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Joe B.
Oregon | Breed: Bernedoodle

Horrible communication. Still have not heard back from Manager after promise 3 days ago.

What PuppySpot has going for them and is banking on is that WE as purchasers truly love our dogs and so they want us to quickly forget about how horribly they are organized. Not only did I have to Follow up to get information, but what currently remains is a promise that I would hear back from a “Manager” within 24hours. That was Wednesday afternoon. I have heard NOTHING. Also, I paid almost $3600 for our puppy and less than 24hrs later I found the same puppy on another site for $1800. I honored and conceded my purchase price, and all PuppySpot had to do was organize the delivery of our new baby. That was a failure. And I’ve still not been contacted about it. You do a great job marketing dogs - great website. But your follow through and communication is ridiculous! Please DO NOT reply with some canned response about your priority to get my puppy home safely; that was a failure! Do not also tell me that I’m now part of some community - no thank you; I’ve been lied to. Earn the $1800 you were paid above the purchase of the dog and demonstrate you’re more than a pusher of puppies that ARE NOT researched as you make claim of!!!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Joe - We are truly disappointed to learn that you had such a negative view of our PuppySpot employees. We assure you that all PuppySpot employees are passionate dog-committed dog-lovers with one goal, to be the best place to find your new furry family member. What we do involves a lot more than just coordinating travel arrangements and providing our industry-leading health guarantee. We also screen and qualify our breeders and handle all of the research for you, so you can focus on what really matters – preparing your home for your new best friend. We never want our puppy parents to feel as if they are unable to reach us at any point of their experience and truly apologize if that was the case for you. As soon as we received your feedback, a member of our management team was quick to reach out in an effort to better understand where we may have failed to meet your expectations and has been working with you closely ever since. Our relationship began when we matched you with your puppy, we will continue to act as a source of support now and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Elise A.
Colorado | Breed: Shiba Inu

Good service for most part

Tiffany, Maria and Nathaniel were extremely helpful, they did everything perfectly for me. I was frustrated by a few of the other people who answered my calls, they were a little rude. I was frustrated because my puppy’s flight kept getting pushed back. The second time it got pushed was because the check in desk for dogs at the airport was not open in time to check her in. I think PuppySpot needs to make sure that when scheduling flights they check that everything will be available so that it doesn’t cause issues. I was disappointed that no one contacted me to tell me my puppy’s flight was rescheduled for the second time, no one called or emailed. We ended up changing the exchange to a meet up which worked fine. But it would have been nice scheduling wise to not have had her flight rescheduled twice. Tiffany was WONDERFUL. Every time she was in, she helped me immensely and I would give her 5 stars. There were some other people though that when I tried to call they either didn’t answer, I had to call up to 7 times to get someone to take my call. And when they did, I was upset that they were not being diligent in making sure my puppy’s flight would not get rescheduled, and in return a couple of them were very rude to me. I appreciate everything Tiffany did for me, none of this is directed at her or Maria or Nathaniel. Thank you for helping us find our new little girl!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Elise - Bringing a new puppy home should be a joy, not a headache, and we're sorry for the confusion surrounding your puppy's arrival. We understand it’s a huge privilege to be a part of helping you select your new family member and we could have done a better job communicating and coordinating your pups travel with you. Your feedback is important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. You joined a community when we matched you with your pup, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out if there's anything you need in your puppy parent journey!

Michael B.
Florida | Breed: Pomeranian

Awesome Experience!

We have been so impressed by the entire process! We had regular contact and updates with our Puppy Manager on the PuppySpot Ap. and found the absolute BEST puppy! The process was organized, professional and resulted in a positive outcome for our family and our beautiful and special puppy!

Mary Z.
Florida | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Pretty Good

I think if I had stayed with a Tuesday arrival of the pup I would have been better off. My puppy “handler,” Milan, took time off from Fri. to Mon. for her birthday. The Fri. arrival of pup at airport was a 5 hour round trip for me. I really had no time to go over all insurance options after the vet visit. The whole ordeal was a bit overwhelming.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Mary - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend! We strive to provide our community with a positive experience and we are disappointed to learn that may not have been the case with you. Our service didn't end with the delivery of your puppy, our team will continue to be here for you and your puppy every step of the way!

Linda J.
Michigan | Breed: Labradoodle

Our new family member

We went through puppy spot and have a wonderful pet....you actually get to talk to a human when you have a question....love that! Very good experience.

Joe T.
California | Breed: Bernedoodle

Puppyspot is fantastic!

PuppySpot is very professional and educated about what they speak about. They care for the animals and want to make it the best experience for the puppies, the breeders and the new owners. I would highly recommend them. The person who arrange the sale, and the puppy manager were awesome in their positions. And... we love Lilly our new little Bernedoodle. Mary T

Caroline C.
Alabama | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Outstanding Service

My purchase of our new little family member, Lucy, was such an easy and comfortable experience. No worries and totally an organized experience. I would recommend your pet service to anyone. You have quality puppies that are healthy and adorable. All my questions were answered by caring agents and they did what they said they would. Not once did I get the runaround on my questions. Thank you so much and God Bless!

Courtney G.
North Carolina | Breed: French Bulldog

Great process!

Smooth process and love my little frenchie to the moon and back!

Lynn A.
Connecticut | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

PuppySpot is top bark!

