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Miriam S.
Virginia | Breed: Cavachon

Best service!!

We welcomed home our fur baby 2 weeks ago and couldn’t have asked for better service. PuppySpot was with us every step of the way. I have recommended them to multiple friends since our pup came home.

Michael L.
New York | Breed: Havanese

Everyone was very nice -

Everyone was very nice - The communication was minimal at best - there should be some interaction with the breeders. - If PuppySpot chooses to use an app to text, it should be attended to, very often messages were not viewed for 6-10 hours. - there should be a specific health advisor number for sick puppies. - I would suggest that a week before transport, a time is set with the new owners to cover logistics. Not wait until 48 hours prior. I would be happy to speak to someone live. All said, we love our dog and everyone was nice and helpful.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Michael - Thanks for your honest feedback. It's important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. It's part of our process to confirm travel details with puppy parents 48 hours before a puppy is scheduled to travel for a couple of different reasons, most importantly being your puppy is seen by a licensed veterinarian a few days before traveling to be sure she was healthy for her big journey home. That said, we never want a customer to feel as if they’re not able to get updated information and we're sorry that was the case for you at any point. Our relationship began when you trusted us to fetch your new best friend and we will continue to be a source of support and guidance throughout your puppy parent journey.

Stephen M.
Maine | Breed: Silky Terrier

Happy, Healthy, Silky Pup

they did what they said they would do....Deliver a healthy puppy to my door.!!

Rosemarie S.
New York | Breed: Goldendoodle

Zoey AKA Sandy is a

Zoey AKA Sandy is a wonderful dog. She is a cutie. We all love her The only comment I have is that she bites quite a bit. We are trying to work with her and a trainer to stop it. Not certain what caused this. I understand it is quite normal for a puppy to nip but she does more than that. She reaches out and snaps. Not certain if she was socialized Appropriately or what caused this. Wondering if any other puppies from this Breeder had this issue? We will continues to work with her and hopefully her biting turns into kisses. Thank you For checking in. Best , Rosemarie

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Rosemarie - Thanks for your feedback. We understand the anticipation and excitement involved in meeting your new furry family member. As exciting as it also is for your new pup, don't forget that it’s a big change for a puppy to go from one home to another. It may take a little time for her to adjust to her new surroundings and loving family. We’re confident that with ongoing training and patience, she will thrive in her new forever home. Since then a member of our team has been in touch with you to learn more and provide helpful teething tips. You are not alone in this new puppy parent journey. As a PuppySpot family member, we'll continue to be here for you to offer additional tips and advice along the way. We look forward to more "pupdates" on your pup's blossoming progress from you in the near future.

Christy T.
North Carolina | Breed: Bulldog

Working with Puppy Spot was

Working with Puppy Spot was smooth and seamless. They are extremely informative and polite. Every time I had a question it was answered promptly. Thank you for bringing us little Baloo! ❤️

Sarah M.
Minnesota | Breed: Bernedoodle

Great Experience

From perusing the site, to talking multiple times with "Paul"-(he answered at 12am his time!) about specific puppy details, to choosing our puppy, then picking her up, and finally, all the follow-up by spot, the experience has brought us so much joy. Thank you for making the last month (since we found the site) so special! We love our 10 week old bernadoodle more than I thought possible! We highly recommend you.

Annamalai A.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

Great option for hassle free puppy adoption

Was surprised by the proactive initiative by puppy-spot to keep me informed and guide me all along the purchase process and also post delivery of the puppy.

Mason E.
Washington | Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

She is delightful to have.

She is delightful to have. Still working of house training.

Kelly Z.
California | Breed: Australian Shepherd

App was easy to use,

App was easy to use, communication was very good. At one point the app on my phone would crash when I tried to see status details. Delivery was on time and courteous.

Corinne W.
California | Breed: Cockapoo


He is really sweet! More perfect than I could imagine.

Kris B.
Minnesota | Breed: Pomsky

Buyer Beware!

Sales did not match the post sales delivery. Puppy delivery was terrible. My puppy was flown in connecting flights that puppy MISSED its connecting flight so spent a full day and night in kennel in strange city with temps greater than 85 degrees. This atop when I said i would NOT BUY if puppy would be flown. I was assured this would not occur. Liars! Never received two bags of food promised and puppy arrived with worms! Poor animal. All they care about is money and not health of animal. Buy beware!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kris - We're so sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience. Welcoming home a puppy is such an exciting experience and we understand how disappointing it must have been to adjust your schedule. There are several factors to consider while booking animal air travel, including the fact that not all planes are equipped to transport animals safely. Though it may not be the most direct route for your puppy to travel home to you, we assure you it was a decision made with careful consideration and your puppy’s best interest in mind. Just like human travel, flights for our little ones can be delayed or canceled which can impact your pup’s arrival time. Which is what happened with your puppy, we can assure you that your pup was well cared for during the delay, and although your breeder did send the extra food as promised, it was used to feed your puppy during her stay. Your feedback is important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. We absolutely care about all of our puppies and a member of our health team has since connected with you to learn more and see how we could help. We will continue to be here for you and your little one, until all of your concerns have been resolved.

Julie W.
California | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Highly satisfied customer

Everything with getting our new puppy was very easy. They answered all of my questions. Kept me in the loop about the puppies heath and travel. I would highly recommend and use them again.

