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Dee H.
Utah | Breed: Rottweiler

My Female Rotty Carly

So Happy with new 3 1/2 month old female Rotty “Carly” She is more than I could ever imagine, Sweet, Loving, Healthy and Puppy Spot was amazing to work with! When our puppy arrived via plane within a week of purchase things couldn’t have been more perfect!

Thomas M.
Washington | Breed: Pomsky

Outstanding team work, Purchase & Transportation of Ruskee my 3 month old Pomsky

I would highly recommend getting your next four legged family member from. Starting with purchase to delivery there was good communication and follow through. After having a Pomsky for the last 15 years I got spoiled with his training. Having a 3 month old puppy reminds me of the time that is involved to get this new member to the training level of my last dog was. We are making progress every day with the call support of Puppy Spot team..

Maria F.
California | Breed: Bichon Frise

So happy with our new Bichon!

We were so excited to go pick up our new puppy at the airport! He is the sweetest and most darling Bichon frisée we have ever encountered! Lovely mild temperament, lucious soft white coat - a perfect specimen! If you are unsure about Puppy Spot, don’t be. They are great! Yes, you will pay a bit more here than at the breeder but you will get your new friend FAST and safely instead of having to search endlessly, be put on uncertain lists and waiting forever. Go for it! I can highly recommend this venue and have received nothing in return for this honest review (besides a new best friend)!

Brenda C.
Louisiana | Breed: Goldendoodle


If, I ever want or if anyone I know wants a new furry friend it'll Puppy Spot will be the place to go. Everyone that are there are the best. Liz and Kris where way over the top in helping me with Waylon. Let me not forget the breeder, who was very helpful answering questions. Thank you. Brenda

Kristen T.
North Carolina | Breed: Yorkiepoo

Dug from Up

Always a pleasure to work with. The breeder was in contact to make sure puppy arrived safely. Super nice.

Susan D.
Georgia | Breed: Siberian Husky

Purchase of puppy and travel

Very supportive and knowledgeable about some questions and resolving issue of email that shouldn’t come us. Travel rep talked like a fast machine and I felt rude at times. It was like she had 20 seconds to speak and move on to next call

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Susan - Welcoming home a new furry family member should be joyful and stress-free. We are disappointed to learn your experience was any different. As soon as we received your feedback, a team member quickly reached out to learn more and see how we can improve. We will continue to be here for you and your pup throughout your puppy parent journey, so please let us know if there's any way we can be helpful.

Nadya H.
Massachusetts | Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Excellent company

Excellent company

Daniel L.
New Hampshire | Breed: Rottweiler


Team was very good. I love my new puppy.

Linda C.
Virginia | Breed: Dachshund

I love Puppy Spot

This is my second dachshund from Puppy Spot. She is in perfect health and is just a love. I would not hesitate to recommend Puppy Spot to anyone looking for a fur baby. I especially like the posting of the weights of the parents. In this way, there are no surprises when the puppy reaches adulthood. Thank you Puppy Spot. Isabella and Eddie send their love and licks.

Joyce M.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Cavapoo

I was thoroughly pleased with

I was thoroughly pleased with the treatment and attention I received from Valerie. She was more than willing to do what she could to make our adoption process easy. Our puppy came to us by plane of which we were very concerned for it’s comfort and safety. Valerie took the time to answer all our questions and to assure us of the ease of the transport. She called with all the details of the health exam of the pup and also reiterated what we needed to do when Louie (Lane) arrived. I thank her and the travel division of Puppyspot for their professionalism and care in getting him safely “home”.

Donna G.
Texas | Breed: Chihuahua

The best experience

I’m in love with my puppy and the service! Excellent and I’ve already recommended it!

Dale G.
California | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

New Guy Made it Home

Quick to answer questions and keep you informed each step and good follow-up throughout the process.

Erin M.
Washington | Breed: Labrador Retriever

This was a new experience

This was a new experience for me, and it was awesome. Everyone was friendly, informative, I’m so happy!

Susan M.
North Carolina | Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

new puppy

so emotional and exciting to welcome a new puppy to my home and the staff (?Melissa?) never tired of my frequent calls and questions through the whole process. Thank you!

Jackie C.
New Jersey | Breed: Labradoodle

Above and beyond expectations

The breeder and the individuals (Taylor and Mikayli) that I communicated with through puppyspot went above and beyond my expectations. Great communication throughout and worked to accommodate my needs! Such a great experience. My puppy is perfect!!

Megan H.
Nevada | Breed: Goldendoodle

Love my new pups

We decided to purchases two puppies (goldendoodles) from this site and received them both approximately 1.5 weeks after we bought them. My only complaint would be that we had to call to find out when they were coming because when we received an email from the travel team, we never received a reply back from her. Thus we called. However, we love our new puppies and the customer service rep was extremely nice when ordering them! Overall it was a relatively easy process.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Megan - Thanks for trusting us to find your furry family members!! We're thrilled to see them getting along so well! We appreciate your honest feedback. It's important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. It's part of our process to confirm travel details with puppy parents 24- 48 hours before a puppy is scheduled to travel for a couple of different reasons, most importantly being your puppies were seen by a licensed veterinarian a few days before traveling to be sure they were healthy for their big journey home. That said, we never want a customer to feel as if they’re not able to get updated information and we're sorry that was the case for you at any point. You've joined a community and as promised, we will continue to be here for you and your pups, every step of the way!

Stan T.
Nebraska | Breed: Aussiedoodle

Very happy

Very happy

Lexus R.
Texas | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

My new bestfriend!!

Super excited to share that I’ve succesfully gotten my new puppy in perfect health condition, thanks to her breeders and the help of puppy spot! My new pup is happy and playful in her new home and I’ve been super happy to share this experience . Thank you puppy spot !

Carrie S.
Texas | Breed: Goldendoodle

Smooth transition

Smooth transition

Anne T.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Goldendoodle

My new Puppy

It was very unexpected but it all turned out great!, I can't believe I did this with out seeing the dog in person!