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Linda S.
California | Breed: Poodle

Delivered on Promises

PuppySpot was professional, friendly and compassionate. We appreciate all the help provided in finding the right puppy for our family. Our new "fur baby" is a delight and as described. Thank you!

Gary C.
Texas | Breed: Siberian Husky

5 stars

Great people to work with and I've gotten a fantastic puppy

Chuck M.
Minnesota | Breed: Dachshund


I had a wonderful experience working with Puppyspot. Kris did a very good job in keeping me informed on the status of travel and where to pick Gracie up at the airport. Gracie appears to be in very good health and we are looking forward to many good years with Gracie. Gracie has been very friendly with everyone she has met.

Arlene B.
Florida | Breed: Boxer


We have had a good experience with our puppy Pearl. The only difficulty was in getting her when promised. We had to wait for an additional couple of weeks. This was due to a couple of unforseen issues. Puppy spot agent Manny was most helpful and sent us weekly updates and photos. Our experience we rate as a 5 because of Mr. Manny

Tressa K.
Michigan | Breed: Pomeranian

Everything went well except the

Everything went well except the phone number given to us gave us incorrect directions as to where to pick up Romeo. Everything now is fine.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Tressa - Thanks for your candid feedback. Your feedback is important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. You joined a community when we matched you with your Romeo, and our team will be with you every step of the way!

Elizabeth B.
Missouri | Breed: Aussiedoodle

PuppySpot review

My puppy is a 5+ but PuppySpot is a 1. I’m sure I paid a premium but the service was terrible. You sure knew how to reach me when there was confusion over payment but when I ask you for a confirmation I get crickets. Won’t recommend or use you again

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Elizabeth - We're thrilled to hear how happy you are with your new furry family member! That said, we want to make sure you're happy, too, and we're disappointed to learn that may not be the case. Our team works hard to thoroughly and consistently communicate with our community and we never want a puppy parent to feel as if they’re not able to get updated information. We're sorry that was the case for you at any point. A member of our team has been trying to get in touch with you to learn more and to answer your questions regarding your complimentary AKC bundle. We look forward to speaking with you soon and we’ll continue to be here for you and your beautiful pup!

Joseph H.
Texas | Breed: Pug

“ I Just stepped away from my desk “

No one available to tell me if and when I would get my pet on Friday. And I was supposed to get him next day on Saturday, but no travel arrangements had been made. It was classic Friday with “rats jumping ship “ to begin weekend party time, leaving customers like me feeling like we’d been scammed. Poor service to say the least. I did get the puppy 2days later thanks to a great chaperone, Samantha. But the anxiety I endured with no one staying in contact with me was not good!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Joseph - Thanks for your honest feedback. It's important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. It's part of our process to confirm travel details with puppy parents 24- 48 hours before a puppy is scheduled to travel for a couple of different reasons, most importantly being your puppy is seen by a licensed veterinarian a few days before traveling to be sure he was healthy for his big journey home. That said, we never want a customer to feel as if they’re not able to get updated information and we're sorry that was the case for you at any point. A member of our team has been trying to get in touch with you to learn more and see how we can do better in the future. We look forward to speaking with you soon and we’ll continue to be here for you and your beautiful pup!

Roz R.
Virginia | Breed: Goldendoodle

No one at Puppy Spot

No one at Puppy Spot returns calls. Puppy delivered five hours late. Insisted that I pay thousands of dollars in advance of seeing puppy. I would not recommend Puppyspot.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Roz - We work incredibly hard to provide puppy parents with a transparent, responsible and trusted way to find a furry family member so it's disappointing to receive your feedback. After receiving your feedback, a member of our team quickly reached out to you to learn more about your experience and see how we could help. You then expressed you did not wish to keep your puppy. Since then, we have been working closely with you to receive your puppy and forego your placement. We will continue to be here with you until all concerns have been resolved.

Stacey O.
Ohio | Breed: Siberian Husky

Our puppy harry

Tony manny and the rest who helped were all so great. Thank you for answering all questions as we came up with them. Would recommend you to anyone who askes.

