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Mary L.
Virginia | Breed: Yorkiepoo

Lillian Now Sukie

There's not enough words I can say. How much help each and every one at Puppy Spot had help me with finding my little girl ❤️ Sukie she has brought so much joy in my life. Thank all of you at Puppy Spot for bringing me and Sukie together.

Jill F.
New Jersey | Breed: Goldendoodle

Finding Luca (Alias Cliff)

We love our goldendoodle- he has brought joy and smiles into our house during this difficult time. We will love him forever!

Dennis L.
Colorado | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Lab Yogi Bear Lacerte comes to Colorado

Oh what a great little pooch!! Yogi Bear is every much the puppy!! He is running all over and likes to nip at everyone's ankles!! The Puppy Spot team was great start to finish and beyond!! Thanks you so very much Puppy Spot. And Yogi says thank you so very much - got to go - Yogi just "found" my shoes!!!! Dennis & Jeffrey Lacerte aka Yogi's grandpa and Jeffrey is Yogi's Dogie Dad

Daniel P.
Colorado | Breed: Golden Retriever

Very Happy New Puppy Owners

I really felt safe that we were getting a good/healthy puppy. I appreciate the diligence provided by PuppySpot to vet their breeders. When we went to our initial vet visit the Dr took one look and said we had a good/healthy dog and the subsequent check-up supported his initial claim.

Leslie B.
Georgia | Breed: Goldendoodle


I recently purchased my best friend through PuppySpot. Henley arrived at my door and we have been best buddies since. My experience with PuppySpot was perfect! The customer service was flawless! Would definitely recommend PuppySpot to anyone searching for the perfect forever fur baby.

Andrea R.
Illinois | Breed: Bulldog

Puppy spot is amazing. From

Puppy spot is amazing. From beginning to end. Everyone I worked with was so helpful and professional. I highly recommend this process. I will definitely use them again.

Shannon S.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Siberian Husky

Thanks for you help

Considering the few mishaps due to the circumstances with the COVID19, I’m happy with my overall experience. From the Breeder Ken to the staff at PuppySpot my family and I are greatly appreciative of all your help with placing Creed into our family. We are in love with our new furry family member already. I’ve already spread the word to friends and family members of the superior service I’ve received.

Laura F.
Tennessee | Breed: Dachshund

Really Helpful

I had Andrew Shoop as my puppy manager and let me tell you he is the best! He always answered any of my questions and helped me understand how and why things had to happen in a certain order. He always had options available and helped us acquire two puppies during this Covid-19 pandemic. I couldn’t have gotten better help any where else.

Megan F.
Illinois | Breed: French Bulldog

Overall Nice Process; Brad G. made it amazing!

I have had my French bulldog puppy for over two weeks now and am so in love with him. I appreciated the fact that Brad G. helped make the delivery speedy and seamless, in spite of coronavirus concerns that I wouldn't get him on time.

Sarah H.
New York | Breed: Poodle

Incredibly helpful and kind

Everyone who helped connect us with our puppy was great. They were in constant communication with us throughout the process of getting our puppy. They went out of their way to safely to connect us with our puppy during a national emergency and were obviously concerned with their welfare and that of the breeder and family. We are overjoyed with our new family member!

Wanda D.
Maine | Breed: Cocker Spaniel


Have had nothing but a POSITIVE experience throughout the entire adoption process of Kiki from beginning to end. She is an absolute delight and we just LOVE her. Thank you for all your help in us finding her and bringing her to her "forever home." All encounters with PuppySpot have been smooth and conducted professionally resulting in this connection between us and our "little girl".

John S.
Florida | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

We Love Our Puppy

Our Yorkie, Jasper, was sent to us with great care during a trying time for both PuppySpot and the breeder - in the midst of the Covid -19 pandemic with many flights canceled or delayed. He arrived safe and sound exactly as pictured and in perfect, certified health. The breeder assured us that PuppySpot was a site she exclusively dealt with and that they had rigorous standards including site inspections. We love Jasper. A perfect puppy who was obviously loved and well-cared for in his early weeks with the breeder. Never dreamed of buying a puppy online but so glad for our experience. Communication and execution from PuppySpot was extraordinary throughout. We thank you for everything.

