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Most Popular Puppy Names

David Mead is the Vice President, Head of Marketing at PuppySpot. Dogs have been an important part of his life since his early childhood. He has a passion for dog training and believes that dogs make the best companions as long as you treat them right.

If you've picked out your puppy, purchased your pet supplies and puppy-proofed your home, then the only thing left to do is name your furry friend. You could go with something classic, like Max or Daisy, or you could try something funny, like Chewbarka or Bark Twain. Truthfully, it doesn't matter what you name your puppy so long as the name means something to you. Scroll down to find the most popular puppy names.

Part One: How to Choose a Puppy Name

What Are The Most Popular Puppy Names?

PuppySpot is the nation's largest and most trusted service for connecting dog lovers with responsible breeders. At the end of each year we dig into our databases to see which puppy names were the most popular, and we're always surprised by what we find. Here are 20 of the most popular puppy names.

puppy names 2020

    1. Luna
    2. Bella
    3. Charlie
    4. Cooper
    5. Lucy
    6. Daisy
    7. Max
    8. Rosie
    9. Teddy
    10. Molly
    11. Winnie
    12. Bandit
    13. Bentley
    14. Koda
    15. Sadie
    16. Bella
    17. Daisy
    18. Copper
    19. Loki
    20. Rufus

    How Do I Choose A Name For My Puppy?

    Choosing a name for your puppy is a special occasion, you never know when inspiration will strike with the perfect name. On the other hand, it may take some time to come up with a name that captures your puppy's unique personality in a single word. If you're having trouble finding the perfect name for your new puppy, we suggest following these tips for choosing the best name for your puppy.

    Stick With Words That End in Vowels

    Have you ever wondered why most dog names end in a vowel? It's because dogs can distinguish frequency ranges at a much higher level than humans and are, therefore, more likely to respond to a name like Bailey over Bart

    Choose Names With One or Two Syllable

    Long, complicated names with more than two syllables are harder to say and more difficult for your puppy to distinguish from other words. One and two syllable names are also easier to repeat, which is especially useful during training.

    Stay Away from Names that are Negative or Offensive

    When naming your puppy, it's always a good idea to avoid names with negative or offensive connotations. Think about it. Do you really want to be the person at the dog park calling out a name that is clearly offensive? No, you don't. When it comes to puppy names, it's best to keep them PG.

    Avoid Names That Sound Like Commands

    Names like Kit, Jay and Pop can easily be confused for commands like Sit, Stay and Stop. Therefore, it's best to avoid names that sound too similar to commands or words that you repeat over and over.

    Choose Names That Don't Sound Like Your Other Pets

    In homes with more than one pet, it's best to choose a name that doesn't sound like the name of your other pets. You don't want to confuse your pets by choosing names that are too similar to one another, like Max and Rex.

    Use the "Nickname Test"

    We've seen it all before. Regardless of the name you choose for your puppy, it will inevitably be shortened to a nickname. Save yourself the trouble of renaming your puppy and perform the nickname test before you decide on a name. The nickname test is easy. Simply think of all the different ways you can/will say your dog's name. If they are easy to say over and over; don't sound like your other pets names and don't offend anyone's sensibilities, then you may have found the perfect name.

    Consider Your Puppy's Personality

    The most important tip for naming your new puppy is to consider its personality. What names come to mind when you look at your new puppy? We say trust your gut and go with the name that suits their unique self-best.

    Choose a Name and Stick With It

    From learning its name to potty training, consistency is the best way to teach your puppy everything. Whichever name you choose, the best thing to do is stick with it. If you must change your dog's name, try to change it to something that doesn't sound too dissimilar from it's previous name. A dog that was named Sven is more likely to answer to a name like Ben than it is Cooper.

    Do Dogs Respond Better to Certain Names?

    Yes. Dogs learn and respond to certain sounds better than others. Longer words with more than one syllable can be confusing for some dogs. Dogs are also surprisingly sensitive and intuitive, which is why you want to avoid names that sound like a joke. Your dog can tell when you're making fun of him/her.

    Part Two: Where to Find Puppy Names?

    Many new puppy owners find inspiration from their new puppy's anime in their favorite books, films, and TV series. Others scan the pages of history and mythology for powerful, classic names that never go out of style. Wherever you find inspiration, just be sure that you choose a name that you would feel comfortable shouting aloud at the dog park. Stick with names that you would be comfortable saying in front of your grandmother.

    Puppy Names Inspired by Myth

      1. Apollo (Greek)
      2. Ares (Greek)
      3. Zeus (Greek)
      4. Juno (Rome)
      5. Pluto (Rome)
      6. Fionn (Irish)
      7. Balor (Irish)
      8. Bres (Irish)
      9. Erin (Irish)
      10. Ogma (Irish)
      11. Lugh (Irish)
      12. Crom (Irish)
      13. Macha (Irish)
      14. Fand (Iriish)
      15. Boann (Irish)
      16. Brigid (Irish)
      17. Agni (Hindu)
      18. Soma (Hindu)
      19. Asura (Hindu)
      20. Amun (Egyptian)

