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      Jacob J.
      Illinois | Breed: Great Dane

      Puppy spot helped me make my dream come true! So ...

      Puppy spot helped me make my dream come true! So glad I had excellent customer service so I could bring my puppy home as fast as possible!

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Jacob -†As you know, our mission is to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes, and we are glad to hear your experience was no different. Our relationship has just begun, so please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything more we can do to be helpful in your puppy parent journey.†

      Mark Y.
      Delaware | Breed: Pomapoo

      Amber is a lively and entertaining family member.

      We would recommend them and buy from them again.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Mark - Thanks very much for taking the time to share your experience with our team. We're thrilled to hear Amber is doing well in her new home and we're very much looking forward to future 'pupdates.' As you know, our team is here for you any time, so please reach out if you ever need us.†

      Dennis M.
      California | Breed: West Highland White Terrier

      A very professional and honest company that does what they say they will.

      Melody and May were just super attentive people to work with. Melody was either calling or emailing me updates and information about our new puppy. The puppy was shipped by Air and there was a problem with the plane and was grounded in Salt Lake City. May immediately got on top of the situation and called me back with the details of delayed arrival. She assured me that the puppy was feed, walked and given bathroom breaks by the airlines and that very thing was fine. Everything about the purchase went smoothly and contact was maintained on a timely basis. I am very happy with the staff and process, I received a cute, sweet little Westie ever. Thank you for a very good experience.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Dennis - Thanks very much for your feedback. We firmly believe that every company is a direct reflection of its people, so we really appreciate the feedback about Melody and May and will proudly share it with both of them directly. We are here for you as a resource anytime, so please keep us posted on how everything is going and do not hesitate to reach out to our team if there is anything we can do to help.

      David B.
      New York | Breed: Rottweiler

      The communication was not so well but overall it was a good experience

      Less than stellar communication our puppy was scheduled to avrive on 10/2 and we didn't get her until 10/6 the delivery was rescheduled on 9/28

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      David - We understand the disappointment you felt when your puppy was not able to arrive on the planned date, but we want to assure you that our team reached out to you as soon as we learned there would be a delay, and coordinated a new date that would work for you. As disappointing as it may have been to learn of the delay, the decision was made in the best interest of your puppy, which is always our primary concern. From our customary follow up communications with you, we understand arrived happy and is thriving in her new home. Please don't forget that our relationship began, it did not end, when your puppy joined your family, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out to our team if there's anything we can ever do to be helpful.†

      Daniel G.
      Texas | Breed: Boston Terrier



      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Daniel - Thanks very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with PuppySpot, we really appreciate it! Don't forget that our relationship began when your puppy arrived home, so please keep us posted on how everything is going and let us know if there's anything you ever need.†

      Kimberly O.
      North Carolina | Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

      Healthy, Adorable puppy, smooth arrangements

      The whole experience was as smooth as butter. My puppy arrived on the agreed date, the travel arrangements were handled well, and she is in perfect health. She?s adorable and a bundle of energy and I had no trouble with her AKC registration. I like that I was able to talk to the breeder and ask questions, and see additional pictures and video. I would definitely use them again.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Kimberly - We were thrilled to receive your review, as it's exactly what we strive to provide our community. As you noted, we are always happy to connect prospective puppy parents with their puppy's breeder via conference call before their puppy's arrival, and more directly shortly after. Please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going (we love 'pupdates'!) and let us know if there's anything more we can do to be helpful in your puppy parent journey.†

      Janice B.
      Tennessee | Breed: Poodle

      Precious baby

      Everything was great with the exception that no one told me they offered free AKC registration and magazine. I had already received my little girl with her paperwork and signed her up for AKC, although none of the packages offered had the magazine subscription. My iPad will not let me put in the pictures of my beautiful girl.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Janice - We were surprised to learn you were not aware of our complimentary AKC registration benefits, as this was shared with you by your Puppy Concierge when you selected your puppy and was sent to you via email shortly after. All that said, you did the right thing by notifying us, and we'll be in touch shortly to assist you in redeeming those benefits and securing a refund for any money spent registering your puppy outside of our offer. Our team is here whenever you need us, so please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything else we can do to be helpful in your puppy parent journey.†

      Katarzyna R.
      New Jersey | Breed: Rottweiler

      All questions and concerns were handled promptly a...

      All questions and concerns were handled promptly and courteously

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Katarzyna - Thanks very much for your feedback - we really appreciate it! Our relationship has only just begun, so please reach out to our team if there's anything we can ever do to be helpful.†

      Gene P.
      Illinois | Breed: Doberman Pinscher

      Made buying a puppy really easy !!...

      Made buying a puppy really easy !!

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Gene - We strive to provide our community with a trusted, transparent, and positive experience while searching for their next furry family member and it's really great to receive your feedback confirming just that. Our team will continue to be here should you ever need us, so please don't hesitate to reach out at any point of your puppy parent journey!

      Tanya M.
      Colorado | Breed: Morkie

      Can't Say Enough about Puppyspot... they are amazing!!

      I can't say enough about how great PuppySpot was with helping us with our adoption of Gambit!! They were for supportive and extremely helpful and so friendly to work with.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Tanya - Thanks so much for your incredibly kind words and for trusting us to help you add Gambit to your family. Our team prides themselves in providing our community with the exact experience you describe, so your feedback is really wonderful to receive. Our relationship has only just begun, so please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything you ever need.†

      Cynthia B.
      Massachusetts |

      Entire experience was helpful professional and tho...