Corey G.
Oregon | Breed: Bichomo

My experience

PuppySpot for the most part was great and we are super happy with our new pup- however getting her to us was a nightmare. She traveled cross country via puppy charter, was held up several hours at the arrival airport and then there was a mix up with the delivery address, so by the time our poor puppy was delivered to us late in the evening there were feces in her crate and she was a frightened mess. To top it off there was no bag of food left with us as was promised. The van driver was rude and not sympathetic at all. HORRIBLE experience with the delivery.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Corey - We were both troubled and surprised to learn how your puppy arrived. You did the right thing by reaching out to us as soon as you received your pup. Our travel manager has taken your feedback to our transport partner to address your concerns and ensure this doesn't happen again. Your relationship with us began, it did not end, when we matched you with your puppy and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Alison M.
Indiana | Breed: Cavapoo

Poor communication

Our puppy is beautiful and the breeder was great and supplied a ton of info, but the communication with Puppyspot went horribly down hill after we submitted payment. I asked 3 times about the pick up date, each time being told "I'll get back to you" and no follow up. Then, a full week after we received our pick up date, the morning that I was getting in the car to drive 2.5 hours to pick up our puppy, I sent an email asking if I should take anything with me because I had not heard anything during that week. Clearly someone dropped the ball, because I immediately received panicked emails and a phone call. I was already on the road when I was told our pup had a health issue and I had to waive the liability right then or not get the puppy. Also, this was a surprise for my daughter. She initially reached out to Puppyspot. I stressed repeatedly that this was a surprise and to not email her anything. She got the congratulations emails. (sigh...) I am empathetic that Covid has all of us off of our game, but with the higher prices for the puppies due to the pandemic supply and demand, a little extra customer care should be given. At the end of the day, we have a great puppy. It was just a disappointing experience getting her home.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Alison - Thanks for trusting us to find your daughter's new furry best friend! Welcoming home a furry family member should be full of joy and we're disappointed that you have negative feelings about your experience. We never want a puppy parent to feel their requests or needs are being ignored at any point of their experience as that is the exact opposite of what we strive to provide. We sincerely apologize for any stress or inconvenience this may have caused. Despite your dissatisfaction, we'll continue to be here if you need us at any point in your puppy parent journey.

Kelly D.
Washington | Breed: Bichonpoo

Think twice

Although I encountered a very unpleasant aggressive man on the phone ( customer service ) I proceeded with the process. I just wanted a puppy I received a sick puppy, who needs $1800 in dental work. There were 11 puppies in the delivery van stacked on top of each other, a sight I will never get over. What a nightmare ... I have contacted them repeatedly about the delivery but no one responds. What a regret ! For many reasons

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kelly - Welcoming home a puppy should be full of joy and excitement and we're truly sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience and one that is the exact opposite of what we strive to provide our puppy parents. We were concerned to learn that your puppy wasn’t feeling well shortly after she arrived, as her mandated pre-travel nose-to-tail health exam indicated she was 100% healthy at the time. As soon as you notified us that there might be an issue, a member of our management team was quick to reach out to you to discuss your concerns and see how we could help. You then let us know that you no longer had your puppy and had given her up. It's a shame you chose to rehome your puppy yourself, as we prefer to do so ourselves and we hope she's with a loving family who will appreciate her companionship.

Mallory P.
Washington | Breed: Bichomo

So happy!

My puppy arrived safely and completely healthy with all of his paperwork. When the date was far away and I wanted to push it up, the puppy managers were very helpful. Max is very happy in his new home!

Robert C.
Massachusetts | Breed: Cavapoo

Great service !

The website is great both for looking for the right kind of dog as well as giving good descriptions of those available. My only criticism is the effort to keep the prospective buyer away from the breeder, both to enhance logistic arrangements as well as to allow the prospective buyer the opportunity to evaluate the breeder. We chose to pick up our puppy ourselves which made communication with the breeder an imperative. Otherwise, we were very pleased with the experience and with our new puppy. All in all PuppySpot does a great job.

Lynda C.
Washington | Breed: Goldendoodle

Happy Puppy Owner

I was really nervious purchasing puppies online but this has been an amazing experience. Everything went as expected and I have two beautiful healthy and happy puppies that I am in love with! All the staff at PuppySpot have been helpful, assessable and able to answer all my questions. Thank you for a great experience and for my pups!

Anne-Marie S.
California | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Breeder, Breeder’s Vet lies... puppy under weight

Terrible. They are real quick to get your money but if there is a problem ... they don’t deal with it. I had a breeder that sent my puppy under weight and with ear infections and gave vaccinations to him under weight. The breeders Vet lied on the certificate of health on the weight of the puppy. The breeder also sent wrong or enhanced pictures of the puppy. I asked to see the left eye of the puppy and first picture is what I got from breeder... second picture is what I got when my puppy arrived. When I asked puppyspot to investigate... crickets I am still waiting to hear what the breeder and vet is going to do??? Or Puppyspot is going to do. The only calls I get is to register my puppy... where is management to find out about this breeder and Vet who lied??

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Anne- Marie - Our goal is to match our prospective puppy parents with their perfect healthy and happy puppy and want to assure you that in no way did any member of our team or your breeder mislead you in any way. We are confident you received the correct puppy however, we never want a puppy parent to feel deceived. A member of our management team will be in touch with you shortly to learn more and most importantly, address your concerns. Our service extends well beyond the delivery of your new pup and we're committed to be here for you until your concerns have been resolved and throughout your puppy parent journey!

Lysander S.
Tennessee | Breed: Pomapoo

PuppySpot is amazing! Answered all

PuppySpot is amazing! Answered all my questions promptly. And got little Avah to us safely.