Lucia M.
New York | Breed: Pug

Very Bad

My puppy is sick and I can NEVER REACH ANYONE. Also, I was promised a health rep to Call me. They never did.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Lucia - The health and well-being of our puppies is always our TOP priority, which is why we were so troubled to learn your puppy wasn't feeling well shortly after his arrival. You were right to let us know as soon as you thought there was an issue. A member of our health team was quick to reach out to learn more, see how we could help, and have been working closely with you since. PuppySpot is a community and we’ll continue to be here with you until all concerns have been resolved and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Deborah K.
California | Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Perfect puppy

All I hoped for was my puppy to have a safe travel. The day we rec’d Angus we were the proudest new parents of our sweet loving springer spaniel pup!! He was in perfect condition smelled so clean and he was as happy to see us!!! PuppySpot and the breeder had everything to do with getting this accomplished. Great customer service and our puppy had an excellent breeder. Thank you so much for the new love of our lives

Sheila F.
Texas | Breed: Basset Hound


Great service. Thanks, everything went perfectly!!

Sheryl G.
Nebraska | Breed: Goldendoodle

New Puppy

Communication was terrible after I bought my puppy until the time I received him.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Sheryl - Welcoming home a furry family member should be full of joy and we're disappointed that you have negative feelings about your experience. We never want a puppy parent to feel they are unable to reach us at any point of their experience as that is the exact opposite of what we strive to provide. A member of our team will be in touch with you soon to learn more about your experience and see how we can improve in the future. Our relationship began when we matched you with your puppy and despite your frustrating experience, our team will continue to be here as you need us.

Arlene R.
Massachusetts | Breed: Havanese

Fantastic Care

Puppy spot was fantastic for both me and my new fur baby Calla Lily (Calli for short). There was never a question they didn't respond to. Calli is the most beautiful and cutest puppy ever. All she watts to do is play and give kisses. Puppy spot gave me all the information I needed to care for her. I am so grateful for this new love and the puppy spot family still there for us.

Christopher B.
Indiana | Breed: Cane Corso

Alvan J.
Georgia | Breed: French Bulldog

Great customer service

Every step of the way everyone was helpful form the first person I talked to all the way to the last

Richard B.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Bichon Frise


Jack, our Bichon Frise puppy, arrived last Friday. Although he looked great in the Puppyspot photos, we really weren’t prepared for how amazing this little dog turned out to be! He has perfect confirmation and black points, along with a magnificent coat. His disposition is sweet and playful, and he is very clever and learns quickly. Already, he is walking on the leash with his Westie big brother, climbing short flights of stairs and telling us when he needs to go outside by going to the door or with a few yips. He is calm and well-behaved in the car and at the vet’s office, where he received a clean bill of health and enchanted the entire staff. It is obvious that the breeder spent a great deal of time and effort with this darling little puppy, and we are very grateful for their love and dedication to our dog! He clearly had a great start in life, and everything conceivable was done to smooth his transition to his new home. The breeder provided us with food, blankets, toys, a grooming comb, and detailed vet records, all of which were helpful and considerate on their part. Overall, our Puppyspot experience was excellent! Our initial contact was with Aneel, who provided valuable assistance in narrowing down a number of adorable Bichon puppies to our final selection. Although we did have a minor glitch with the travel department, it was quickly addressed and resolved by William Bravo, who is exceptionally skilled at what he does and truly an asset to the organization. Finally, Mike, the superb companion who accompanied our puppy from Memphis to Philadelphia, kept in contact with us throughout the trip with updates and photos, and met us in the airport with Jack in his arms. Jack was happy and calm, and it was love at first sight! We highly recommend Puppyspot to prospective customers, and won’t hesitate to use their service again in the event that we decide to expand our doggy family!

Scott W.
Florida | Breed: Goldendoodle

Awesome Experience

We could not be happier with the Golden Doodle r brought home through Puppy Spot. There was great communication all along the way...and like I said, we could not be happier!

Sukhveer P.
California | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Great Experience

I had a great experience, there was no issue in the travel of my puppy and everything was done on time. He came in healthy and had no issues settling in his new home. Thanks again.

Delaware | Breed: Havanese

little COTTER

He is the sweetest most loving and passive little puppy I have ever been around. All my neighbors are amazed by his quiet demeanor. he is so loving and being only 10 weeks old he already has trained to go potty outside. AND WE HAVE ONLY HAD HIM A WEEK!!! I could not be any more pleased. thank you for my adoring little prince!!!! with heartfelt thanks LOIS SAKERS