Clumber Spaniel Puppies For Sale

Clumber Spaniel’s origin has a romantic story. During the French Revolution in 1788, the French Duc de Noailles shipped his entire kennel of Spaniels to the Duke of Newcastle in England in order to save his dogs. The Clumber’s name comes from the Duke’s estate, Clumber Park in Nottingham. Clumbers are sweet, gentle, and love everyone around them. This breed is not a barker; most of the time, they tend to be quiet at home. They will alert you if they feel danger, but they are not good watchdogs. Clumbers and small children get along well like ice cream and cake. They love kids, especially those who play fetch with them. They also love to steal food from small kids, so proper training is required. Clumbers get along well with other animals too, especially if they were raised together. Clumber has a moderate energy level; daily walks are required. The size of the Clumber Spaniel is about 1 foot 5 inches to 1 foot 8 inches, and the weight is about 55 to 85 pounds.
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