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Nelly C.
Texas | Breed: Chihuahua

Excellent service

Throughout my entire experience with Puppyspot was excellent. Everyone was always available to provide information and answer questions. All were very nice and welcoming. My experience was a very positive one. Thank you for your quality service.

Daniyal S.
New York | Breed: Saint Bernard

9 week old Saint Bernard

Arrived perfectly. Calm and comfortable in his carrier. Great in the car and took to his crate immediately. Already fantastic progress with housetraining and comfort level in new surroundings. And of course he is gorgeous with a wonderful temperament!

Patricia C.
Tennessee | Breed: Chihuahua

Willow maybelle ,My sweet new puppy

What a great program, you feel secure that you are going to get a healthy puppy, and ongoing care though Puppyspot, will absolutely use puppyspot again. Thank you for all that you have done in bringing owe new puppy to her forever happy home.

Carroll B.
Nevada | Breed: Poodle

Waynesha and william

Waynesha was horrible. Never returned calls had no information. William was wonderful!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Carroll - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend, Rita! Although we're happy to hear that you had a great experience with our dedicated team member, Will, we're still very sorry to hear that we failed to meet your needs early on. We never want a puppy parent to feel as if they are unable to reach us and we should've done better. We take your feedback very seriously which is why a member of our team was quick to reach out to you and learn more. From our recent communication with you, we are thrilled to hear that your pup is doing great and is thriving in her new forever home. Our relationship just began, we will continue to be here for you whenever you need us throughout your puppy parent journey!

Frederick G.
Massachusetts | Breed: Goldendoodle

New household member

Great puppy, great customer service All questions and concerns quickly answered

Rachel H.
Texas | Breed: Shiba Inu

All around good experience

All around good experience

Mary M.
Virginia | Breed: Shiba Inu

Feedback, more feedback

looking back at the process, I will give a 5 star rating but please going forward know your audience. Someone who has never completed this process with you before needs to understand the actual process. If communication typically doesn't happen till very close to actual travel time for puppies, please share that upfront. My excitement turned anxiety quickly when there was no communication, but then the flood gates opened. Please share a timeline with customer's so they can better trust your process. Regarding our puppies, we are over the moon! I will absolutely share puppyspot with friends looking for future puppies, i just ask that you over communicate with new clients. Thank you!!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Mary - Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to continue to provide our community with the joyful, trusted experience they deserve. We work hard to make sure our puppy parents feel confident about their decision in finding a furry family member with us and we apologize if that was not the case for you at any point of your experience. Our service did not end with the delivery of your pup, we will continue to be here for you both every step of the way!

Michelle C.
Texas | Breed: Goldendoodle


We used puppyspot to find our newest fur baby. She is a doll and this was great organization to help us!

Martin R.
Texas | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

William S.
Massachusetts | Breed: French Bulldog

Excellent service, communication was disjointed

Overall service was excellent and we are very happy with our puppy; however, between the PuppySpot application, texts, phone calls, and e-mails from various PuppySpot employees, including but not limited to our assigned puppy coordinator, communications seemed very disjointed. It would be better if all communication went through one source so that it was easier to keep track of.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

William - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend! We do our best to make sure our puppy parents are as prepared as possible to welcome home their new best friends and we're sorry if that was at all overwhelming. It's helpful to receive your feedback so we can improve our customer experience. You joined a community when we matched you with your puppy, so please never hesitate to contact us if we can be helpful in any way!

Latoya C.
Florida | Breed: Doberman Pinscher


Great communication and response time. Easy instructions and up to date tips. Wonderful app

David W.
Washington | Breed: Golden Retriever

Puppy Spot hits the spot

Our newest family member arrived exactly as shown. They shared pictures, background, and had open conversations about her and her parents. We felt like we new her even before we met her. Kudos to the team for painting such an accurate picture for us. We have had her 5 days and she is already part of our family.

Valeria d.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

Very disappointed

It’s a shame that I got such a great puppy but the communication service that you provide is so lame and inconsiderate to the puppy and the new owner. The app doesn’t work, the phone service only work if you have time to wait forever and get lucky and you also don’t answer the e-mail unless you are selling the puppy. I couldn’t believe that you charge all this money and put puppies in flights that make connections instead of a direct flight. Why put a little puppy through this risk? I just want to say that I’m very disappointed with your services.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Valeria - We are disappointed to learn you have such a negative view about your experience with PuppySpot, as that is never how we want any member of our community to feel after welcoming home a new furry family member. As soon as we received your feedback, a member of our dedicated Client Service team was quick to reach out in an effort to better understand where we may have failed to meet your expectations and see how can we improve in the future. Our relationship has just begun and we will continue to act as a source of support and guidance throughout your puppy parent journey.

Jacquelyne L.
Massachusetts | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Hard To Get Information

Our puppy manager was not very helpful. We asked for more information over the course of a week, but she could not tell us anything new. We eventually called and talked to someone different, who gave us all of the information that we had requested through our puppy manager. This was a great website to use, but some of the employees are not on top of their game.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Jacquelyne - Welcoming home a furry family member should be full of joy and we're disappointed that you have negative feelings about your experience. We never want a puppy parent to feel they are unable to receive updated information at any point of their experience as that is the exact opposite of what we strive to provide. PuppySpot is more than a website or a service, we're a community, your community and we will continue to be here for you and your adorable puppy every step of the way!

