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Beatriz G.
Texas | Breed: Goldendoodle

So in love❤️❤️

Got excellent service from first call to last delivery detail of our new baby. Second time costumer. Mi first baby is almost six years old and super healthy.. i am sure this second time will be as good. Thanks puppy spot !

Daniel L.
Texas | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever

Alan with PuppySot did a great job. We were a little nervous picking out our Lenny on line. Was he really the the same dog in the picture. How would he get along with our German Shepherd who lost her best friend (Bella our 7yr old Lab) a few months earlier. So we decided we would pick him up as he was already 27weeks old. So we headed to Missouri from Texas thirteen hour trip. We meet Lenny and the breeders husband the next day. And we fell in love with Lenny. River and Lenny got along and love each other. Thank you PuppySpot for a great experience

Anne G.
California | Breed: Bernedoodle

Mia aka Charming

The minute Michael and I saw the picture of Charming (renamed Mia) we knew she was the puppy for us. Every step of the way the PuppySpot reps were on it! They answered all of our questions and delivered our Mia as promised. She is the best!

Laurelyn M.

Puppy spot rocks!

My experience with PuppySpot was exemplary. I will recommend puppy spot to all of my friends and family.

Bong S.
California | Breed: Maltese

I am very happy for

I am very happy for the treatment and service I received on the purchase of my puppy. Everyone delivered as promised each and every step of the way!

Mel M.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Great Deal

You Were GREAT

Robert P.
California | Breed: Bichon Frise

Fantastic experience, exceeding all expectations.

The entire process took just a couple of weeks and was very well thought out and organized I was hesitant to use a service rather than do the research and leg work myself. Trusting a service to find the right dog for you and your family is very unsettling. Our dog Cooper arrive right on schedule and matched the breeder’s description and physical profile exactly. What wasn’t included and we found out after he arrived is that he was trained to go on puppy pads and crate trained. He has been sleeping through the night, every night since he arrived. He was obviously well cared for not only physically but socially. He has made a fantastic addition to our family and has exceeded all our expectations in every way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PuppySpot and will probably use them again soon.

Tammy F.
Colorado | Breed: Pomsky

It was a great experience

It was a great experience working with Puppy Spot everyone was so nice and helpful. I will definitely recommend Puppy Spot. Thank you all that made it such a wonderful experience. We love our furry girl.

Nancy H.
Arizona | Breed: Beagle

I'm so happy!

PuppySpot helped me get my two beautiful beagles. They were in touch with me every step of the way. Buster & Bailey are now 11 weeks old & are happy, HEALTHY members of our family.

Virna L.
Massachusetts | Breed: Goldendoodle

Love at first sight

What a great experience getting a puppy!!!! You all made it very easy. I knew what to expect every step of the way!!!! Highly recommended.

Susan P.
Massachusetts | Breed: Golden Retriever


Puppy spot was incredible. They were honest, kept me updated every step of the way. As far as health, plans, sent frequent pictures to keep the family happy to see their future furry friends grow. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Highly recommend puppy spot. Super reliable and honest. Everything they put in Roxy’s description was true. Couldn’t have had a better experience with PuppySpot

Luis A.
Pennsylvania | Breed: German Shepherd Dog


PuppySpot was very professional. They were there step by step till my puppy came home..

Nancy W.
Massachusetts | Breed: Chihuahua

Getting my dog Misty

Puppy Spot was great. they walked me through every thing. they made getting my new pup as easy as possible.

christine j.
Massachusetts | Breed: Beagle

Love our Pup!

My childrens father passed away in August 2019 and they have been so consumed with grief that they were forgetting how to be kids. After 6 months I opted to get a beagle puppy! Best thing ever! Piper is so happy and playful and full of snuggles!! The twins are starting to be kids again! Getting Piper here was a bit difficult as when it's too cold or snowing in the Southern states... They shut down the state. So her coming was delayed a week and then the day of her new flight, her plane had mechanical issues so she was delayed all day and instead of getting her at 345 pm. I had to find a sitter to watch my twins so I could go get her at midnight. She came with giardia which puppyspot is working with me on. Once she is cleared of it they said I can submit for reimbursement for the added expense. My vet and most others don't except vaccinations before 8 weeks so she had to get an additional distemper, which was unfortunate and another added expense. Overall Piper is our family, heck she was before she even got here! We love her to pieces and she's bringing joy back into our lives!

Elaine H.
Maryland | Breed: Coton de Tulear

Great experience, perfect puppy!

We have allergies in our family so the options for a dog selection were limited. I decided on a Cotton after years of having Maltese because they were known to be a bit more relaxed. The only problem is that they are not easily found . This brought me to Puppy Spot. I was hesitant but after seeing the video of my new puppy I had to have him. The people at puppy spot were very knowledgeable , friendly and responsive. I spoke with the breeder as well. I was anxious about his travel. But all was well. ( I think he slept the whole way). He is almost trained. He came understanding “outside “ and is comfortable in his crate at night! He is a joy.

