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Kelsey S.
California | Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Amazing service and communication from PuppySpot! ...

Amazing service and communication from PuppySpot! I love my puppy and can't wait to have an amazing life with her!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kelsey - Welcome to the PuppySpot family and thanks for both the kind review and the awesome photos. It looks like your Pembroke Welsh Corgi family member has adjusted very well to your home. Feel free to continue to share photos with us as time goes on. We always love to see how our puppies are doing in their forever homes.

Carol B.
Alabama | Breed: Shihpoo

This is my second purchase from PuppySpot and they...

This is my second purchase from PuppySpot and they were both a great experience. Tons of fun picking up a puppy from the airport. Both were in excellent condition. I'm actually sad that I no longer have a reason to search the PuppySpot web sight.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Carol - Thanks for coming back to us for another puppy! Actions speak louder than words, so when a customer returns to us, we know we must be doing something right. As much fun as it is looking for a puppy on the site, many of our customers tell us their favorite moment in the process is picking their puppy up at the airport, so you are certainly not alone. And, there's no reason to be sad. You are more than welcome to come back to PuppySpot.com to look at our adorable puppies whenever you want. We do it all the time.

Michael M.
Illinois | Breed: Boston Terrier

I was not sure about buying a puppy on line. But m...

I was not sure about buying a puppy on line. But my experience with puppy spot was very positive. They were very professional and they took care of all the travel arrangements. I picked up my Boston Terrier from the airport and he has brought a lot of happiness into my household. I would buy another puppy from puppy spot.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Michael - Thank you very much for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family! Your review highlights one of the big reasons we created PuppySpot - to eliminate the unknowns people often encounter when they look for a new puppy. Our goal is to make the entire process of searching for a new best friend an enjoyable one by giving our customers peace of mind and taking care of everything from matching them to their perfect puppy to ensuring the puppy makes it safe and sound to their forever home. And, beyond the process you have experienced so far, we want to remind you that your relationship with us began, it did not end, when you found your puppy on PuppySpot.com and you can reach out to us anytime if you have any questions or there is anything else we can do to be helpful.

Stacey B.
Louisiana | Breed: Boxer

I am very blessed to have IZZY in our lives,IZZY is our world.


James T.
Florida | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Great people at puppy spot

Everything and everyone was perfect from start to finish ! The only problem was the flight . Vivian was delayed at the airport for 12 hours in Newark . When we got her 24 hours after she left St. Louis . Still original ties on cage door and no food or water . Their note said they checked her they. Ever fed her or let her out for 24 hours ! She could have died ! She is the perfect pet !

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

James - While we're happy to hear you had a mostly positive experience, we were incredibly concerned to receive feedback about your puppy's care while traveling. As you noted, Vivian's flight was delayed, causing her to stay overnight in a kennel, however it is not customary for her to not have been let out for relief. After reaching out to the airline, we were able to confirm that Vivian was well cared for as expected. Please know that the safety and well-being of our puppies is our number one concern and to that end, a member of our dedicated travel team has been trying to get in touch with you to learn more, see how we can help, and clear up any misunderstanding about your puppy's travel accommodations. Your relationship with us began when we placed Vivian in your home, so you should never hesitate to reach out if there's anything you ever need.

Brittany B.
California | Breed: Siberian Husky

There should be way to contact the breeder directly and ask questions.

The process was okay, and there are definitely areas for improvement. We got two puppies from puppyspot of the same breed (Siberian huskies) but came from different breeders. We found that one of our puppies was completely traumatized upon arrival where as the other was a happy camper. They both arrived at 8 weeks and although the personality of the puppy is somewhat out of puppyspots' control, they should allow the potential owner to have more access to information and be allowed to question the breeder directly. The short paragraph description on the page is simply not enough information to be able to make an informed decision between one puppy or another. Side note: the cost listings for puppies of the same breed appears to fairly arbitrary, there appears to be no real reason why one puppy of the same breed, gender, and age should cost twice as much as another. I believe the pricing should be more uniform.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Brittany - Thanks very much for your review. We rely on valuable feedback from customers like you to continue to provide a positive experience for our community. We are always happy to connect our customers with their puppy's breeder via conference call before a puppy arrives home and more directly shortly after to ask just the type of questions you mentioned in your review. If we haven't already, our team will connect you with both of your puppies' breeders shortly. As you noted, price can and often does vary by puppy, even across the same breed. The pricing of our puppies is dependent on several factors, including a puppy's pedigree and breeder, and since your puppies came from two different lineages and breeders, cost was not uniform. Lastly, while we're happy to hear both of your puppies arrived healthy, we were concerned to learn that one of your puppies is experiencing some separation anxiety. Often having a companion helps, but additional training may be necessary to help with behavioral and general puppy-related issues. A member of our Customer Advocate team has been in touch with you and will continue to act as a resource and source of support now and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Brian S.
Oregon | Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Impeccable service and much needed reliability

