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Heather W.
Arizona | Breed: Goldendoodle

Very professional!

We love our girl!!!

Mark P.
California | Breed: Labrador Retriever

I wasn't sure if they could get this all done but ...

I wasn't sure if they could get this all done but everything went very smooth I got my dog the dog is in great shape beautiful dog very happy with what I got

Binh P.
Texas | Breed: Golden Retriever

Customer care service is helpful , patient and fri...

Customer care service is helpful , patient and friendly. The only thing I would suggest is the communication needed between the salesman and the customer care service (customer's request of Dallas Lovefield instead of DFW, customer 's request of the day she 's available to pick up Denver...) Other than that Denver is healthy and very happy.

Cydney E.
New Jersey | Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

We found a blessing!

Our experience obtaining a dog through PuppySpot was absolutely wonderful! They are very thorough and we received the most loveable, healthy, fantastic and precious puppy! In fact, we named her Precious! The breeder did an excellent job with early training, and doing all that is possible to give a dog a great start in life and we couldn't be more satisfied! Thank you for helping us get over the loss of our 16 year old Sheltie, with another who's already proving to be yet another love of our life! Such a blessing!

Mary Lee S.
Maryland | Breed: Cocker Spaniel

It was my first experience as a customer for your ...

It was my first experience as a customer for your service, i will definitely be a customer again. Great puppy that i now own.

Brian C.
Michigan | Breed: Mastiff

Murphy arrived clean and calm, no sign of stress. ...

Murphy arrived clean and calm, no sign of stress. Plane ride was no problem for this puppy.

Ghazi G.
Wyoming | Breed: Poodle


Very professional. Excellent customer service...everything went very smooth. Love the puppy

Janice S.
New Hampshire | Breed: Cockapoo

Our "adoption" went soooooo smooth ! Puppy Spot wa...

Our "adoption" went soooooo smooth ! Puppy Spot was there EVERY step of the way.Our "little guy" who had been named Dalton (we renamed him Trooper) came to us via Delta Airlines, he was spotless and 'perky" when we took him out of his flight crate ! he was a real "trooper' !!we are so in love with our "new" family member and we send much love and thanks to the GREAT team at Puppy Spot......... you all were SPOT on !!!!!! Jan

Randy H W.
Arizona | Breed: Dachshund

We are very happy with our wonderful puppy.

We were grieving over the loss of our beloved dachshund, Maggie, when we found little Madam, who is now Maddie, on Puppy Spot. We were concerned about her long flight, but she was happy and alert when we greeted her at the airport. Thank you for a beautiful little spitfire. We don't have time to be sad any more.

Stephen F.
Florida | Breed: French Bulldog

good service, friendly and helpful. I love my new ...

good service, friendly and helpful. I love my new little girl French bulldog.

Erica S.
Alaska |

Perfect puppy!!

The process of waiting for this puppy was torture:-) Puppyspot staff were nice, professional, and quick to respond. I wished there were more details and videos/photos from the breeders without me having to beg for them for days. The price was high but totally worth it. This puppy is amazinggggg and my family and I couldn't be happier!

Simone d.
Oregon | Breed: Goldendoodle

new puppy

I really loved how helpful everyone was and my puppy is great. He had 2 siblings also on the site and when I asked the salesman about different temperments of the three, he said puppies are all the same at that age. I know this to not be true and would have liked to have known how my puppy was as compared to the other two. Other than that it was all good.

Milt S.
Minnesota | Breed: Poodle

Super good...

Super good

Delores S.
New Jersey | Breed: Maltese

Everyone at Puppyspot were very helpful especially Felicia. Casey arrived s

Excellent from start to finish. Very happy. Thank you.

Chris B.
Texas | Breed: Shiba Inu

Puppy Spot allowed me to get a Shiba Inu puppy eve...

Puppy Spot allowed me to get a Shiba Inu puppy even though there were no local breeders for that type of dog. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Tammy H.
Ohio | Breed: Goldendoodle


At first I was nervous about buying a puppy online. It took me 2 weeks to make the decision. We decided to go for it after reading the reviews and hoped for the best. I AM SO HAPPY WE DID. We have had the best experience! We have a labradoodle that is 2 and 2 small dogs. We really wanted one for the labradoodle to grow up with. A Goldendoodle would be perfect. She had to be flown in and that kept me up for a few days worrying about if she would be scared or not. When we picked her up, she was laying in this safe sturdy kennel with her food still in its holder so I knew the trip couldn't have been too bad or it would have fallen out. She was thirsty ( if you decide to get one follow their instructions on what to bring with you to get your pup). She didn't seem scared at all! We brought her home and you could tell immediately that she had been raised with people ( not just in a kennel ) She had her first accident in the house after the third day. for 9 weeks old I couldn't believe how potty trained she was. They really must have worked with her a lot. I would recommend Puppy Spot to anyone. The price is a little higher but the experience is well worth the extra money. We bought our goldendoodle from a pet store and her personality is AMAZING but the puppy experience was nothing at all like this. It took us weeks to potty train because she had been in a cage for so long. Anyone looking for the perfect family pets, goldendoodles and labradoodles are the way to go.

Sandra B.
Washington | Breed: Pomeranian

they were very helpful.

the pople at puppy spot were very kind & understanding' they help me find my little Beau pomeranian thank you.

Ionela S.
Rhode Island | Breed: French Bulldog

Perfect experience ! Happy to be a new mom.

This was a wonderful experience. I was a little nervous buying a dog online. You just never know. But not only did I get the most amAzing best friend, but the process of recieving him was done so smoothly. I felt I trusted everyone I was talking. The process was easy. I had updates every day by email or By a phone call. Eveb picking him up at rhe airport. The directions were perfect. I am so happy every day that I went through with this decision. Thank you!

Cristina B.
New Jersey | Breed: Rottweiler

great dog excellent people you talk to, very helpf...

great dog excellent people you talk to, very helpful perfect place to buy a puppy

Tonya A.
California | Breed: Border Collie

Finding our baby girl and getting her home was mad...

Finding our baby girl and getting her home was made so easy with PuppySpot! The customer service was amazing and we greatly appreciated the military discount. We've had our Border Collie Leia for 3 weeks now and have enjoyed watching her grow. After experiencing a horrible loss a year and a half ago of our 11 year old Border Collie PuppySpot allowed our hearts to be full again!