George G.
Illinois | Breed: Rottweiler


I'm a little disappointed with you we picked up Desiree on March 7th got home Wednesday the 8th. We told our puppy rep that our veterinarian was only taking emergency appointments and were told that was ok get her in asap and they would note our records and we can send in her wellness certificate then. But on the 9th we get a nasty email that we need to send her certificate now it's been 2 days since we picked her up. Don't you people communicate with each other. We ended up taking her to another veterinarian emailed certificate and have not heard anything from you till now asking to rate you . We are very happy with Desiree she is a great puppy. Thank you for following up letting us know you received my email.

Jim B.
Massachusetts | Breed: Golden Retriever

Puppyspot Review

I had a great experience with Puppyspot. The process was easy and the puppy was delivered timely and in good health. She is adapting very well and is a great addition to the family.

Erin G.
Illinois | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Poor screening process and overpriced

The puppy managers did a poor job in the screening process. I received very little information on the puppy's situation and how I would need to "retrain" the dog once I picked her up. Though I was and still am committed to work with the dog, and the dog has since adapted well, I was not given proper information in that the dog was on a farm for six months, so therefore had no leash/walking training, was very skiddish and regressed on potty training. The dog ended up suffering the most b/c she was very stressed the first week, being in a "city" atmosphere as opposed to a farm. It was a huge adjustment for her. We have since worked diligently with her and she has adjusted, but again, poor screening on your part. Also, I paid $2750 for the dog, in total, which is too high. When pricing other breeders, they were half that price. I will not recommend your service nor will I use it again, as the screening process was poor and you are way overpriced. Also, the

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Erin - We're disappointed to learn you have negative feelings regarding your experience with our team. We understand the anticipation and excitement involved in meeting your new furry family member. All puppies, like humans, have different personalities and as exciting as it also is for your new pup, don't forget that it's a big change for a 5-month-old puppy to leave her breeder and environment that she's used to, and it can take some time for him to be fully comfortable in her new home and adopt new habits. As mentioned in our recent communications with you, we're confident that with ongoing training and patience, she will blossom in her new surroundings. You are not alone on your puppy parent journey. Our team is here for you anytime you need us!

Ryan P.
New York | Breed: Shihpoo

Great Experience

Easy from start to finish. We love our new puppy!!

Adriana S.
New York | Breed: Maltese

Highly recommend

I highly recommend the Puppy Spot as a reputable source for your pup. The staff was incredibly devoted to giving us the pet we chose even during these difficult times of Covid-19 seclusion. Once the major airlines stopped flying live cargo, they did everything they could to bring our pet home, and ended up flying her in a small chartered plane. We touched base everyday, and I ended up memorizing the manager’s names because they were all so personable and warm. Our pet arrived healthy and safe, and we are so grateful to have her. She is an amazing dog, and we can’t wait to see her grow up with our children!

Penelope S.
Delaware | Breed: Golden Retriever

Eddie K.
Michigan | Breed: Goldendoodle


In the end everything was fine but had some miscommunication from some people within your company, but all said in done by delivery it was all worked out

Deborah R.
North Carolina | Breed: Australian Shepherd

horrible comunication with PuppySpot

Communication between myself and PuppySpot was unsatisfactory. Puppy was delivered with pancreatitis (confirmed by my vet) and they would not communicate with me after diagnosis. Said information was given to their vet for review and have heard nothing. Vet bills exceeded $1000 which PuppySpot should have paid for.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Deborah - We are deeply concerned to receive your feedback. As living breathing beings, as unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick, which is why we have a dedicated health team to provide ongoing support for our puppy parents. Since learning that your pup wasn't feeling well, our health team has been working closely with you to assess all of your documentation, and as per your request, have our licensed vet speak with yours. We hope that your little one feels better soon, and we’ll continue to be here for you both every step of the way!