Border Terrier Puppies For Sale

Border Terrier descended from northeast England, close to the Scottish border, during the 18th century. The Border’s personality makes us consider that this breed is a terrier since it is affectionate, good-tempered, and easy to train. This breed is highly intelligent and a quick learner. With early socialization and training, they behave fine with other animals. They are good with young kids, but they require supervision with children under the age of six because they might accidentally hurt them. Border Terrier has a high energy level; they require daily walks and playtime. If you have a backyard with a fence, make sure that the fence is high enough because they are experts in escaping. This breed gains weight easily, so make sure to measure the food you give to them. The size of the Border Terrier is about 10 inches, and the weight is between 13 and 15 pounds.
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