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Patricia (P.A.) K.
Georgia | Breed: Shorkie


What I was told about items, times to respond and was very disappointed once the money was sent. Communications were typically nil or not accurate. The system e-mails about what PS wants still come after facts. My puppy is wonderful.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Patricia - We do our best to make sure our puppy parents are as prepared as possible to welcome home their new best friends and we're disappointed to learn that may not have been the case at any point of your experience. It's helpful to receive your feedback so we can continue to provide the best for our puppy parents, puppies and breeders. You joined a community when we matched you with your pup and we're committed to being here for you both every step of the way!

Lindsey C.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Great Dane

Blue Great Dane Molly

I am so grateful for PuppySpot!! They made the process of getting my puppy so easy!! Molly made it home safely and the first few days have been amazing. I would recommend PuppySpot to anyone who is interested in taking home a new pup!!!

Gunvor G.
Washington | Breed: Poodle

Puppy Spot

Nice to work with Puppy Spot and very happy to find my new friend from you.

Katy W.
California | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

My Experience With PuppySpot

I had an absolute phenomenal experience with PuppySpot! They were on top of things every step of the way! They provided everything I needed to receive my puppy and she arrived happy and healthy❣️ She has exceeded our expectations and has already brought our family so much love and happiness❣️ Thank you PuppySpot ❣️

Nataliya M.
California | Breed: Morkie


Fast strictly.,professional.the bedt fog ever.

Nina A.
New Jersey | Breed: Havanese

NOT a generic puppy mill!!! These people care!

Puppy Spot had the breed we wanted and he was a healthy, happy, beautiful pup, who got a clean bill of health from our Vet! They followed up religiously prior to his being shipped and following his arrival. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Heather J.
Wisconsin | Breed: Bernedoodle

Very convenient and organized service

Although there is quite a mark up on the pups through this service... we couldn’t be happier with Puppy Spot! Our pup is happy and healthy!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Heather - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend! We are thrilled to hear that your puppy is happy and healthy, our main priority. While there are certainly less expensive ways to find a furry family member, we work hard to be the best option. What we do involves a lot more than just coordinating travel arrangements and providing our industry-leading health guarantee. We also screen and qualify our breeders and handle all of the research for you, so you can focus on what really matters – preparing your home for your new best friend. We'll continue to be here throughout your puppy parent journey, so don't be a stranger if we can be helpful in any way!

Stephen B.
Florida | Breed: Bulldog



Michael F.
Arizona | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Want a World Class Dog?—Call a World Class Breeder!!

I had been looking for a Yellow Labrador Retriever for months to no avail. Then crazing the Net—I stumbled into Puppy Spot and I am elated that I did. They have a wide array of fabulous dogs from Beagles to rare Labs. It,s not enough to just fall in love with a photo—so I dug deeper into Puppy Spot including several calls, and I learned that there is a great Puppy Guarantee with purchase, AKC Registration, Ouppy Health Insurance and lots of free advice. We had a Chocolate Lab Years ago and she was wonderful! She hung out my Home Building projects with me—-and traveled with me to Uncle Bennies 10,000 acre Ranch to help with the Cattle Roundup.. Winnie ran and ran all day in the first day of the cattle drive. When back at the old line shack—only sleep awaited us.,Winnie had a living caring family attitude—allowing our 2 young children to bounce up and down on her for hours on the floor. Most dogs would have snapped Winnie was gentle with the kids. She was an adventurer also. One day in Santa Cruz, CA—She heard a ruckus outside our door- and it was a long line of Wharf yo Wharf Marathon runners passing by. The runners all cheered Winnie on as they raced by. As they all passed by below the cliff our family home was perched on—-there was that intrepid chocolate lab running the 7 mile charity marathon!! She finished the race in the front pack—a respectable time and spent the night in the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter— none the less for wear. Great dogs enrich your life. Bring families together. Save lives. Act as guard dogs barking at dangerous intruders. To enjoy all the blessings a World Class Dog can share with your family—why take a chance? Call Puppy Spot and find out how you can be a happy dog owner with the full confidence that your purchase will be a rewarding one. Your not just buying a ‘thing’ you’re adding a precious new member to your family!! Call Puppy Spot and get the low down on a lifetime of happy memories with your family. Mike Fj. A happy new Labrador Owner.

Deborah K.
West Virginia | Breed: Shorkie

Our Precious Shorkie

We wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for PuppySpot and its personnel. From the first phone call with Brad Goldsberry, the concierge, to the final phone call with the Puppy Manager, Erin Veloz, the experience was positive and the end result was wonderful. We got our perfect little Shorkie, Reba Yvonne, who provides all the cuddling and intelligence we could ever imagine. Brad was personable and so patient as we talked through the process for choosing and obtaining our puppy. When it came time to make arrangements for meeting up with the breeder, Erin Veloz answered all of our questions by remaining on the line until all of our traveling concerns were addressed, even encouraging us to take in the beach when we traveled. Her reassuring manner and pleasant personality were exactly what we needed for the final leg of our puppy journey. Our questions were answered along the way promptly and efficiently from customer service. The breeder was kind and nurturing, and obviously knowledgeable. We would encourage anyone looking for a puppy to contact PuppySpot. Without all of their help, we would not have found our delightful and amazing furry baby.

