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Anastasia T.
South Carolina | Breed: Bernedoodle

Kathleen was awesome!! EVERY question I had was an...

Kathleen was awesome!! EVERY question I had was answered promptly. She really took time with me discussing different puppies until we found Bailey. Everything went perfectly from choosing her to the flight and delivery. The actual waiting list with these breeders can literally take years to get the kind of dog you want... with puppy spot all my choices were available right away! I would 100% recommend them and I would 100% use them again! Thank you puppy spot... ...we l.o.v.e her!!

Nancy B.
California | Breed: Poodle

Great company with great service. Our puppy is perfect!!

We are thrilled with the newest member of our family, Mac (Blaise). He is adorable, calm, good natured and a healthy happy puppy. Puppyspot employees were all more than helpful every step of the way. We would definitely recommend them.

Versie G.
Louisiana | Breed: Poodle

They were always available when I had questions. V...

They were always available when I had questions. Very nice people

Jacquelyn N.
North Carolina | Breed: Havanese

I was impressed with the efficiency of transportin...

I was impressed with the efficiency of transporting Baxter. Also with the contacts that kept me informed of the process and answered all my question. Baxter arrived safely and did not appear traumatize. The vet said he was healthy. Baxter seems especially smart. We have started obedience training, doggie day care, leash and potty training and people socialization.He is very much loved.

Lowell C R.
Florida | Breed: Golden Retriever

Every step of the way they were great....

Every step of the way they were great.

Michael N.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Australian Shepherd

All around great group of people.

Good communication and genuinely seemed to care about our new puppy.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Michael - We care a great deal about every member of our community, whether they walk on two legs or hour and your feedback means more that you know. We're only just a phone call or email away, so let us know if there's anything you need!

Maria O.
Texas | Breed: Chihuahua

They were really nice answered all my questions and where really helpful .

They were really helpful and answered all my questions anytime of the day . The whole traveling process went smooth I would really recommend them and would buy from them again.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Maria - Thanks for your feedback! As you've experienced, we're more than a service, we're a community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team if there's anything we can ever do to be helpful.

Jeremy P.
New York | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Excellent and Safe transition

The process of getting my new puppy was so smooth. the person helping me was so professional. My puppy came healthy and so well behaved. He was already potty trained when we got home and started peeing on his pad right away and 1 month later he still such a good boy. 5 stars for the breeders and puppyspot! Thank you guys for my new love of my life.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Jeremy - Congratulations on your new best friend! Your pup is such a lucky boy (not to mention super smart!). We'll be here for you throughout your puppy parent journey, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all.

Rachel J.
California | Breed: Labradoodle

Could be better

My initial impression was very good. Once we decided on a specific puppy and made the purchase, customer service disappeared. I was told that I would receive phone calls / emails about the food my puppy was eating, her body size a few days prior to transport so I could buy a proper collar or harness, but I didn't get any of those. I emailed my representative and asked for updated pictures from the breeder as my puppy was growing and I never heard back from her. The communication around the transportation itself was very good and thorough. We had difficult with the weather, so unfortunately transportation had to be delayed several times. But they always called me with updates. So all in all, the service could have been better, but my puppy arrived happy and healthy so that?s really what matters in the end.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Rachel - Thanks very much for your candid feedback. We work very hard to ensure our puppy parents are prepared for their newest furry family member and we're disappointed to learn we let you down. We understand how exciting it must have been waiting for your pup to come home to you and we should have done a better job at communicating and sharing updates on your pup's growth prior to her arrival. A member of our team has been trying to get in touch with you to learn more and most importantly see how we can improve and do better in the future. You've joined a community, so please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything you ever need throughout your puppy parent journey!

Corleen S.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Yorkiepoo

Excellent! We love our new family member!

Puppyspot was excellent to work with! Great communication from start to end and even after I received him they continue to send helpful newsletters! Would use their services again! We love our new addition!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Corleen - Thanks so much for your kind words and for trusting us to help you find your new best friend! We'll continue to be here for you throughout your puppy parent journey, so don't hesitate to reach out if we can be helpful in any way.

