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Shannon F.
Wyoming | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Excellent service — beautiful dog

I contracted for a beautiful, healthy yellow lab from Indiana. I received exactly the puppy I was promised. A beautiful, healthy dog? 90 percent housebroken and already well crate trained. I was told that the breeder, Marlene, was most excellent. It was no exaggeration. Our puppy exceeded our expectations. I would recommend puppy spot in a heartbeat.

Mattheu B.
Colorado |


It was wonderful!

Brooke D.
Virginia |

Great company and amazing, healthy puppy!

We were so happy with using puppy spot. The whole process was smooth and they made it so simple for us. I was a little weary about getting our puppy online, but I would 100% recommend puppy spot and would definately buy from them again. The cost was a little more expensive, but for the easy process and quality of the puppy and purchase it was well worth it! We also had employees from puppy spot who showed us their loyalty when someone else was interested in the same dog. They took the time and answered all of my questions, and honestly talked to me at least a couple times every day. The only "issue" we had was getting our puppy later than expected, but that was completely because of weather and had nothing to do with the company. We are very happy with our new puppy!!

Carmen C.
Wisconsin |

Wonderful and dependable service

Rocky was crated very comfortably. Cheerful and happy right off the airplane. I appreciated the follow up. He is an excellent and smart pup.

Robert F.
California |

Overall - puppy spot provided very good service

Overall, the puppy spot service was very good. They were very accommodating and helpful. I ordered a siberian husky and he arrived in good health. The only complaint I have is that the flight was a very bad experience for the puppy -he was very scared and did not come out of his travel crate for several hours - I eventually had to take the top off of the crate to get him to come out and he was scared for several days afterwards. He did not eat or drink for 2 days - I took him to the vet and they gave him fluids and anti nausea medicine to ease his upset stomach in hopes that he would eventually eat. He finally started eating during the 2nd day and is fine now. I received his health records along with information about his breeder and they put me in contact with his breeder. Overall, they provided a great service. I only wish there was a better way to transport the puppies without traumatizing them on the flight - perhaps if there was a nonstop flight that may be a little bit better to shorten the time traveling.

Alissa R.
Oregon |


They were wonderful through the whole process of getting our puppy.

Amber M.
California |

PuppySpot supported me the whole way through.

PuppySpot walked us through the entire process of getting our new puppy. I felt supported and confident the whole time. I highly suggest using PuppySpot.

Matthew A R.
Tennessee |

Great experience!

You made it a great experience surprising our son with the puppy of his dreams!

Tamara D.
Arizona | Breed: Pomsky

We bought two awesome puppies from PuppySpot; both...

We bought two awesome puppies from PuppySpot; both brothers from the same litter. Since both puppies came from the same breeder we asked Patty our sales person if we could possibly ship the puppies in the same crate to save on shipping costs. She wasn't sure of the answer and told us that she would call us back. She called back the same day stating she had spoken to the breeder and they had said the puppies were small enough to fit in the same crate for shipping and we would get a refund of $224 (shipping was $299 per puppy but we still had to pay the $75 for the health certificate) back to our credit card. They showed up as promised in the same kennel. We gave it a few weeks and didn't see any credit on our credit card so we called and spoke to Melody who stated somebody from booking would call us back. We received a call back from a lady (missed her name) and she told us that because the puppies were shipped together they put them in a bigger crate and since that cost more we wouldn't be getting our refund of $224 back. So, did PuppySpot not want to have to do a little extra work to refund us our money and came up with an excuse to keep it? Either way we were promised something and Puppy Spot went back on their word. As long as you don't go outside of their process (purchase puppy, wait for shipping details, and pick up puppy) you will be fine. If for any reason your transaction goes outside of those parameters don't believe what they say if you don't have it in writing (even though the conversation was on a recorded line).

