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Katrina H.
California | Breed: Bernedoodle


your directory system is awful. it does ot connect to the person you spell out. also, i would like to see a breakdown of the amount paid. how much commission to you charge? it seems very high, as i believe the initial amount for the dog was around $3500. the total was almost $5,000. i relaid transport and crate was included...

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Katrina - We're sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience and one that varies greatly from that which we strive to provide our customers. We understand you experienced trouble with our automated phone system, which requires callers to listen to the full prompt before making a selection from the preset menu or dialing an extension. We purposefully designed the system this way to help our customers navigate our large team made up of several expert departments. That said, we are very interested in your feedback, as it is the only way we can improve. A member of our team has been trying to connect with you to learn more about your experience and answer any questions you may have about our service. We look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Iowa | Breed: Beagle

Like the puppy, but the service could've been better

I ordered a beagle puppy off of PuppySpot, and when I was interested and still shopping I had no difficulty finding someone to speak with, and everyone was very communicative. After I paid is when the trouble began though. They say someone will contact you within 48 hours after purchase to discuss details. That did not happen. I sent several messages in the app and only got 1 response several days later. I also requested they notify when they would call with details so I could plan around my work schedule. They did not do that. I asked repeatedly for them to communicate the puppy's expected arrival date so I could be there at the airport. They could not even do that. The one time they reached out and communicated was to tell me that my puppy had arrived at the nearest airport (2 hours away from where I work) and was currently at the airport waiting on me. I was notified of this at 1:45pm and the puppy had been at the airport since 11am. And the person who called was someone I'd never spoken to before, certainly not my "puppy manager" Overall, their customer service was abysmal and because of their complete lack of care my puppy sat for hours unattended at an airport. After they had my money they didn't respect my time, my puppy, or the investment I had made in a new family friend. Very displeased. Only giving 2 stars because I like the dog, their service was awful.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Brandon - We're incredibly sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience and one that varies greatly from that which we strive to provide our customers. We work hard to prepare our puppy parents for the arrival of their new puppy and we apologize to have failed you. A dedicated team member has been trying to connect with you to learn more about your experience and see how we can improve. We look forward to speaking with you very soon!

Harry C.
California | Breed: Beagle

Blake - beagle puppy

Another successful adoption (our second with you guys) - Blake is healthy and happy we look forward to many joyful years with our new pup in the family. Thanks Puppy Spot

Shayla S.
Washington | Breed: Golden Retriever


We had originally picked out a puppy, but it was not meant to be. If it weren’t for Will, we may not have picked out our sweet Asha. We are very happy with PuppySpot. They made everything as easy as possible.

Mary Joyce T.
Massachusetts | Breed: Cocker Spaniel


All in all it was Good. It was the updates after the purchase that I had issues with. I was the one that made all the calls to get updates.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Mary - First and foremost, we're thrilled that your puppy arrived healthy and happy, which is a priority for us. We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to continue to provide our community with a positive experience and we believe there are always opportunities to improve. Your relationship with us began, it did not end, when we matched you with your puppy and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Stephen L.
Alaska | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Prompt service

I was given instant updates of puppy status when searching through an advisor, then when found out the one we wanted was gone- she let us know all the relatives of that one. When finally decided, was given photos through interim of shipping and receiving her. Even upon arrival, she was clean, happy and amazing. It costed a lot for her, and I had doubts but when we got to hold her, no price could amount to the joy she brought.

Sally B.
Utah | Breed: Dachshund


She is so tiny, loving and funny. Her only problem is that she will not pick her toys! She runs laps in the back yard, and is starting to feel at home. She is still nervous if anyone else tries to hold her, she was really upset when I got her and it took a couple of days to get her to finally know she was not going to be hurt. I think the plane trip really upset her, but have to remember the is just a baby. She is so cute, and fun to watch. She likes to be snuggled and have her tummy rubbed. She likes to eat paper, and ribbons that she will drag around the house. plus anything else she can move. She pulls her little bed across the room, then will get in it. LOVE this little baby girl Molly!