Kimberly G.
California | Breed: French Bulldog

Received a sick dog on medication on first day & Dog was delivered at 2am!

I've waited 3 months to write this hoping my feelings for PuppySpot would change because I did find my beautiful puppy which I love so much from this website. However, the process to obtain my puppy was a mess, stressful and a complete disaster in my opinion. Puppy spot is terrible with communication. They do mention after they take your money that there is a "dark" period where you do not hear from them. I purchased my French Bulldog on May 12, 2018 and did not receive my puppy until June 10, 2018. The communication during that month was non existent unless I called them, which is what happen 99% of the time. At the time I purchased, shipping was advertised as $299. But because my dog is a brachycephalic breed (short nose/flat face) it is a bit more difficult to ship these dogs especially with the United Airlines incident with the death of a French in the cabin. So I was not informed until checkout and payment that shipping was $599. After spending >$5,000 on my puppy, that surprising additional $300 was extreme to me. However, this was back in May, I noticed on puppy spot as of today for brachycephalic breeds they mention that there are special travel accommodations. I really wished they mentioned that to me before I mentally agreed to purchase the dog back in May. After this, the travel team mentioned that the puppy will either fly via Air with a puppy nanny or via ground transportation by a pet courier. My puppy is from Indiana and I live in California. The concierge called me (and the only time they ever called me with out me having to call them first) was when they asked if i prefer air or ground transportation. I asked if I can be refunded some amount if ground shipping, and they denied my request. I emailed the travel department asking again for some reimbursement and no reply was ever received. I know pets are living creatures, but since when is air shipping (which is faster), cost the same amount as ground transportation (which takes longer)? This might be a bad example, but it is like Amazon prime delivery and Amazon ground delivery. Ground delivery is cheaper but takes longer. In this case, the puppy travelled ground which took longer, but for the same price? The part that boiled my blood more was they gave me the option of air or ground. And I said if i am not getting refunded anything, then I prefer air transportation. The pet traveler department stated he would note that request in the system. A week goes by and I hear nothing, so I call them again. All of a sudden I already have a delivery date but via ground transportation. I did not agree to this, but at this point I want to just receive my dog and terminate my business relationship with puppy spot immediately. So I go along with the ground transportation plan, which is probably better fitted for my puppy given his flat nose and the pressure of an aircraft. When discussing shipping dates, I said as soon as possible but preferably a Friday so I can bond with the dog over the weekend before leaving for work on a Monday. But they still shipped it around them and the transporters convenience which is ok because I know a cross country drive isn't the easiest, but atleast communicate with me instead of choosing the date for me. They do clearly state that they'll work with us, but more so for the best interest of the pet. However, I feel they are working for the best interest of the dollar bill. So now I am scheduled to have my puppy arrive on Monday June 11, 2018. The previous weekend (June 8/9/10) my family and I are out of town. Then on June 9, 2018 at 2pm, I get a text from the pet courier saying they will arrive at 2am! I asked 2am tonight? and surprisngly they said yes. Again, I want to finish this process so I can sever my business relationship with Puppyspot, so I have to check out of my hotel early and lose out on my Saturday night stay in San Francisco. No refunds because too short notice from the hotel. So i rush to make it home and cut my family vacation short. And yes, I did receive my puppy at 2am on June 9, 2018, which is such a odd delivery time. On puppyspots shipping page, it says dog will come with paperwork and a travel carrier. My dog just came with paperwork. The driver literally just handed me my dog and papers, and that was it. I asked if there was a carrier, and he said there was none. Prior to delivery I even asked puppy spot if the breeders can send my dog with a comfort toy or blanket as this is a scary process for them at such a young age. They said they will mention it to breeder, but nothing came with the dog. What angered me even more was I asked the delivery person what time did the dog last eat (so i know when to feed him next). He could not give me a straight answer and just said they try to limit their feeding to get here