I would absolutely buy from PuppySpot again, and I've already recommended them to at least 5 different people. They kept such good contact with me up until the very minute I received my puppy, and even took a personal interest into things like his name and his training. Also even after you receive your puppy they will take the time to call you and check up. Incredible service. But I was most satisfied by their background checks and the reliability of their system. I was given practically a full biography of the breeder I bought from, as well as a complete description of his last inspection, which PuppySpot carry out annually. Honestly, I'm just very happy that I happened upon them because if I hadn't, I don't think I'd have such a great pup to call my own.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Brian- Thanks very much for your kind words and for recommending us to your friends. A referral from one of our community members is the best compliment and validation we can receive. To ensure we achieve our mission of making lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes, we invest a lot in the process you are talking about. Not only do we screen and vet breeders on the front end to make sure your puppy is coming from a responsible source, but we regularly re-screen them as well. And, as you note, transparency and communication are a core part of our process. Making sure to clearly describe what is going to happen every step of the way and then delivering on those expectations enables us to provide our customers peace of mind throughout the amazing process of fetching their new best friend. Welcome to the PuppySpot family and please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Jeff W. G.
Kentucky | Breed: Boston Terrier

Just an overall great experience

Great customer service personnel

Nancy S.
California | Breed: Labradoodle

Both are poppy and Puppie Spot met all of our expectations.

Despite our concerns about purchasing a puppy based on pictures and the video, our little puppy was as cute as portrayed and a joy for us all. The communication between our broker and the company in general was excellent. We chose to drive from Sacramento to Salt Lake to pick up our puppy personally rather than have her send to us by plane. My husband and I recommend Puppie Spot highly, as we were very content with all aspects of the transaction. I

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Nancy - Thanks very much for your feedback. You are absolutely right. Finding a puppy can be scary, regardless of how you do it, and it's important to get it right. And, knowing who to trust can be challenging. That's why we created PuppySpot - so prospective puppy parents have a trusted place to go that eliminates all the scary unknowns that can exist when fetching your new best friend. As you experienced, our proprietary process is designed to provide you peace of mind that you are getting a healthy puppy from a responsible, humane source, no matter where you or your puppy live. Although most of our community members pick their puppies up at the closest airport to them, it sounds like you made a puppy road trip out of it, which is awesome. Welcome to the PuppySpot family and we wish you all the best in your puppy journey.

Jon W.
California | Breed: Pomeranian

Everything went smoothly and PuppySpot took care of everything..

I recommend PuppySpot, they took care of all the arrangements and kept me updated .. Even though I read some bad reviews on them I found them to be courteous and very helpful..

Eva F.
New York | Breed: Siberian Husky

Just amazing

My puppy arrived on time and in excellent condition. My Daughter and Granddaughter just adored her. The transaction was smooth and I would definitely buy from again. She is still learning some basic commands at 4 months old. I enrolled her in puppy classes at my Clear Path for Veterans located in Chitttenango, N Y and has been just amazing I,m working with her to become a Service dog for myself. The Clear Path for Veterans is just amazing we are so lucky to have this place in Upstate New York. Most everyone is a volunteer of some kind, and the trainers are fabulous and do a outstanding job.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Eva - Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family. We are glad to hear your experience matches the one we work very hard to give each and every one of our community members. It's amazing to hear you are training your puppy to be a service dog for you and it sounds like you have some terrific resources at home. Also, please remember that we are resources for you, too, so you should never hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to be helpful.

Brian J.
California | Breed: Golden Retriever

Good service overall.

Good service overall. PuppySpot customer service personnel were great at answering questions and completing most of my additional. The 4 Star rating is for two reasons. The first reason is that my request for pictures of the litter was never fulfilled. The second reason is the delivery of my puppy via air travel was terrible. My golden retriever arrived covered in urine and feces. It took us an hour to semi-clean her up before we could handle her for the ride home. The shipping kennel was completely ruined because of the mess. The airport was kind enough to discard the kennel for us. My young daughter was shocked at the condition of the puppy. I know we're talking about an animal, but this is terrible service due to the amount of money I paid for the delivery, which was described to me as the method the Westminster Dog Show uses. I'm questioning whether or not this is true.

Stacy B.
Washington | Breed: Akita

Excellent customer service

Is a great company to work with. I had no issues and they did very good keeping me informed. The breeder also played a big role in providing great information and follow up!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Stacy- Thanks very much for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family. We believe communication and transparency are critical, so it's great to hear that we met our goals on those fronts with you.

