella and our lab Cody are best buds and provide hours of entertainment.

Michelle G.
Washington | Breed: Labradoodle

I paid for a package

I paid for a package to have the puppy delivered to my home. I was given 24 hours notice that I would have to pick her up at the airport with no explanation or acknowledgment of the change. I had to call to request an explanation and a refund for the service I did not receive. I had to miss work and get an Uber to drive me to pick up the puppy. On her first vet check, she was found to have giardia and coccidia. I spent 4 hours at the animal emergency clinic on Christmas after she vomited for 12 hours straight. She is a wonderful puppy, but the delivery situation was awful and her veterinarian bills have already exceeded $1k. I would never use Puppy Spot again and I will advise friends and family not to use Puppy Spot.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Michelle - We're incredibly sorry for what sounds like an unnecessarily confusing and frustrating experience picking up your puppy from the airport. It’s a huge privilege to be a part of helping you welcome home a new furry family member and we could have done better. Since receiving your feedback a member of our health team has been in touch and working closely with you ever since. We remain committed to being here for you and your little one until she is feeling better and throughout your puppy parent journey!

Beth Y.

The start is great but

The start is great but after delivery - heard nothing regarding akc registration and when I asked I was told to contact third party agent which tries to price gauge on completely unrelated stuff, nearly 3 weeks after delivery and I am still waiting - due to pandemic I asked for extension for the health check deadline, received flat out no - zero after sell help - not acceptable

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Beth - Thanks for your honest feedback. It's important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. Since receiving your feedback a member of our Management Team has been trying to reach you to learn more and see how we can help. Unfortunately, you have not responded to our efforts. We hope to speak with you very soon.

Myralon S.
Virginia | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier we were happy

Yorkshire Terrier we were happy for the final arrival of our puppy.