Fox Terrier - Wire Puppies For Sale

Just like the other Terrier breeds, the Wire Fox Terriers’ roots go back to hunting dogs from England. This breed is a true live-wire dog, he is always up for an adventure. They love to play, run, chase, hike, and explore. You have to be careful because the Wire Fox Terrier can become misbehaving and independent, and you can experience digging and barking from him. They are reserved with strangers. Wire Fox Terrier has a high energy level; although they will do lots of practice for themselves in the room, they still require daily exercise and playtime. This breed’s temperament is vivid, fearless, and outgoing. They usually make a great companion animal for families and get along well with kids. Wire Fox Terrier sizes about 15.5 inches and weighs between 15 and 19 pounds.

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