Ann E.
Colorado | Breed: Schipperke


Our new baby; thank you Puppy Spot for having the pup of our dreams; appreciate especially you walking us through the airline experience and the check up items. especially appreciate your info pages which are very helpful. and the person communication via the phone was especially nice. thank you all

Alexandria W.
California | Breed: Aussiedoodle

Great service

Great service

Linda N.
Wisconsin | Breed: Labrador Retriever

My new pup Celtic

I got a golden lab puppy from Puppy Spot. He was flown from Oklahoma to Minneapolis and final destination was Appleton Wi. Everything was seamless all of the way! I lost my husband last year and Celtic is just the ticket for me! His name should be Einstein because he is so smart! Thanks Puppy Spot!

Jay B.
Texas | Breed: Maltipoo

Great Experience

Very easy start to finish. PuppySpot took care of all arrangements and kept us informed until our new puppy arrived.

Jared C.
Georgia | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Sick puppy

I brought my puppy home to find out she was sick . Brought her to the vet & paid $90 on the visit & medication.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Jared - We were concerned to learn that your puppy wasn’t feeling well shortly after she arrived, as her mandated pre-travel nose-to-tail health exam indicated she was 100% healthy at the time. As soon as you notified us that there might be an issue, our team was quick to reach out to you to discuss your concerns and see how we could help. We stand behind our health guarantee and offered to cover all of the associated vet bills on treating your puppy with proper documentation from your vet. We will continue to be at your side throughout your puppy's treatment and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Eddie E.
West Virginia | Breed: Pomeranian

I would not go any

I would not go any where else to get a puppy I love this mean but but he is sop pretty and he knows it he is so lovable thanks puppy spot im glad I got on your websight I would not take my money back for him thanks eddie eads

William S.
South Carolina | Breed: Bernedoodle

Perfect and very professional!

From the first day I contacted PuppySpot, they were very professional and informative. Every question I asked was either answered immediately, or in a timely manner. We were on 2 waiting lists locally for a Bernedoodle puppy but were told it would most likely be 6-12 months before we would get the puppy we were looking for (female, Sable & White). PuppySpot found us our little baby in a week or so and once we committed, we had her home with us in about a week. She is even more than we could have hoped for! We were told she was “working on” housebreaking and crate training, but is much further along than expected. The only negative is that the travel was more involved than we were told. We were told she would have about 1.5 hours from MO to SC, which was true if the flight had been direct, but it was not! She was flown from Omaha to New York to Charlotte! I don’t know if this would have dissuaded us from getting her or not, but that’s a pretty stressful day for a baby. She is 12 weeks old and I have to believe the difference between a 12 week old puppy and an 8 week old is tremendous! Wait the extra month!, Follow up by PuppySpot has been spot on! WE LOVE OUR PUPPY!

Linda E.
Nevada | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Not as good as expected

PuppySpot helped me find my new family member; but there were numerous problems in working with them. Calls were not returned promptly. While I know the puppy manager was ill at least one day, when approaching the time for delivery there should be another person who will handle the follow up. The breeder was to deliver my puppy; but someone at PuppySpot told her that was not the case which created a mix-up. Then I was not provided correct travel information and in order to get the schedule the breeder and I needed to speak directly. Even after that I contacted PuppySpot for flight number and airline. It was necessary for me to advise the information they were providing was incorrect. In my opinion they really dropped the ball on this. If this is typical, I would not choose to do business again. In my initial call with Paul, I was very impressed by the professionalism. It was the first impression that caused me to purchase through PuppySpot. It’s a shame the later service was not up to that experienced in the first contact.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Linda - Bringing a new puppy home should be a joy, not a headache, and we're sorry for the confusion surrounding your puppy's arrival. We understand it’s a huge privilege to be a part of helping you select your new family member and we could have done a better job communicating and coordinating your pups travel with you. Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us to learn and improve. Since then a team member has been in touch with you to learn more and see how we can do better in the future. You joined a community and we will continue to be here for you every step of the way!

