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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Puppies

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About Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs (AKA ABBB or Otto) are a highly rare breed worldwide. Many people believe that they descended from a part of the south of the United States for about 200 years, but the first official one originates from 1979. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are an excellent companion and make excellent guard dogs and watchdogs. This breed has a calm and friendly behavior; however, they are not recommended for families with small children or pets. This breed is athletic and active, and it requires long daily walking.

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Paul M.


Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

A little over 3 years ago I lost my dog to a rare diesease and it took me some time to get over her passing. After a lot of searching and research online, I came across Puppy Spot and once I saw Adonis (Desoto) the Blue Blood Bulldog i feel in love. I called the team over at Puppy Spot and started the process to bring him home. Their service is amazing and their team members even better. I am recommending Puppy Spot to all my family and friends.

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