William M.
Washington | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Just as advertised!

The PuppySpot website made it easy to view various puppies, ask questions, and take care of all required paperwork. Could not be more please with our new puppy. Thanks, guys!

Barbara C.
Washington | Breed: Shih Tzu

Giardia alert from a puppy spot customer

Giardia can be deadly to dogs and can be passed to humans. It is detected easily when checking stool samples for worms. It is also very costly and difficult to decontaminate your yard and house. Puppy spot will only cover the cost of the test and med's. Since Puppy spot advertises that you will receive a healthy puppy that has been vet checked from head to toe, I received my 2,300. beautiful puppy with loose stools, diarrhea, and dangerous parasites that are extremely hard to get rid of and very costly to have all my upholstered furniture and yard decontaminated, all at my expense. Why was a diseased puppy sold to me that could have easily been prevented from a simple test.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Barbara - It is our mission to place healthy puppies into happy homes, which is why we were surprised to learn your puppy has Giardia, a common and treatable puppyhood condition. Like all PuppySpot puppies, shortly before arriving home your pup underwent an extensive nose-to-tail health examination administered by a licensed veterinarian and concluded your pup was 100% healthy. As unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick, which is why we have a dedicated health team to help resolve any issues our puppy parents may have. As soon as we received your feedback, a team member was quick to contact you to find out how your puppy was doing and request the medical records and invoices from your vet. As you've experienced, our relationship began when your puppy arrived home, and we will continue to be here now and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Leigh Anne E.
North Carolina | Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Wonderful Company

The customer service was so friendly and supportive as I adopted my fur baby.

Tanya F.
New Hampshire | Breed: Beagle

Overall Good Experience but

I had a wonderful experience overall because I adore my beagle. Unfortunately, I had 2 issues that I think PuppySpot could improve upon in the future. 1) I was not contacted about the scheduled flight for my puppy, either by phone or by app. I had to reach out by phone for details. It seems someone should have reached out to me so I would at least know the info was available. Instead, I had to go hunting it down. 2) I was frustrated by the back and forth submission with my Pet Health Care Certificate. I printed the form from the initial email I was sent and had my vet fill it out within 24 hours. I then forwarded the signed certificate to PuppySpot that day to the email address printed on the certificate, [email protected] Despite this, I got an email request for the form from PuppySpot the next day, so I emailed it again, explaining that I had already forwarded it. Then, I got a third email and a phone call, telling me I was delinquent. Apparently, the email address printed on the form was not the proper one to use and I should have been sending my form to a specific agent, not my initial agent either - so there was no way to know where to send it. I was not provided that email address for the agent until the third message. I did exactly what I was told on the form but got the runaround. It would be nice if PuppySpot could streamline things like this is the future.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Tanya - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend! We do our best to make sure our puppy parents are as prepared as possible to welcome home their new best friends and we're sorry if the emails were at all overwhelming. That said, we apologize for any confusion surrounding where your paperwork should've been sent. It's helpful to receive your feedback so we can continue to provide the best for our puppy parents, puppies and breeders. You joined a community and we will be here for you and your adorable pup throughout your puppy parent journey!

Skye A.
New York | Breed: Poodle

Lack of communication - Sick new puppy

At first puppy spot was on POINT when I was interested in the dog. There were pictures and calls and even info about his parents. Once I plopped down the money in full the communication was lax if any at all. I had to practically harass the hotline to get a hold of my puppy manager and the initial person that made me interested in buying the puppy dropped out the face of the earth too! Like wow ! I begged for two weeks after paying just for a recent photo of the puppy that was coming. I never got to speak with the breeder again after a short 5 minute cold phone call. Flash forward to the day I get the dog, My puppy hasn’t been eating the food I wasn’t suggested to BUY and told he was EATING. Lethargic, possibly ill and I’ve already had to spend even more money at the vet to figure out what’s going on. DO BETTER PUPPY SPOT YOU CHARGE TOO MUCH FOR THE SUB PAR MEDIOCRE DISAPPOINTMENT OF AN EXPERIENCE YOU PROVIDE

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Skye - Thank you so much for trusting PuppySpot to find your new best friend! The health of our puppies is our #1 priority, which is why we offer an industry-leading health guarantee to our customers. Just like your puppy, all PuppySpot puppies undergo a mandated pre-travel nose to tail exam performed by a licensed veterinarian. We take pride in offering prospective puppy parents a trusted, transparent way of finding family is why we contacted you as soon as we received your feedback. We understand that upon arriving home, your puppy didn't have much of an appetite, which can happen after making such a big transition away from his mother and littermates. After our recent conversation with you, we’re happy to hear that your new puppy is healthy and is already so loved by his new forever family. That said, we never want a puppy parent to feel that we are not providing updated information regarding their pup and we apologize if that was the case at any point of your experience. Our service didn’t end with the delivery of your pup, we will continue to be here for you and your little one throughout your puppy parent journey.

Brent B.
Ohio | Breed: Golden Retriever

Great Service

I have our new puppy home and Jeffrey Cole was great. The first girl I spoke to as well was very helpful and great to talk to (I think Christina?). Thanks for your help!