Ayub S.
California | Breed: Shichon

Great experience, so happy. Thanks a lot PuppySpot

Great customer service. Best service and also great breeder

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Ayub- Thanks for the kind feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family! Remember, your relationship with us began, it did not end, when you found your puppy on PuppySpot.com, so you should always feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you have during your puppy journey. In addition, even if you do not feel like picking up the phone, you can find answers to many common puppy-related questions in the Tips & Advice section of PuppySpot.com at https://www.puppyspot.com/content/.

Richard C.
California | Breed: Labradoodle

Never got a dog over the internet before.

I was shopping for a new puppy to add to our family. I came across Puppy Spot which had listings for all types of dogs. After searching through the various listings of dogs in other countries besides the US. I found Rosco and I fell for him. I contacted Pet Spot and spoke with a customer service representative who answere all of my questions. I was really nervous about buying a dog over the internet. Well I did it and in only a few days I picked up Rosco. He was very shy at first but after awhile he started to come around. Now after having had him for almost a month he has become a member of the family. He is very gentle with everyone from babies an up. He is precious. It has worked out a whole lot better than I thought it would. We were thinking of renaming him but Rosco really fits him well. So know he is known as Rosco Dude Clark.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Richard- Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family. We know it's difficult to know who to trust when you are looking to add a new puppy to your family and that is one of the reasons we created PuppySpot - so people would have a trusted place to go to fetch their new best friend. As you learned, PuppySpot eliminates the scary unknowns and gives our community members the peace of mind that they are getting a healthy puppy from a responsible, humane source. It is terrific that our team was able to answer all of your questions when you were looking for your puppy and it's important to remember we are still here for you, since our relationship began, it didn't end, when you found Rosco on PuppySpot.com. We are glad to hear Rosco Dude Clark is settling into his new home and thank you, again, for joining the PuppySpot community.

Judy A.
Massachusetts | Breed: Golden Retriever


They have recommended vitamins, exams, etc. From the photos of her, I thought she would be a lot smaller, but when she arrived at United ( 2 hr. delay) she was gigantic. She is only 3 and 1/2 months and has huge paws and feet, and I have an almost 13 yr. old golden and when they lie next to each other she is about 1/2 her length! I think she is going to be a very big girl. It has been so long since I have had a puppy I forgot how much they like to chew on everything. She prefers wood in my house to all the toys I have for her. But she is funny too...like she tries to chase butterflies and falling leaves.

Belliny F.
Arizona | Breed: French Bulldog

Love our baby frenchie

At the beginning I was weary about getting a puppy online especially with all the scamming that goes on. Puppyspot put me at ease by updating me every step of the way. Getting the transportation set up for my new baby was effortless and we were so excited to bring Jeter home! Thank you puppyspot for our new little one!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Belliny - Thanks for the feedback and we are thrilled to have been able to add Jeter to your family (thanks for the awesome picture as well!). Sadly, there are a lot of puppy scams out there and it's hard to know who you can trust. We created PuppySpot to provide a trusted source for families to fetch their new best friend and to eliminate all the scary unknowns people encounter as they search for a new puppy. And, we do not ask for that trust, but we earn it through transparency and action. Reviews like yours help to bring the PuppySpot experience to life and show potential PuppySpot customers what it is like to work with us, so we really appreciate that you took the time to share your experience with us.

Marcia N.
Illinois | Breed: Labrador Retriever

They stayed in touch with us on the breeder as well as the travel

They told us all about the breeder .set everything up for the travel'.yes I would recommend puppy spot. He's a very good . We got him house broken in less then a week!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Marcia - Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family! A recommendation to a friend is the best compliment we can get, so we really appreciate your sentiments. At PuppySpot, our goal is to give our customers peace of mind and handle the entire process, from matching you to the right puppy all the way through ensuring your healthy puppy makes it safely home, and we are always glad to hear how well our puppies are settling into their forever homes. It sounds like your puppy is not only happy and healthy, but you are doing an excellent job training him, so kudos to you and your family, too.

Rachell W.
Utah | Breed: Maltipoo


I felt they were very helpful and made sure I was able to care for a puppy before I got one they were friendly and made sure you knew they would help any time you need them

Mark B.
California | Breed: Boxer

Great attention to detail. Made the process easy i...

Great attention to detail. Made the process easy in this age of the Amazon Prime world. Very good customer service and support.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Mark - Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family. Making the process easy, eliminating the unknowns often associated with finding a new puppy other places and giving our customers the peace of mind that they are getting a healthy puppy from a responsible source live at the core what we are here to do, and we are glad you have had a great experience with us. In terms of support, it's great to hear that it's been terrific so far and please keep in mind that finding your puppy on PuppySpot was just the beginning of our relationship. As a member of the PuppySpot community, you can reach out to us anytime.