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Low Maintenance and Calm Dog Breeds

Theresa is a tenured PuppySpot employee and breed expert. She is currently the manager of our Profile Approval department and interacts with our breeders daily. Theresa has been involved in the pet industry for over 20 years and has hands-on experience with many dog breeds. Theresa is also the proud pet parent of Marta, a German Shepherd Dog who is a trained service dog, a miniature Labradoodle named Eleanor, and her tuxedo cat Bonnie!

Not everyone is looking for a dog to take hiking and running every weekend. Some of us are looking for a dog to snuggle on the couch with for movie marathons! 

If you’re looking for a low maintenance or low energy dog breed, the first thing to know is that these terms are not the same.  A low maintenance dog has lesser maintenance requirements than some other dogs (such as less frequent grooming needs). A low energy dog is less active than some other dogs so requires less physical activity. A calm dog has a calm temperament and isn’t easily excitable. 

Dogs with less exercise needs who love being couch potatoes do still like to run and play and it’s important to get them outside to explore and socialize. And these dogs still can get the zoomies! But they likely aren’t up to long adventures outside or active households with a lot of daily exercise. They also likely aren’t going to be great dogs for protection.

Dog Breeds that Are Calm and Low Maintenance

These breeds don’t have high physical activity requirements and don’t have high maintenance grooming needs.

cavalier king charles spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Weigh between 13 and 18 pounds
  • Good apartment dogs
  • Good family dogs
  • Affectionate lap dogs
  • Require a lot of attention

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chihuahua Chihuahua
  • Weigh up to 6 pounds
  • Good apartment dogs
  • Can be snippy with children and suspicious of strangers
  • Smart
  • Can get attached to a single person

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brussels griffon Brussels Griffon
  • Weigh between 8 and 10 pounds
  • Affectionate and adaptable
  • Easily trained
  • Tends to bark
italian greyhound Italian Greyhound
  • Weigh between 7 and 14 pounds
  • Are fearless and have delicate bone structures (so can be easily injured when jumping if not being appropriately held)
  • Fast runners when active
  • Rely on their keen eyesight
bulldog Bulldog
  • Weigh up to 50 pounds
  • Great for apartment and families
  • Gentle and affectionate

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Dog Breeds That Are Calm

These breeds have higher maintenance grooming requirements but are calm and lower energy.

basset hound Basset Hound
  • Weigh between 40 and 65 pounds
  • Good apartment dogs
  • Good with cats, other dogs, children, and strangers
  • Loyal and smart
  • Shed a lot
  • Have a tendency to bark and howl

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maltese Maltese

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shih tzu Shih Tzu
  • Weight between 10 and 15 pounds
  • Good apartment dogs
  • Allergy-friendly dogs
  • Affectionate, quiet, and playful

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pug Pug
  • Weight up to 18 pounds
  • Good apartment and family dogs
  • Cheerful and good companions

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pekingese Pekingese
  • Weigh up to 14 pounds
  • Good apartment dogs
  • Independent and stubborn
  • Affectionate

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havanese Havanese

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japanese chin Japanese Chin
  • Weigh between 7 and 11 pounds
  • Affectionate and great companions
  • Enjoy climbing high places
  • Friendly and relaxed
  • Low barking but tendency to snore.

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