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Andre P.
California | Breed: Shiba Inu

Thank you!

Thank you!

William T.
Florida | Breed: Goldendoodle

Missy ( now Sophie)

Overall very pleased with the Puppy Spot experience. Each puppy manager was very helpful and kept us up to date in the process. The follow up “free” AKC registration process was a little disappointing as it led to over $700.00 cost for items that may have retailed for $150-$200. We were under the impression that it was a service cost to cover the “free” registration. Fast talking sale approach. Did not need this and it diminished the overall experience. Yes we wanted AKC registration however do not use this as a means of tacking on the dollars.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

William - We rely on helpful feedback like yours to continue to provide our community with a positive experience welcoming home a furry family member, so thanks for taking the time to share your experience. We do our best to explain our complimentary AKC registration and Canine Partners listing, along with a package of other helpful, but optional items offered to PuppySpot pup parents and we're sorry for the confusion it caused. You’ve joined a community, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything that you ever need throughout your puppy parent journey!

Melissa D.
Florida | Breed: Golden Retriever

Amazing staff

Everyone was amazing. They keep us informed and when we had questions they answered right away. They flew our pup rdown to us and delivered her to our door. The driver even said he had precious furr baby looking for us..... lol to cute

Joseph Q.


We are having a blast with LOGAN

Emilia V.
Massachusetts | Breed: Havanese

Puppy Spot Review. My Puppy Layla

I received a sick Puppy from PuppySpot. All the time I was concerned about her weight you claimed there was nothing wrong with her. You failed to disclose important information at the time of the purchase, you did not tell me she was the runt of the litter. I took my Puppy Layla to the Vet as soon as she arrived. My Vet examined her and diagnosed a severe heart murmur, bilateral otitis and stomach parasites. I paid an exorbitant price for my pup. I couldn't be more disappointed with Puppy Spot, shame on you.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Emilia - We were shocked and truly concerned to learn your puppy wasn't feeling well shortly after arriving home to you, as her mandated pre-travel nose-to-tail health examination administered by a licensed veterinarian did not indicate she was anything than 100% healthy at the time. That said, you were right to let us know as soon as you thought there may be a problem, as that's exactly what we're here for. We always honor our health guarantee and since learning of your pup's concerns our health team has been working closely with you since. As you've experienced, our relationship began when your puppy arrived home, and we will continue to be here now and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Ayanna A.
New York | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Will recommend

I had a good experience with Puppy Spot overall. The only thing I would comment on is the lack of communication. I was left to the wind in the arrival or status of the pup. It would’ve just been great to be spoken to about the process.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Ayanna - Thank you so much for taking the time to share your candid feedback, and most importantly, for trusting us to fetch your new best friend! We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to continue to provide a positive experience for our community and our team has taken your feedback to heart and will use it to improve in the future.

Tina Q.
Massachusetts | Breed: Schnoodle

Great experience

We had a great experience with PuppySpot. Our beautiful puppy was delivered on time and in good health. Her breeder actually delivered her to our door.

Kristin P.
Connecticut | Breed: Cavapoo

Awesome Seevice

I was caustic is about getting our new puppy without meeting her first, but Puppy Spot eases my mind through the whole process. Someone was always available to answer a question and we ended up receiving our pup 10 days earlier than estimated. She is amazing and we highly recommend Puppy Spot.com

Kurt W.
Delaware | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Great experience

Great experience

Sasha O.
Maryland | Breed: Pomsky

Rough Start; Happy Ending

To say navigating through the PuppySpot process was challenging is an understatement. After purchasing my pup, getting useful information was like pulling teeth. After my 2 week wait for a transportation confirmation, I was advised the tentative date was pushed at least another 2 weeks. I took the initiative to drive across 5 states to pick up the pup from the breeder instead, and even had additional challenges along my drive. Everything worked itself out in the end and I am so in love with my new family member but the journey getting here was very stressful. PuppySpot has great breeders with healthy puppies, but exhibited consistently poor coordination and communication. The only reason I'm giving a neutral rating is because having my puppy now outweighs all of the drama.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Sasha - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend and we are so happy that your new puppy is bringing such joy to your home. We apologize for all of the confusion surrounding your pup's travel. Our team works hard to ensure each and every puppy travels home as quickly and safely as possible, unfortunately, due to all of the travel restrictions, there were some delays, which prompted the change. Again, we are so happy your puppy is now exactly where he needs to be, in his new forever home! You've joined a family when we introduced you to your new furry family, and we intend to be here for you both, every step of the way!

Kristine P.
Virginia | Breed: Goldendoodle

Thank you Puppy Spot!

We love our baby Ginger! And everything went very smoothly thanks to Puppy Spot!

Margret J.
California | Breed: Labradoodle

Corona times

Transport wasn’t easy due to no flights. But PuppySpot made sure to correct the problems and called us. We love our new puppy.

Kim N.
Illinois | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Not an accurate description

Puppy Spot, was calling non stop when they knew we wanted to buy a dog. Then they told us the dog was coming from a house with kids, since we said that was important, and the breeder said the puppy was not around kids. Then they kept messaging us saying our dog was ready to be picked up after we already had picked her up two days ago.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kim - We're very sorry for making what should be an easy experience full of joy, and excitement one of stress and confusion. We could have and should have done a better job communicating with you. A member of our team will be in touch with you soon to learn more and see how we can do better in the future. Despite your frustrations so far, we want you to know we're here for you throughout your puppy parent journey and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Rosemary D.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Love the puppies

Bought 2 pups and then covid hit so travel was an issue but my pups are here and they are great. Special shout out to Ian for being a great concierge and my Australian Shepard's. Breeder was fantastic! Wrote a sweet note and sent the pup already crate and puppy pad trained. Highly recommend this breed and breeder!