Emmanuelle B.
Georgia | Breed: French Bulldog

Beware: It’s a Puppy Russian Roulette Game

If you’re reading this and you’re looking to purchase a puppy with them... be careful. You’re in a 50/50 chance that you’ll end up with a puppy with health concerns and PuppySpot won’t assist you properly once something goes wrong. As someone who’s had multiple pets and dogs (from puppies to old age), this is by far the worst experience I’ve had in purchasing a puppy and having a puppy. I went with PuppySpot for I believed I was receiving a puppy in “great conditions” like the advertised. I was hoping for a puppy who they can guarantee has undergone extensive health check-ups and would be in great condition and I got the complete opposite. When I I first received Ford, I found it odd that Ford was comfortable peeing AND pooping in his crate at night. On top of doing so, he was comfortable sleeping in it and not screaming. My other dog Cosmo has to yell due to the smell in order for us to find out Ford was just comfortable doing his business in his crate at night despite him being taken out before he slept. We even changed the feeding schedule and left a 5 hour gap between his sleeping timeframe and his eating timeframe and that never seemed to change anything. On top of that, Ford has extremely watery diarrhea and vomiting. When we contacted the breeder, she expressed it was an issue of “He’s in a new environment” and after two days, stopped being responsive. We went to the vet to get him checked out and they saw Ford had health issues which were unexplainable and even our vet was concerned that Ford’s documents from his primary vet were forged due to the health concerns we’ve been experiencing. Once I saw this, I contacted PuppySpot and they were no help at all. To them, they assumed it was a behavioral problem as to why Ford cannot use the bathroom outside and why he was so many issues. Believing them, we contacted the AKC to get more information about behavioral centers registered with them to ensure Ford was not experiencing a behavioral problem and indeed he had an health issue. After 2-3 months of multiple deworming, parasites and Ford, a French Bulldog over 12 weeks old constantly loosing weight, multiple vet visits to find a possible diagnostic, we finally found out Ford had clostridium due to breeder negligence and it messed up his entire digestive track. The behavioral center even examined Ford and found behavioral issues from a puppy who was not properly taken care of. The breeder now is unresponsive, I had to file a complaint with the Attorney’s General and the Department of Agriculture over this. I’ve been stuck with a puppy in a period of just 4 months who has all the health concerns and PuppySpot is barely coming to assistance. Not only is Ford’s medical issue a huge risk to the other pets in the home but it is also a risk to the humans in the home. Ford’s sickness has placed a huge amount of stress financially and mentally to our household. I will be calling the BBB over this matter for this is ridiculous. At this point I want compensation in full for the vet bills I had to pay for Ford but I no longer want Ford especially with the behavioral problems and the health problems I was left to deal with. Everyday it’s a new issue. Because of PuppySpot’s negligence, I will be seeking legal consult.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Emmanuelle - We are deeply saddened to learn that you have such a negative impression of PuppySpot. We assure you that all PuppySpot employees are passionate dog-committed dog-lovers, who's best interests are in the well being of our puppies and the placement of healthy puppies into happy, loving homes. We work hard to offer a trusted, transparent way of finding a furry family member and we never want our puppy parents to feel otherwise. Unfortunately, as living breathing beings, puppies sometimes get sick. This is why we have a dedicated health team in place to assist with any customer concerns, and an industry-leading Health Guarantee to assist with the medical attention your puppy may need. That said, as soon as we learned that your pup wasn't feeling well, our team quickly requested all associated reports and invoices from your vet associated with Ford's treatment. Since receiving your feedback our team has been working closely with you, as you have mentioned wanting to rehome your puppy. Despite your negative view of PuppySpot, we remain committed to being here for you and Ford, until he is feeling better and we are assured Ford is in a safe and loving environment.

Dolores K.
Delaware | Breed: Cockapoo

My new puppy

Came almost as scheduled you can’t always trust the weather and flight schedules. But healthy and happy. It was love at first sight. Oreo is a much loved member of our family.

Tina F.
New York | Breed: Boxer

My Boxer Puppy Daisy “ sweetie “

What a great pup with a beautiful personality I am glad we found our boxer puppy through puppy spot she is a perfect match for our crew of dogs .❤️❤️❤️

Roya A.
Washington | Breed: Goldendoodle

Stay away from here

They lie, we paid almost 3k for a dog who is not potty trained , doesn’t know commands and attacks kids. All this was promised by PuppySpot . We now have to try to pay for a behavior specialist, paid to get him neutered. 3 vets and the owner of doggy daycare say he hasn’t been socialized and PuppySpot could careless cuz they got their money

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Roya - We want to assure you that no one in our team has ever lied to you, our team, works hard to provide a positive experience for our community. Your puppy's breeder has not only been screened and found to meet our high standards but has been in our community for several years with no similar issues with any of their puppies. It's a big change for a puppy to leave his breeder and environment that he's used to, and it can take some time for him to be fully comfortable in his new home and adopt new habits. We're confident that with ongoing training and patience, he will blossom in her new surroundings. As we mentioned in our conversation with you shortly after receiving your review, our team is here for you any time you need us, whether it's training tips or any further assistance that you may ever need. Our relationship has only just begun, so please never hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can ever do for you both.

Ron G.
Oregon | Breed: Labrador Retriever


From the start my partner and I were impressed. We were hunting geese and decided we don't have many years left in our bodies. Got on line in a walk in pit blind and started visiting sites. Puppy spot came up and we saw that it had a great rating so we started looking at puppies and found our hunting partner. From the beginning to the end we were kept informed and reminders of what to do next. We cannot tell you at Puppy Spot how grateful we are to find a great Lab to be our partner for the next several years. Thank You!