quicker. Again, at this point it is 2am, I do not want to cause a fight because it is already done and he likely was not fed for potentially the 2.5 day road trip. The food packet he gave me from the breeder was completely full, unless the breeder gave him additional food for him to feed which i doubt. So my dog likely had starved for two days with no comfort toy or blanket driving across the country. I may be wrong, but the pet mover transporter was not able to give me a straight answer which I found eerie. The pet mover company was Chelsea's Chariot. Please avoid if possible. The gentlemen was nice and proper, but I question PuppySpot when they say they heavily screen who their pet transporters are. So now I have my puppy and everything is all fine and dandy right?! WRONG! Puppy spot guarantees excellent health, but my dog came to me with giardia, a condition where there is bacteria in his stool and transferable to humans. On my second day with my puppy, he is already on medications to treat it. And two months later, he still has giardia today. I have spent atleast $400 on vet expenses specifically for this condition and dealt with soft/watery stool since I received him. PuppySpot said they would refund me, but I haven't received any word on that yet. They might be waiting until his condition is resolved, but I won't hold my breath. And also, when you purchase a dog, the AKC registration is pre paid by puppy spot! I was not informed of this. Or if i was, it may have slipped my mind as it took me 4 weeks from date of purchase to receive my dog. They said they would refund me, but I havent heard anything yet. So in short, I paid an additional $300 of shipping which i was not aware of until it was time to pay, no communication with Puppyspot unless i made the effort, received my dog at 2am two days ahead of schedule which ended up with me having to cancel my family vacation which was planned for months and lose out on hotel costs and admission fees ($600), received my dog on the days where I said is least desirable (Had to take 3 days off of work, opportunity cost is ($1500) instead of receiving on Friday to bond with dog over weekend and spending at this point $400 on vet bills and counting related to health issues when it was guaranteed healthy and $40 for double paying AKC registration. I bought him at 12 weeks, received him at 16 weeks. I missed a large portion of his puppyhood that when I received the dog, he looked a bit different form his puppy pictures and now I have no photos of him as a pure fresh puppy. Despite all this headaches, i love my puppy to death as he continues to fight his giardia condition. He brings so much joy to my family and i have Puppy Spot to thank for that. However, the process to obtain this bundle of joy has been a terrible and horrible and STRESSFUL experience.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kimberly - We sincerely apologize for what sounds like a frustrating experience and one that we never want a puppy parent to have. We?re truly sorry to hear that there was confusion surrounding the travel cost and arrangement for your pup to begin with. You are absolutely right, we should have explained that information better and earlier. While our travel team works very hard to coordinate with your breeder to accommodate to your preferred arrival date for your pup, it can sometimes be tricky and we're sorry for the short notice and inconvenience it may have caused. Snub-nosed breeds like your puppy require special travel arrangements and we've implemented a new system to communicate this clearly to prospective puppy parents. Regarding your puppy's food, your breeder provided a small bag of your pup's current dog food to ensure a seamless transition for your pup's diet change in his new forever home. While the pet courier may have limited feeding of your pup while traveling, we are certain that your pup was well taken care of throughout his journey home to you. The health and wellbeing of our pups is always our top priority, so we were deeply concerned to learn your pup was diagnosed with Giardia, a common and treatable puppyhood condition. As living breathing beings, as unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick, which is why we have a dedicated health team to help address any concerns our puppy parents may have. We stand by our puppies and our health guarantee, and we'll be here to help is any way we can, including assisting you with your vet expenses as soon as we receive the appropriate documentation from your veterinarian.A member of our team has been trying to get in touch with you so we can learn more about your experience and see how your pup is doing, and most importantly see how we can help and do better in the future. We'd like to apologize again for what sounds like an incredibly stressful experience and despite that, we'll continue to be here for you and your pup every step of the way.

