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About English Setters

Setters are well-known as a type of hunting dog from England, originated from over 400 years ago. The modern English Setter was bred for the first time in the 19th century. This is a kind, affectionate, and gentle breed. They are sport dogs, but they are not so active to exhaust you. They only bark if strangers come to your door, but if you introduce your guests, they will welcome your acquaintances. English Setters are very playful, curious, and love to be held by people during their puppyhood. Proper training and socialization with other animals and people are very important for them at their young ages. English Setters usually get along well with people, but because of their hunting instinct, they tend to be independent-minded. Kind and persistent training is very important to them. You need to keep the training time interesting to avoid their stubbornness. English Setters love children and tend to protect them, that’s why adult supervision is important when kids are playing around. English Setters’ size is about 1 foot 11 inches to 2 feet 3 inches, and their weight varies between 45 and 80 pounds.

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