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Tamara - We're thrilled that you trusted us for not one, but multiple new family members, however we were troubled to hear about what sounds like a frustrating experience. We apologize for any miscommunication surrounding the refund promised to you for your second puppy's travel expenses and as soon as we received your feedback, a member of our team was quick to reach out, learn more, and expedite the promised refund, which we confirmed has been processed. We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to continue to provide a positive experience for our community. Our relationship began when your puppies arrived home, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out if there's anything you need in your puppy parent journey.

Natalija D.
Maryland | Breed: Siberian Husky

Everyone was friendly and they coordinated quickly...

Everyone was friendly and they coordinated quickly a second flight plan when the breeder had some issues with the first date that I wanted the puppy shipped. The breeder forgot to mail food with the puppy, but he did come with a kennel an was the sweetest once received. The Puppy Spot staff were informative and extremely supportive every step of the way. I highly, highly recommend this web site interface and the Puppy Spot staff. Thank you for making my first experience with getting a puppy an easy one! Best, Natalija D.

Veronica R.
California | Breed: Maltipoo

Prior to adopting Bella we had purchased a puppy t...

Prior to adopting Bella we had purchased a puppy through Craigslist. Biggest mistake ever! The puppy looked younger than the 10 weeks that I was told she was and after I took her 1st vet check I was told she had roundworms. 6 days later our new puppy died. So I was very hesitant to purchase a new puppy from Puppy Spot. I was scared that I would receive a sick puppy but she wasn't! She is a healthy and happy puppy. I did voice these concerns to the staff at Puppy Spot and I received reassurance from Daniela that all puppies receive a head to tail check and would also receive a certificate indicating a healthy puppy. I also made sure that Bella had an appointment with my vet on the day of her arrival (I wasn't going to be taking any chances this time around). When and if I'm ever ready to find a new addition to my family I will be going through Puppy Spot again.

Gina P.
California |

puppy spot was great! we purchased a white pomeran...

puppy spot was great! we purchased a white pomeranian, we picked her up at los �ngeles airport, the dog was happy, active and looked healthy, the pick up arrangements were clear! their personel was very helpful they answer all my questions about cost and concerns, watching a video of the puppy convinced me! i have a fun healthy puppy!

Ledell C.
California | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Your representative did a great job handling the p...

Your representative did a great job handling the process and answering our questions. The viewing site was very detailed, helpful and up to date. The video was most helpful as it brought a picture(s) to life. It also allowed us to see how playful or active a dog may be.

Wendy M.
Vermont | Breed: Cockapoo

What a great experience. The PuppySpot rep was ex...

What a great experience. The PuppySpot rep was extremely helpful but not pushy. He helped me through the process of making sure I got the puppy that suited my wants and needs. The process was simple and easy. Best of all. I have the most amazing new family member and friend.

Robert H.
Virginia |

Couldn't be any happier!

Communication was very good, we had assistance every step of the way. Our puppy arrived happy, healthy, and adorable - as you can see from her photo.

Ann-Marie F.
Connecticut |

Caesar is beautiful

Excellent customer service, friendly and knowledgeable agents.

Lisa K.
Massachusetts |

This service united me and my family with the pupp...

This service united me and my family with the puppy we were looking for. They provided the exact service that was promised.

Sally L. M.
Oregon | Breed: Cavapoo

I was very satisfied with the treatment I received during my transaction.

The PuppySpot representatives were courteous and knowledgable and responded to my questions promptly.

Steve M.
Colorado |

Awesome experience! I would highly recommend puppy spot!

This was a very pleasant experience! Everyone was very professional, caring and in tune to all my concerns and questions! Thanks to Greg, Jeff, Elaine, Sandra and everyone involved. I especially would like to thank Emma she really made me feel totally confident in the process and cared for my concerns for buying a puppy site unseen. Thanks Emma you where right. Our puppy (Bear) is a wonderful addition to our family! Thanks again!

Brenda J.
Florida |

Great Service

Everything was handled very efficiently - from purchasing our puppy through his arrival in our home. We would definitely recommend them to others looking for that special puppy!