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Karen S.
New Jersey | Breed: Labradoodle

Our puppy came healthy, loving

Our puppy came healthy, loving , curious and full of energy. Couldn't"t ask for more.

Robin D.
Vermont | Breed: Maltipoo


My experience with Puppyspot was amazing. Everything went smoothly and our sweet girl arrived safely and is perfectly healthy. She's relaxing with her big brother in the photo.

Richard J C.
New Mexico | Breed: Chihuahua

My wife and I are

My wife and I are very happy with our new puppy. It took about 3 weeks for our little bundle of joy to come home, but it was worth the wait. Puppy Spot made sure that Tito was ready to travel safely (weighed enough & old enough). He was hand delivered to us by a very nice gentleman. We received a happy healthy and beautiful puppy. Tito is more than we could have hoped for. He came with extra food a carrier, a toy, and a blanket. He was well adjusted, trained on the piddle pad, and happy. Thank you Puppy Spot.

Susan D.
New York | Breed: Labradoodle

I was very happy with

I was very happy with the resolution with Puppy Spot and would recommend their services to any interested buyers.

Lydia C.
Washington | Breed: Havanese

Puppyspot is AMAZING!

David from Puppyspot was very reassuring. He answered all my enquiries and calmed all my doubts. He made the process as simple as possible and gave me a step by step of what to do and what was going to happen and assured me the breeder was top notch and her puppies were always amazing. I was kept up to date on the whole process at every point and was given a number to call for any other questions or doubts I might have. It was extremely calming and reassuring and I absolutely loved the entire process. Brutus is by far the smartest and cutest puppy I've ever had the honor of caring for. Since arriving on 2nd May 2021, Brutus has already trained to pee on the pad indoors and only had a couple of poop accidents from the training. He is truly one of the smartest puppies I know. Brutus is an absolute delight to our family of 5. My husband is so in love with him that he takes him everywhere he goes even to the supermarket (where he gets carried in a sling). And he gets so spoilt! I am extremely grateful for puppyspot for helping me find my perfect furbaby! Not only that but Brutus is extremely adorable!! Everyone who has seen him has squealed with delight at how cute and well mannered he is. I have highly recommended and sung many praises of puppyspot to everyone I know and if anyone would like to or is thinking of purchasing a puppy, I absolutely recommend getting one from puppyspot.

Janet B.
Washington | Breed: Cavapoo

The hard sell was unnecessary, but we love our pup

We found Lily B. on PuppySpot, which is a GREAT platform for finding healthy, cared-for puppies. As soon as I inquired about her, though, the sales person was doing "hard sell" techniques that made me so suspicious, I looked on the Better Business website to see if PuppySpot is a scam! the sales person said things like "Well, if you're interested you have to act soon....we'll give you 2-3 hours to think about it" and "Just after I picked up your message, there were 2 families who called, ready to pay for her." I found this very offensive and totally unnecessary! Please give interested parties a reasonable amount of time to make a decision (24-48hrs would be nice). Also, as SOON as we paid for Lily, the sales person stopped returning calls or responding to emails, but he hadn't been clear who we could contact w/further questions! BUT! After that craziness, our experience was WONDERFUL. We were in touch w/PuppySpot case managers who were super sweet, and got all info we needed on the PS app, and the gal who drove Lily from the airport to our house was super nice and LOVES her job with MyPetCab.... so it was GREAT. And Lily, of course, is the BEST part of it all. She's healthy, friendly, smart... LOVE.

Thomas C.
Massachusetts | Breed: Labradoodle

Cutest labradoodle evah...

We give PuppySpot 4 1/2 stars...To be honest we were a bit leery of PuppySpot, not knowing much about their service. But after exhausting or search locally we opted to give them a try on a labradoodle we picked out from their site. Communication started out good with both email and phone contact explaining the process. At only 5 weeks we needed to wait for Ginger to grow and pass her vet check. Then feed back got somewhat lacking in the middle while we waited. Several attempts to ask questions via email and using their App went unanswered and we became suspect that maybe all was not good. But then, once we were notified of final travel arrangements communication picked up substantially. Ginger was delivered on time, clean, in good health and after only a few minutes took to her new family (us) with joy and exuberance only a puppy can have. We were pleasantly surprised and now two weeks later couldn't be more satisfied. And being just a bit biased, without a doubt, we have the cutest, smartest labradoodle evah!!!!

Chad G.
Washington | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Great service and a great

Great service and a great dog. My son is very happy!

JoAnn L.
Idaho | Breed: Bernedoodle

Love my new puppy. PuppySpot

Love my new puppy. PuppySpot kept me informed through the whole process. Delivered right to my doorstep!

Tammy H.
California | Breed: Cockapoo

The process was very simple

The process was very simple and informative. You are able to see the puppy’s information and latest information regarding about their trip on the puppyspot app once things have processes through. My puppy was delivered safe and with care. 10/10 would buy a puppy from Puppyspot again and would recommend others to do so to

Wynn D.
California | Breed: Australian Shepherd

PuppySpot has been great all

PuppySpot has been great all around. From the purchase of our puppy Missy to the travel and her delivery and answering my questions after her arrival they have been super helpful. It has been a great experience for us and for Missy.

Takiyah F.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Labrador Retriever

D to 8

Thank you for your patience, professionalism and support from inquiry to first exam. I had my concerns at first but everyone I spoke with answered my questions and put me at ease. I had an amazing experience so far and I adore my new pup Halley!! Thanks PuppySpot!

Michael R G.
Oregon | Breed: Coton de Tulear

Welcome Home Kimmy!

Everything was clearly explained and adhered to. We chose Kimmy a 4 week old Coton de Tulear because of her size and temperament. A wonderful dog and wonderful experience! Thank you.

Belinda J.
Texas | Breed: Dachshund

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for helping me find my precious little girl. Everyone that I talked to along the process was very helpful,courteous and friendly. In fact it was like talking to a friend. I will be glad to refer others to PuppySpot.

Kimberly A.
Rhode Island | Breed: Shih Tzu

Perfect Pup

We received the most perfect dog (Shih Tzu) from PuppySpot. Great temperament, clean, friendly and so loving! I would definitely buy from PuppySpot again!

Natella B.
California | Breed: Siberian Husky

Excellent service. Thank you so

Excellent service. Thank you so much for delivering our new family member to us.

Mike H.
South Carolina | Breed: Bulldog



Olga B.

Thank you so much Puppy Spot!

I’m soooo happy with Puppy Spot experience! They made adding a new furry family member an easy and stress-free process! Not only I could watch my new baby grow up through their app (while she was still with her mom), their helpful tips, transportation, and followup on her progress truly showed me that they care both for their fur babies and the families that are anxiously awaiting them. The staff was super professional and helpful; our puppy arrived healthy, happy, clean, and well-fed, and the documentation they provided made registering her so very easy! I absolutely love their no puppy mills policy and the fact that they provide a ten year health guarantee. I would highly recommend them to all future fur parents! We’re one happy fur family now! Thank you Puppy Spot for our little bundle of joy!

Sandrah V.
Texas | Breed: Bulldog

We love our Banx!

We love our Banx!

Susan P.
Indiana | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I was very pleased with

I was very pleased with the service I got from Puppy Spot. The puppy arrived on the day they said it would and was full of energy.