      Entire experience was helpful professional and thorough.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Cynthia - Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with our team - yours is just what we strive for. Please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going and never hesitate to reach out if we can be helpful in any way!

      Jeffey K.
      Pennsylvania | Breed: Chihuahua


      They helped us to get financing and the puppy we wanted. We could have done without that third party pet company though.

      Maribel N.
      Florida | Breed: Boxer

      Yes they are excellent...professional??...

      Yes they are excellent...professional??

      John C.
      Georgia | Breed: Shih Tzu

      PuppySpot was very helpful in facilitating the pur...

      PuppySpot was very helpful in facilitating the purchase of our puppy. They offered lots of advice about how to care for our puppy. The travel arrangements and the execution of the arrangements were perfect. The follow-up by puppy spot was great. We could not be more pleased.

      MaryJane C.
      South Carolina | Breed: Poodle

      Buy from PuppySpot

      Yes I would buy and recommend them. I went through hell with United Airlines. They had my baby for over 26 hours plus. First it was 8:30pm flight then they changed it to 11:35pm flight. I was waiting at the airport when I was told no pets were on board. Needless to say I was very upset; I call PuppySpot and seeing it was almost 12am, I didn't think I would get an answer. Anyone who is waiting for a special little present knows how upsetting something like this is. Within 5 minutes or less someone was on the phone with me and trying to calm me down. The young lady said that the puppy was on that flight. After she spent 10 to 15 minutes trying to find my baby we found out they bumped him to a 9:55am flight. I believe PuppySpot tried to get to the bottom of this but I don't think United wanted to say. If it wasn't for PuppySpot helping me this would not have gotten resolved. Everyone worries about scams when it comes to making a purchase of a puppy online and I did run into one. The BBB has rated PuppySpot excellent. So if you want a healthy happy puppy, I would definitely recommend them. Thank you once again Romeo is doing very well!

      Anthony B.
      Georgia | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

      Offer your customers exchange options an if deceived by the breeder-refund.

      They called me constantly to sell the puppy, like atleast 3x a day. The puppy of 8 weeks looked atleast 3 months old, much bigger than the pic or we wanted. After they had our $2069.00, it was very hard to contact our puppy concierge-he just disappeared lots of messages left. It felt like they didn't want to hear us anymore. Didn't return our calls promptly an even made re: to the puppy that were not true. Didn't really believe what we told them about the over aggressively behavior. Ultimately we loss over $600 an have no puppy an no refund yet. They should offer pics of pups mom&dad, up to date photos of the dog you're getting.Include exchange policy if customer is not happy with the purchase or it's not a fit instead of being made to feel stuck! I had to send photos of the dog raging before they believed me??? Satisfied customers mean-more business. Make sure everything IS as it appears to be! No surprises.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Anthony - We were truly shocked to receive your review, as not only is it the polar opposite of the experience the vast majority of our customers report, it also varies drastically from what we learned when we went back to review your account. We did, in fact, provide you with pictures of your puppy's parents and, had you asked us to do so, would have been happy to connect you with your puppy's breeder before and/or after he arrived. As soon as you notified us that you were experiencing behavioral issues with your puppy, several members of our dedicated Customer Advocate team were quick to learn more about your situation and see how we could help. Although you did not provide any of the documentation we requested to help us better understand the situation, our team decided it was in the best interest of you and your puppy to take him back. And, although we had no obligation to do so, we gave you a full refund of your puppy?s purchase price. While we are sorry your experience with us was not more positive, we are happy to report that your puppy has not exhibited any of the behavioral issues you described since arriving safely in Florida but, through our proprietary rehoming program, we have found him a wonderful new home.

      Bruce A S.
      North Dakota | Breed: Australian Shepherd

      Exceptional customer service.

      Puppy Spot provided absolutely exceptional customer service. Everything went perfectly from beginning to end. The puppy arrived exactly on time, and we could not be more pleased. He is everything we expected and more. The staff at Puppy Spot was amazing to work with. I would highly recommend this company for anyone seeking a quality dog. Thanks to everyone at Puppy Spot. Well done!

      Mary G.
      North Carolina | Breed: Poodle

      So far one of the best experiences ever.

      The experience was out of bounds. Everyone I spoke with was friendly and professional. Several follow up calls even after paying for little Mazie is customer service 101.

      Tracey H.
      Maryland | Breed: Chihuahua

      Puppy Spot is the place to shop!

      Puppy Spot is great. I got my chihuahua, Roscoe from them late September and it only took four days for him to get to me. I would not trade Roscoe in for the world. Puppy Spot has a great team and everyone is so professional and most of all they are friendly. They are with you from the start and long even after you had your new fury bestfriend. I am currently looking for a little brother or sister for my Roscoe and I strongly recommend Puppy Spot to family, friends and anybody that expresses interest in getting a puppy. I have tried adoption in the past at my local animal shelter but I came across too many dogs that were really really old and had a long list of issues and health problems. I decided to do some "googling" and I came across Puppy Spot. They were the first website to pop up in the search! Your pup will come to you clean, up to date on ALL vacinations plus he/she will have their food.

      Margaret F.
      Virginia | Breed: German Shepherd Dog


      They were great with the communication and being right on schedule with the safe arrival of the puppy I would definitely recommend them to friends wanting to purchase a new puppy .