Thank you to PuppySpot for helping me find an amazing puppy, Bradley, now Obi! The web site was easy to navigate to filter through breeds, sizes, ages and sexes. I found just what I was looking for and hit the link, and was called within an hour. Kevin and I chatted for a long while and he had great information on Obi and the arrangements to bring him home to me halfway across the USA. I placed my order later with another lovely gal. She helped me all the way through the forms and what I had to do and what to expect from PuppySpot. My Obi arrived by plane, I knew all the flight info ahead of time, and he arrived the next Friday in perfect shape and calm. I can’t tell you how happy I am with my tiny little ball of nutty fun. While we were getting him out of the crate they provide to you with the flight, the breeder called to check her baby she had just let go. I would definitely recommend PuppySpot to you if you are looking for that special pup you haven’t been able to find. Lynn A

Marsha T.
Colorado | Breed: Bernedoodle

A new baby

We were delighted with the condition of our new puppy when he arrived. He is adorable, loving, and a spitfire!

Carolyn N.
Virginia | Breed: Havanese

Disappointed in service

The quality of your pets is great but the quality of your service this time was terrible. I received very few answers from your app, it was a waste of time. My dog was not shipped on the date planned but you never told me she had been returned to the breeder. I had to keep calling the manager assigned to me but HE WAS OUT OF THE OFFICE AND NO ONE TOOK HIS CALLS OR EMAILS. I did finally reach a representative who was fantastic and confirmed all the travel and helped me. Nathanael should never be assigned as puppy manager.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Caroline - Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Bringing home a new puppy home should be a joy, not a headache and we are truly sorry for your frustrating experience., We understand it’s a huge privilege to be a part of helping you select your new family member and we should have done better. Your feedback is important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. You joined a community when we matched you with your pup, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out if there's anything you need in your puppy parent journey!

Courtney G.
Maryland | Breed: Maltipoo

PuppySpot is the only place I would buy my puppy from!

My puppy Lulu is perfect! Every single person I've talked tom has been so kind and helpful!The process of getting Lulu was organized and the app is user friendly! Thank you for all of your continued help!

Roy Lee D.
North Carolina | Breed: Havanese

Everything has gone great and

Everything has gone great and we are very happy with our new puppy she is just wonderful thanks for all your help with everything

Christina G.
Maryland | Breed: Labradoodle

Just okay

While we are happy with our puppy, the process to getting him was not easy. Our Puppyspot consultant changed multiple times. We had a date to receive the puppy, but we did not get a specific pick up time until the day before. Our only option was a weekday, so I had to totally clear my workday, make arrangements for my children, etc., since I had no idea what time I was going to have to pick him up until the afternoon before. Definitely a poor process. Then we had a time to pick him up, but he missed his flight connection. That would have been fine except that nobody called to tell me. I didn't know until after I drove an hour to pick him up from the airport that he would not be coming in until 8 hours later. So I had to drive the hour back home and then come back again. They knew that he missed his flight almost three hours before I found out. Terrible service that no one called to tell me. Our puppy seems to be a good guy, but the Puppyspot process was awful.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Christina - Thanks very much for your feedback and we're thrilled that your puppy is doing so well. However, we want to apologize that your expectations for your puppy's travel arrangements were not properly set. It is our standard protocol to confirm travel accommodations 24-48 hours before a puppy is scheduled to travel to his or her new home. We do this to give your breeder enough time to complete our mandatory pre-flight health check performed by a licensed veterinarian and obtain a Health Certificate required by both PuppySpot and the airlines to ensure your puppy is as healthy as possible before traveling home. That said, we never want our puppy parents to feel they aren't receiving updated information, and we should've done better communicating your pup's travel delays with you. A member of our team has tried to connect with you to better understand where we failed to meet your needs and see how we can improve. Your relationship with us began when we matched you with your puppy and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Julio M.
New Jersey | Breed: Shiba Inu

I would like a health

I would like a health summary on the vaccines for the veterinarian in case I get asked about it ; a text would be nice

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Julio - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend! We apologize that your pups health report was detached from her carrier before arriving home to you. We understand how important it is to have your new pup's vaccination history, which is why we quickly resent it as soon as we received your feedback. Our relationship with you has just begun and our team will continue to be here for you for anything that you’ll ever need throughout your puppy parent journey.

Brenda D.
Maryland | Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Lily Coming Home

Puppy Spot truly helped me through the process of getting ready for my new baby Cocker Spaniel, Lily. They were in constant touch all the way; advising me of what to expect and what to do for my new arrival. They were always ready to answer my numerous calls with questions. I highly recommend Puppy Spot to any family looking for a new member of their family.

Jimmy H.
Maine | Breed: Akita

I was not kept up

I was not kept up to date on my puppy by my puppy manager I waited over 14 hours for a response on the Puppyspot app I was not informed by my puppy manager that her flight arrival time had changed. Thank God the Breeder kept me informed

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Jimmy - Welcoming home a new furry family member should be stress-free and we are disappointed to learn your experience was any different. We're so sorry for the inconvenience the change in your puppy’s travel arrangement had caused and we should've communicated her travel change sooner. Your feedback is very important to us, which is why a member of our team quickly connected with you to learn more and see how we can improve. You joined a community when we matched you with your pup, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out if there's anything you need in your puppy parent journey!

James E.
Connecticut | Breed: Poodle

Perfect way to adopt a puppy

Ever one I was contacted by was wonderful! Every step of the process from the interview to the arrangement of travel from the breeder to the flight home was professional and pleasant. It was such a joy to work with PuppySpot after being rudely turned down in my attempts to adopt a shelter dog.

Tonya M.
California | Breed: Cavapoo

Thank you for our beautiful Cavapoo!!!

What a great, and well organized experience this was. We are grateful for our new addition!

Randolph W.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Goldendoodle


We are so very pleased with our new addition Jasper. He is a quick learner and he is growing everyday. We appreciate all the help we got from Puppy spot staff...thank you!