Rena J.
California | Breed: Chihuahua

Very pleasant to work with and always kept us up t...

Very pleasant to work with and always kept us up to date on what was happening

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Rena - Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot community!

Robin B.
Illinois | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Thank you puppy spot for bringing me together with...

Thank you puppy spot for bringing me together with my little baby boy . His name is Wookie. He is very healthy and playful and there is such a joy to be around . I will definitely recommend you to other people and I will definitely buy from you in the future. once again thank you very much !!! ??

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Robin - You are so welcome! Wookie is an incredibly cute and lucky boy and we hope you'll continue to share 'pupdates' as he grows!

Suzana N.
California | Breed: Saint Bernard

We had a great experience with the whole team That...

We had a great experience with the whole team That helped us. They were very helpful thru out the whole process. We definitely recommend to everyone that?s looking for a puppy!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Suzana - We're so happy you trusted us to help you find your perfect puppy! We're only just a phone call or email away, so let us know if we can be helpful in any way.

Izabela M.
California | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Love the experience especially when it comes to si...

Love the experience especially when it comes to simplicity of the entire process. Magnus is a heathy puppy and we absolutely love him! Thank you for everything. Izabela

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Izabela - Thanks for the incredibly adorable video of (a very sleepy) Magnus! We handle all of the details so you can focus on what really matters: your new puppy. We're here for you any time, so don't be a stranger if there's anything you need in your puppy parent journey.

Thomas R J.

Process was prompt and they did a good job followi...

Process was prompt and they did a good job following up.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Thomas - Thanks so much for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot community!

Mary R.
California | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We really have had a great experience with Puppys...

We really have had a great experience with Puppyspot, I highly recommend your service to anyonr contemplating a puppy purchase. Our dog is healthy happy and loving. Totally a joy for the entire family.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Mary - Thanks so much for your kind words! It was our pleasure to help you find your new furry family member and hope you'll continue to share 'pupdates' with us!

Martha B.
South Carolina | Breed: Pomeranian

I was lucky to have found Puppy Spot; such a great site for finding a pup.

Everyone was more than helpful,went the extra mile, and I would do it again.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Martha - It means more than you know that you trusted us to help you find your new furry family member! We're a community and will be here for you and your pup whenever you need us, so don't be a stranger if we can be helpful in any way.

Susan A.
Indiana | Breed: Shih Tzu

Need to vet breeders better.

Well, the service was ok however I am not sure how well they check out the breeders and the pups they produce. I have had the pup almost a month. All he will do is bite my feet, ankles and whatever part of my leg or hand that he can get to. He also thinks he must turn around and clean up his excrements. Then the scary part is he is showing times of biting growling anger. Growing fast I have to take off his harness to expand it. This brings out the viciousness. I have tried to introduce him to grooming by just running a comb over him. This is another time his growing temper is showing. I have had a Shih Tzu, two Pekinese, four Peke-a-poo and three Poodles. None has shown this kind of behavior and all I have groomed myself. I am worried about how this one is going to get groomed. He is showing to be quite intelligent. What is sad is that I can't pet him because all he wants to do is bite. He loves to meet other people but all he wants to do is bite. He has several toys, chewiness to chew on

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Susan - You did the absolute right thing letting us know of your concerns. It's a big change for a 12 week-old puppy to leave his littermates, mother and environment he's used to, and it can take some time for him to be fully comfortable and learn about the do's and don't's in his new forever home. At his age, he is also going through his teething period with possible pain and discomfort, which may explain the biting behavior. That said, we're confident that with time, ongoing training, and patience, he will learn and blossom in his new home. A member of our team was quick to get in touch with you to learn more about your concerns and happily shared some training tips. We look forward to more "pupdates" on your pup's training progress from you in the near future. You are not on your own, we'll continue to be here for you throughout your puppy parent journey.

Timothy D.
Georgia | Breed: Dachshund

Good service, but pricey!

My puppy concierge was very helpful and responsive and helped me find the dog I was looking for quickly. We are very happy with the puppy and are glad PuppySpot has done the legwork of checking out the breeder so we didn't have to. I will add though, that I wound up paying over twice what I had originally budgeted.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Timothy - Our goal is to be the best way to find a puppy and we do all the work for you (vetting and screening breeders, mandating health checks, coordinating travel and more) so you can focus on what really matters - the joy of your new furry family member! We're much more than a service or a website - we're a community and will continue to be here for you and your pup throughout your puppy parent journey!