Brussels Griffon

Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Small
  • Trainability Determined
  • Overview

  • Curious, sensitive and alert, the Brussels Griffon is a teeny lap dog with a personality that will keep you laughing. The Brussels Griffon is a highly active breed that is full of self-importance. Born with the character of a much larger dog, these 12-pound little pups have no idea that they’re small.

    The Brussels Griffon’s temperament is comical in nature. They seem to think of themselves as royalty, and us mere humans as their loyal servants. They do well with families who can appreciate a good laugh, and who don’t mind showering their puppy in affection.

    Intelligent, curious and sensitive the Brussels Griffon loves to play and is often found running circles in the yard or sprinting through the house. They are incredibly in tune with human emotions and tend to grow very fond of one person in the family.

    Brussels Griffon come in four color varieties and are easy to groom and keep clean. They have a reputation for misbehaving and for challenging training process. But if you put in the time and dedication to train and care for a Brussels Griffon, you will have a silly and adorable companion for years to come.

  • Breed Characteristics

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Brussels Griffon

We had a great experience with Puppy Spot . The were very helpful and answered all are questions in a timely manor . We love our boy Winston. He is a happy healthy pup!

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