Alicia T.
Florida | Breed: Goldendoodle


Hello, I don’t do the social media thing so I posted my review here. Also, I don’t normally post reviews for anything but this needs to be known. When our 12 year old Ridgeback passed away, I told the family we would do without a pup for a while as the passing was a bit much for us to handle at the time. My four year and eight old kids on the other hand had other plans. Every time we passed a wishing fountain my four year old would ask for loose change to make a wish... that wish, a baby goldendoodle. My eight year old would sporadically spark up conversations about hypothetical puppy names. This continued for a while and then the quarantine hit. My wife then joined “team goldendoodle” and it was a full on assault on the “no new puppy decree”. I’m a first responder, and lately my kids and wife were having a hard time with me having to go to work everyday. They needed some relief and something to help calm the anxiety of these new times. Also, deep down inside, I needed a little buddy! The wife and I found PuppySpot and came across the cutest goldendoodle named Sammi, now known as BARLEY. We fell in love with his pictures and saw it as a sign, as our late Ridgeback was also named Sammy. My line of work doesn’t really allow me to believe in “cosmic powers”, but my wife can be super compelling when she pulls out all the stops! We called and spoke to a puppy agent and he calmly walked us through the process and did all he could do to ease our worries about buying a puppy pretty much sight unseen. Not going to lie, at first we told our friends and family that we hooked up with an out of state breeder. We were a bit embarrassed of using an online service, like a couple who met on match.com would tell folks they met at a bar to help avoid the stigma of the whole online thing. NOW we tell everyone we meet about PuppySpot. Ain’t no shame, these guys and gals were great. Despite the chaos and challenges of the quarantine, PuppySpot really came through and moved mountains to get Barley to his new forever home! I’m gonna tell you it was a nervous two weeks of hoping and praying, but PuppySpot kept up their end of the bargain and communicated with us numerous times. The breeder was in Oklahoma and we are in Miami, FL. The breeder also went above and beyond and made sure Barley was safe and secure. When we heard what she did to make sure Barley made on the plane we were absolutely blown away! That’s right, she called us directly and checked on Barley’s well being and gave us some great background info on our newest family member. Shortly before that, PuppySpot called to check in as well and verified everything went smoothly. The wife and saw some of the mixed reviews and a few complaints on pricing and communication against PuppySpot . I’m telling you this whole experience was well worth it at any price! The communication was spot on and our new baby is the most well behaved puppy We’ve ever had the pleasure of raising. PuppySpot even extended the post vet checkup to help with the transition during these unprecedented times! I’m telling you, if your on the fence... get in the game these guys and gals have it together and moved mountains over mountains to get our little guy across the county and into our home! We couldn’t be happier THANK YOU SO MUCH. Take care, stay safe and healthy! Y’all can post this wherever you need to in order to reach the greatest number of people.

Todd M.
Texas | Breed: Siberian Husky

Great Experience !

This is our second puppy (Siberian Huskies) from Puppy Spot, both experiences have been fantastic. This time we actually drove to meet the breeder (because of Covid 19), she was very professional, helpful, and accommodating. I would highly recommend Puppy Spot ..!

Trish E.
Georgia | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Puppy Selection

Great connection on the front end, and our puppy was accurately described and would recommend the breeder, but after you pay there is a significant void. You will revert from a live person to an online connection with a 2-3 day information lag.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Trish - We're sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience and one that is the exact opposite of what we strive to provide. We never want any member of our community to have difficulty getting in touch with our team, and we're disappointed to learn that was the case for you at any point in your experience. That said, we are thrilled that you are happy with your adorable puppy, and will continue to be here for you both, every step of the way!

Carol M.
Wisconsin | Breed: Goldendoodle

Happy puppy...happy me..

With a number of delays...due to the pandemic while no one else's fault...I have received my Goldendoodle...she's pure joy...and cute...and smart...I have nothing but thanks for all involved...Sincerely, Carol Mietzel

Aaron R.
New York | Breed: Goldendoodle

Awful experience from beginning to end

Puppspot initially dumped my dog at my door with none of the ancillaries promised like her puppy food and vaccination records. My vet recorded Maddie as underweight. She was completely traumatized. Eventually, after less than a week of struggling with Maddie, I decided that the humane option was to re-home her with a family experienced in dealing with traumatized dogs. My subsequent complaints have been met with a wall of silence. Just an awful, debilitating and depressing experience. Aaron Raffel

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Aaron - We were concerned and surprised to receive your feedback. Our team has been in communication with you to address your concerns, prior to you leaving a review so it's disheartening to hear that you feel that you have been met with a wall of silence. As soon as you made us aware of your concerns our team immediately took action to learn more and see how we could help. We understand that your puppy had been experiencing some behavioral challenges, and as expressed by our team we believe with ongoing training and a bit of patience, we're confident your puppy would've thrived in her new home in no time. We offered to assist with some training ideas and tips, and also tried to get a better understanding of your pup's weight concerns. Unfortunately, you decided to rehome your pup and have not returned our phone calls or emails. We hope to speak with you soon.

Mary W.
Illinois | Breed: Maltipoo

Good company

I got multi poo From them two weeks ago and I would recommend puppy spot to people I know.They were very professional and I only have a good things to say!!!