Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale

Great Swiss Mountain Dog is known as Switzerland’s oldest dog breed. There are several stories out there about his origins, but the most popular is the one he descended from the Mastiff-like dogs that were brought to the Swiss Alps. They are fun, loving, and gentle pooches that can alert their pet parents if they notice any danger. They are also confident and independent-minded, which characteristics make them stubborn from time to time. The Great Swiss Mountain Dog will bark loudly if there is something unusual happening around him. They make a great watchdog, but they are not aggressive at all. This breed has a high energy level, so make sure you can keep him physically and mentally trained. Early training and socialization are very important for them, just like most of the other dogs as well. Great Swiss Mountain Dog loves to get attention and company from kids if the kids were taught well how to play with respect. This breed’s size is between 1 foot 11 inches and 2 feet 4 inches, and it weighs 85 to 140 pounds.

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