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What Are the Best Companion Dog Breeds?

There are hundreds of dog breeds out there and each breed has something that it's best at. Pointers and retrievers for hunting and guard dogs for protecting just for two examples. That said, what are the best breeds for someone who is just looking for a companion? Today, we've gathered the top ten dogs that would make great friends and companions for any type of family.

  1. Labrador

    The lab is one of the most iconic family pets there is. They thrive in almost any climate and environment with proper exercise and love being with family of all sizes and types. They are easy to groom and train and though they do have joint problems, are an overall perfect companion breed for any family or reason.
  2. Border Collie

    This is a great dog for someone not only looking for a companion pet, but a service pet as well. This hard working and highly intelligent dog has a history in herding and knows how to get things done. They are very healthy and while needing regular brushing, are generally an easy dog to take care of. Be sure to get them a job and space to run and they will be one of the best family dogs you can have.
  3. Boxer

    One of the bigger dogs on this list and often thought out as a bully breed, the boxer is actually a very kind and gentle soul. The easy to train nature will come out most with lots of exercise though they should be kept away from both heat and cold. They are the easiest dog to groom and their great family nature makes them simple to take care of by anyone in the family. Watch out though, this dog is known to have a high cancer rate.
  4. Corgi

    Perhaps more known for their cute looks, the Corgi makes a great pet for older kids and adults that need a friend. Like many pets on the list, it does need more exercise, however, it's a trainable dog with a history in being the companion to royalty. Keep in mind this dog will need weekly brushing and is known to have back problems.
  5. Brittney

    If you have the room for this bird dog to run, it will be the perfect pet for you. The Brittney is one of the easiest pets to train and with a healthy background and minimal grooming, it's one of the easiest to take care of. Overall a great family pet, the Britney can be the perfect companion pet for you and your whole family.
  6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    On of the best family dogs out there, this royal breed is easy to train, great for apartment living and fun to have around. As with any breed, it is known to have its issues. You want to be careful about grooming this breed's long hair or it will get dirty and unmanageable. Also, this breed is known to have heart issues, so take care when visiting the vet or picking your new companion.
  7. Basset Hound

    You'll know the basset hound from many movies and its huge floppy ears. Great with kids, these dogs are one of the perfect breeds for you to have as a friend. However, training will require a professional as this breed is known for being stubborn. Once trained, this healthy and long living breed with need weekly ear cleaning and plenty of room to run and bay to become the best companion he or she can be.
  8. English Bulldog

    Perhaps most known for it's small bow-legged look, this dog is often misinterpreted as being mean and aggressive. However, what is not often known is that this dog is actually very friendly and would make a great companion pet. While they are tuff to train, they are great with both adults and children and can easily become part of the pack. It should be noted, however, that they do not do good with heat and their past breeding has created a rather short lifespan. Also, take care to clean this breed and their cute folds can be prone to infection.
  9. Shih Tzu

    A smaller dog, the Shih Tzu is notorious for it's flat face and long hair. However, it should also be known for its ability to be happy anywhere, it's long lifespan (11 to 16 years), and its ability to get along with everyone, especially the elderly. This lap dog can be hard to groom, however opting to keep it's coat short can save you time and hassle if you plan on going outside often where the long hair could get dirty.
  10. Bullmastiff

    Though often thought of as a guard dog, this companion dog makes a great friend. Now nothing more than a general giant, this breed can be exactly what you are looking for in a companion. They require little exercise, are each to wash and care for and work great in a family unit. However, be careful as they are also known to be stubborn when training and are known to be more prone to cancer, hip dysplasia and bloat as compared to other breeds.

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