Gayle P.
California | Breed: West Highland White Terrier

My experience

From my first contact with Josh at Puppspot to my manager Carolina my whole experience was wonderful. My little guy is home and as happy as he can be. Thank you so very much

Alex S.
California | Breed: Labradoodle

Horrible Travel & No Transparency

When I initially purchased my pup from PuppySpot I was Nervous because of the reviews regarding the poor communication. And after getting my pup i was a bit alarmed that they don’t tell you who the breeder is...so you essentially will not know where your $3000 dog is coming from. Yes the communication is not great, I got Nervous several times that I had Been scammed. But they do eventually follow up with “basic” details. The biggest issue for me however which would make me never buy from PuppySpot again, was the way my puppy traveled. The breeder was in PA, I’m in CA. I was super worried about him flying but Puppy spot said that they’d work with me to confirm all details of the puppies travel, so it sounded OK at first. But they don’t work with you at all, all they do is ask you for a date and then just send you the American Airlines cargo shipping booking. So when I finally got the booking, they put this poor little eight week old puppy on a connecting flight from Pittsburgh to los Angeles. He was dropped off to the airline at 8 AM, his connecting flight was delayed five hours, and we didn’t get him until 10 PM that night. And when we picked him up from the terrible depressing cargo area at LAX, his crate was filled with Feces and urine. So this poor little guy had been traveling for 14 hours all alone in his own feces and urine. I would never have a puppy travel to me like that again had I known that would be the situation... I likely would’ve flown out to go get him. So the lack of communication and how they deliver your child is ridiculous. Luckily my pup is amazing and super smart and worth every cent but the process just all felt super risky and the anxiety level was on 10... if you can find a breeder locally for the breed you want definitely do that.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Alex - We are deeply saddened to learn that you have such a negative impression of PuppySpot. We strive to provide a stress-free and happy travel experience for all our puppies AND puppy parents. For this reason, we only arrange travel with reputable airlines who are equipped to safely transport our precious puppies to their new forever home. Our travel team works hard to get our puppies home as quickly and safely as possible, but there are several factors to consider while booking animal air travel. Though it may not be the most direct route for your puppy to travel home to you, we assure you it was a decision made with careful consideration and your puppy’s best interest in mind. That said, your pup had a long journey home and we are incredibly sorry the way your pup arrived. Your feedback is important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us the chance to learn and improve. We will be sure to share your feedback with the airline to help them to improve, too. Despite your negative view of PuppySpot, we remain committed to being here for you and nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Beverly A.
Arizona | Breed: Chihuahua



Sandra D.
Colorado | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

From beginning to delivery of

From beginning to delivery of Paisley, you were fabulous. I recommend you all with admiration and my thanks.

Debra S.
Missouri | Breed: Australian Shepherd

'Ya gotta be kidding!

Purchased 2 dogs within the last 3 months (+/-) and the puppies are great!!!! My first experience was not good but decided to give Puppy Spot another go.....I mean, how could it get worse. Oh, and super pricey!!! Comparison shopping I discovered I spent 5 times more for each pup than I probably should have but.....that was my choice. Fortunately, both times my concierge was Jordan. He is professional, quick to respond, polite, patient, reliable......overall he gets a 10+ rating. He was the one good thing (other than the pups) about dealing with Puppy Spot. The puppy managers in both experiences were absolutely worthless. Slow to respond, if they responded at all, and information was not reliable. Did finally hear from a supervisor......AFTER I CONTACTED THE CEO!!! Nothing like having to go to the top. Do give the CEO credit for making sure someone responded promptly. Telephone calls that no one returned, slow response (if any) from puppy manager.........not a good experience at all. (Except for Jordan!) You should clone Jordan and give his clones all the positions as puppy managers. Saw another precious pup was interested in but don't have the patience/stamina to go through all the hassle. No recommendation from this ol' girl!!!! --Debra Stz

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Debra - We are deeply saddened to learn that you have such a negative impression of PuppySpot. We strive to provide a stress-free and happy experience for all our puppies AND puppy parents and we truly apologize for failing to meet your expectations. Your feedback is taken very seriously and since receiving it, our team has been working closely with you to resolve any concerns you may have. Our relationship began when we matched you with your puppy, so please never hesitate to reach back out if there's anything more we can do to be helpful.