Shirley N.
Oregon | Breed: Goldendoodle

Great service

PuppySpot was wonderful to work with—responded immediately and Jon helped us find the perfect pup. Maria C was in contact with us throughout the entire adoption process and always available to answer any questions. She gave us all the information we needed to know, including food to feed her once she came home and everything we needed immediately upon arrival. Kimberly kept us informed on our Pup’s health and ability to travel. Needless to say, we are thrilled with our new family addition. They followed up once our pup arrived and again, available for any questions . We highly recommend using PuppySpot!

Taylor B.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

VIP Experience!

Will Bravo was our puppy manager, and he couldn’t have provided a better experience for us. He was always responsive, kept us updated, and went above and beyond to get photos of our puppy. We put in a recommendation for him to be the puppy manager for my sister, and they were also so thankful to have him. We love our puppy, and recommend puppyspot to everyone!

Lori R.
Maryland | Breed: Boxer

Great Experience with Puppy Spot!!

I was very impressed with the overall experience. My Boxer puppy arrived on time and in great health. My Puppy Manager answered all my questions within a short time after I posted them on the app and the company that transported him was very responsive and kept me updated on their arrival time. Thank you for everything! It was amazing.

Kathleen L.


What amazing experience!! We are from Canada and hence we did extra research about the company and the process. It is all true. Quick and constant communication was always appreciated. Jennifer, our chaperone, was so fabulous. She was in constant communication with us until she gave us our Nova at the airport. We are very thankful for the breeder too who talked to us before Nova came home. Thank you for raising her so well. She is amazing and so good with the kids. Just like you told us. We could not be happier. Merci!!

Edward C.

very nice

very nice

James B.
New Hampshire | Breed: Goldendoodle

Excellent Service

Our experience with PuppySpot was top notch! From our initial phone call to the follow up after our puppy was received was a painless experience. After contacting breeders in our area without any return response, Puppyspot was responsive returned phone calls and held our hand throughout the whole process. Our puppy is healthy, happy and such a pleasurable addition to you family!

Brittany J.
Virginia | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier


The experience with you all was great. My answers was answered quickly, the people were friendly and the customer services was great.

Abril C.
Arizona | Breed: Bulldog

Jessica R.
Iowa | Breed: Belgian Malinois

PuppySpot was amazing the whole

PuppySpot was amazing the whole journey and countinues to be they are there for you and your new baby. They are answering questions anytime you have one. Amazing communication and updates came quickly. Our baby came well taken care of healthy very sweet. They have a lot of helpful tips and articles to read. They really care about the puppy’s and check out the breeders to make sure they are HUMANE and kind which was a big deal for us!

Jerilynn M.
Arizona | Breed: Havanese

Buyer Beware

We will never use Puppy Spot again to purchase a dog. They are a 3rd party middle-man and you can’t even talk to the breeder without them setting it up, listening on the line, and having you promise that you will not exchange contact information. We were assigned a “Puppy Manager” who was very unresponsive. We had a unique situation where we had to wait a month to receive our puppy due to a death in the family. We had sent questions to our manager to ask the breeder and asked for updated pictures many times. He was unresponsive. After chasing him down to set up a time to talk to the breeder, we were supposed to receive pics promised during our conversation with the breeder. She was to email them to our Puppy Manager. After several emails and messages to him regarding the pics, he finally responded with, “They got lost in my in-box.” When it was 2 days before receiving our pup, I had to reach out for details to which he did not respond. Somebody else ended up helping and states that our Puppy Manager has tried to call 2 days prior. We had no calls or voicemails. When I complained to a supervisor, basically her response was, “Well you got what you wanted, right? The flight information?” She said she would “check into the story” and get back to me. I never heard a word. If you are okay dealing with incompetent millennials as middle-men, then Puppy Spot is for you. I’d suggest going directly through a breeder, which is what I’ll do next time.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Jerilynn - We are disappointed to learn you have such a negative view about your experience with PuppySpot, as that is never how we want any member of our community to feel after welcoming home a new furry family member. While we don't believe it is productive to publicly address every point in your feedback, we are shocked to learn that you feel your puppy manager was unresponsive. Our team works hard to thoroughly and consistently communicate with our community, and we commit to returning any missed calls within 24 hours of receipt, and as our records show, we did just that with you. In an effort to better understand how we may have failed to meet your expectations, a member of our dedicated team has been trying to reach you, but unfortunately, has been unsuccessful. Your feedback is very important to us and we look forward to speaking with you soon.