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Paul H.

Owner/puppy relationship

Excellent continual followup after the purchase of the puppy for the owner to know what to expect in the puppy's varying stages of develop.

Vikram B.
California | Breed: Labradoodle

Great Service

I would highly recommend puppy spot for their professionalism and their handling of customers. We live in California and the puppy we bought was from a breeder in Ohio. This was our first puppy and we were very apprehensive on getting her from an online website. But puppy spot representatives were very patient in answering all our questions. They followed up regularly especially during the puppy travel time. I would definitely recommend puppy spot.

Michael D. B.
Missouri | Breed: Aussiedoodle

Puppy Spot Connected Mike & Cash

A great service that connected Cash (Aussie Doodle) and me. It’s been 2 weeks today. All is great. Cash is one lucky

Margie S.
Tennessee | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Our Chocolate Lab through PuppySpot

We could not have had a better dog buying experience than through PuppySpot. Our Associate, Christian Santini, at PuppySpot was unbelievable. Calling us back on weekends, answering all our questions clearly, patient with us throughout entire process, even getting our wonderful breeder on the phone for a conversation. It absolutely was a 5-star way of adding a new fury member to our family. PuppySpot truly adds so many meaningful benefits to the buying process. Our healthy puppy has been doing great in her new home. Our children have what they have been so patient in waiting for so many years. And my wife and I had a wonderful buying experience and peace of mind in adding our new family member! Thank you Christian and PuppySpot for completing our family!

Gary J.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Cockapoo

Our New Puppy

We received our new puppy " Venus" a couple of weeks ago. She is a real treat. Her energy and loving kisses fill the void that was left as our two dogs passed away less that a year apart. Puppy Spot provided us the chance to smile again. The professional way that they provided help in getting our new additions home was fantastic.

Virginia D.
California | Breed: Scottish Terrier

We are very happy with

We are very happy with our new puppy! The service we received from puppy Spot was exceptional. I would recommend this service to everyone who is looking for a healthy puppy!

Illinois | Breed: Siberian Husky

Room for improvement

Overall our experience was great with the PuppySpot representatives, but the condition we received our puppy in made the experience a little sour. When meeting the breeder, and we had a three hour drive, nobody was responding to us for the first 2 hours of the drive. When someone finally responded the lady that was supposed to meet us sent her son to drop off the puppy instead. When we met they got in the back to give us the puppy and they hadn’t noticed that the puppy had thrown up and gotten it all over herself. She was terrified and also smelt very badly like she had been kept outside her whole life. She was not socialized at all and was terrified of my husband and myself for weeks. For big a 16 week old puppy she should have been socialized better. That is critical learning time that we are now working so hard to make up for. They probably need to remove this breeder from their roster. We were never given the name of the breeder either so I’m not sure it was even a legit breeder in hindsight.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Ashley - We really appreciate you taking the time to share your candid feedback. Without it, we can't do better for our puppy parents, breeders and puppies. We are very sorry to hear about your experience picking up your puppy and most importantly how she arrived. We also want to apologize if you weren't given your breeder's complete information. We are always happy to connect our prospective puppy parents with their puppy's breeder via conference call before a puppy arrives and then more directly shortly after and we're surprised to learn you weren't aware of this option. We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you and a member of our team will be in touch with you to learn more and see how we can help.

Clay C.
Arizona | Breed: Boxer


Cute pup arrived on time and even more adorable than the pictures!!!

Sara P.
New Jersey | Breed: Maltipoo

Maltipoo puppy

We found our puppy and PuppySpot arranged everything very well. He was healthy and just as described.

Abigail M.
Massachusetts | Breed: Bichon Frise

My new best friend

PuppySpot made the process very easy, and contacted me every step of the way. The resources they provided were great! And the he loves the toys that came with our package.

Lori B.
Maine | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Ronald R.
Alabama | Breed: Boston Terrier

Once I paid for my

Once I paid for my puppy they was hardly no communication When my puppy arrived no instructions on what food he was eating how many times he was eating A-day Very disappointed in the way things were handled

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Ronald - We rely on feedback from customers like you and appreciate you taking the time to candidly share it with us. It's especially troubling since it's the exact opposite of the experience we want our puppy parents to have while welcoming home a furry family member. A member of our team had tried several times to connect with you before your puppy traveled home to go over details but was unfortunately unsuccessful. That said, we're still very sorry that you had trouble reaching out to us at any point. Our relationship began when we matched you with your puppy and despite your frustrating experience, our team will continue to be here as you need us.

glen w.
Arizona | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Excellent staff, great job arranging

Excellent staff, great job arranging for our puppy to be delivered in the middle of the COVID issue.

Allie B.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Golden Retriever


Great service!!!!

Jean W.
Florida | Breed: Sheepadoodle

Very easy and professional

Very easy and professional

Allison D.
California | Breed: Shiba Inu

New puppy, plus $4k in vet bills!

Unfortunately we did not have a good experience with PuppySpot. The concierge team was calling us non-stop once we requested to reserve our pup. Once the payment was made for our pup ($3k- watch out for the extra fees they tack on), the Puppy Managers’ communication was aloof at best. Our puppy got packaged up and shipped up not once, twice, but THREE TIMES. They told The breeder to shop our puppy to LAX- that’s over 8 hours from a where we leave, and we got this information 18 hours before our puppy was scheduled TO LAND. How were we supposed to plan for that?! Our poor puppy was so traumatized from the continuous travel and being packed off three times that once we got him, he had lost 10oz (he only weighed 2 pounds!) and on top of that, we found out that the puppy chaperone lied to us and the breeder. Within less than 24 hours of bringing home our brand new pup, our poor guy was at the vet for severe dehydration and stayed overnight in a pet hospital. So disappointed. We’ve been waiting to hear back from Puppy Spot’s health advocate team- we submitted all official vet and pet hospital bills. Unlike their sales team, we haven’t been contacted relentlessly and are awaiting reimbursement for the vet bills.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Allison - Thanks for your candid feedback, without it we wouldn’t be able to improve and do our very best for our puppies and puppy parents. We're sorry for the confusion surrounding your puppy's arrival. We understand it’s a huge privilege to be a part of helping you select your new family member and we could have done a better. We take the care, health, and safety of our puppies before, during, and after travel very seriously, which is why as soon as we learned your pup wasn't feeling well, a member of our Health Team quickly connected with you to learn more and has been working with you since. We remain committed to being here for you and your puppy until he is feeling better and throughout your puppy parent journey!

Andrea F.
Minnesota | Breed: Shih Tzu


Our new puppy is so perfect for us! Finding the breed we wanted and in our time frame was so nice. The only issue we faced was transportation. Our puppy was 9 hours away and we paid for him to be driven. The day before he was to be delivered, we got notified that the transportation company wouldn’t travel with him until he weighed more or was 3 weeks older. I am not sure If the criteria change was due to Covid or just bad timing. It was frustrating having to sit on hold multiple times to figure out a solution. In the end we were able to work with the breeder to get him home on time!

Rebecca B.
Oklahoma | Breed: Maltipoo


The people I delt with have been amazing, everything was great. My only complaint would be about the failure to answer via the app...but given our Covid 19 quarentine, I am thinking that had more to do with it then their person failures, so I am overlooking it!

Tim M.
Alabama | Breed: Bernedoodle

Awesome Experience and even more awesome puppy

The puppy spot was a terrific experience. Very easy from start to finish. Everyone was very personable, caring, and concerned that our puppy was perfect for our family. We love our puppy.

William D.
California | Breed: Beagle

Very happy with Rose

We're very happy with the new addition to our family. The PuppySpot service was exceptional - friendly, professional, and reliable.