      Puppy Names Inspired by History

        1. Louie (Louis XIII)
        2. Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe)
        3. Nelson (Nelson Mandela)
        4. Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II)
        5. Ali (Muhammad Ali)
        6. Darwin (Charles Darwin)
        7. Presley (Elvis Prelsy)
        8. Victoria (Queen Victoria)
        9. Einstein (Albert Einstein)
        10. Francis (Pope Francis)
        11. Da Vinci (Leonardo Da Vinci)
        12. Van Gogh (Vincent Van Gogh)
        13. Roosevelt (Theodore and/or Franklin Roosevelt)
        14. Elinor (Elinor Roosevelt)
        15. Rosa (Rosa Parks)
        16. Lyndon (Lyndon B Johnson)
        17. Ludwig (Ludwig Beethoven)
        18. Oprah (Oprah Winfrey)
        19. Orwell (George Orwell)
        20. Eva (Eva Peron)

        Puppy Names Inspired by Literature

          1. Arwen - Lord of the Rings
          2. Atticus - To Kill a Mockingbird
          3. Beatrice - Much Ado About Nothing
          4. Bond - James Bond
          5. Daisy - The Great Gatsby
          6. Dodger - Oliver Twist
          7. Falstaff - Henry IV
          8. Fern - Charlotte's Web
          9. Gandalf - Lord of the Rings
          10. Gatsby - The Great Gatsby
          11. Ginny - Harry Potter
          12. Gretel - Hansel & Gretel
          13. Gulliver - Gulliver's Travels
          14. Laska - Anna Karenina
          15. Nana - Peter Pan
          16. Max - How the Grinch Stole Christmas
          17. Toto - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
          18. Scout - To Kill a Mockingbird
          19. Matilda - Matilda
          20. Milo - Catch-22

          Puppy Names Inspired by Cinema

            1. Gollum - Lord of the Rings
            2. Gandalf - Lord of the Rings
            3. Aragorn - Lord of the Rings
            4. Odie - Garfield
            5. Zero - The Nightmare Before Christmas
            6. Tarzan - Tarzan
            7. Ace - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
            8. Max - Mad Max
            9. Rocky - Rocky
            10. Dude - The Big Lebowski
            11. Bluto - Animal House
            12. Spicoli - Fast Times and Ridgemont High
            13. Scarlett - Gone With the Wind
            14. Jabba the Mutt - Star Wars
            15. Kane - Citizen Kane
            16. Chance - Homeward Bound
            17. Morpheus - The Matrix
            18. Neo - The Matrix
            19. Marv - Sin City
            20. Stitch - Lilo & Stitch

            Puppy Names Inspired by Food

              1. Butterscotch
              2. Apple
              3. Caramel
              4. Basil
              5. Cinnamon
              6. Bagel
              7. Coconut
              8. Bean(s)
              9. Cupcake
              10. Biscuit
              11. Fondue
              12. Butter(s)
              13. Fudge
              14. Dumpling
              15. Huckleberry
              16. Falafel
              17. Jelly
              18. Macaron
              19. Lemon
              20. Marshmallow

              Puppy Names Inspired by Space and Astronomy

                1. Luna
                2. Marsha
                3. Nebula
                4. Phoebe
                5. Stella
                6. Selene
                7. Solstice
                8. Sora
                9. Ursa
                10. Scorpio
                11. Draco
                12. Cassiopeia
                13. Cygnus
                14. Lyra
                15. Sirius
                16. Comet
                17. Atlas
                18. Archer
                19. Aries
                20. Blaze

                Puppy Names Inspired by Disney

                  1. Nala - Lion King
                  2. Penny - The Rescuers
                  3. Perdita - 101 Dalmatians
                  4. Pocahontas - Pocahontas
                  5. Rapunzel - Tangled
                  6. Snow White - Snow White
                  7. Tiana - The Princess and the Frog
                  8. Tinker Bell - Peter Pan
                  9. Wendy - Peter Pan
                  10. Aladdin - Aladdin
                  11. Arthur - The Sword and the Stone
                  12. Basil - The Great Mouse Detective
                  13. Beast - The Beauty and the Beast
                  14. Berlioz - The Aristocats
                  15. Bert - Mary Poppins
                  16. Bolt - Bolt
                  17. Buzz - Toy Story
                  18. Charming - Cinderella
                  19. Hercules - Hercules
                  20. Winnie - Winnie the Pooh

                  Part Three: What are the Most Popular Puppy Names?

                  Quarantine-Inspired Dog Names for Pandemic Puppies

                  When the COVID-19 outbreak sent everyone in doors, millions of people discovered they finally have enough time to dedicate to raising a new puppy. The demand for puppies is so large that reputable breeders can hardly keep up.

                  Quarantine may be tough, but puppies make everything better. Read on for fun and hilarious puppy names inspired by this crazy year.

                    1. Rona
                    2. Covie
                    3. TeePee
                    4. Vaxx
                    5. Clorox
                    6. Fauci
                    7. Charmin
                    8. Sourdough
                    9. Flour
                    10. Grubhub
                    11. TikTok
                    12. Zoom
                    13. Facetime
                    14. Bingey
                    15. Hulu
                    16. Tiger King
                    17. Quarantina
                    18. Corona
                    19. Pandemonia
                    20. Kobe

                    What are the Most Popular Girl Dog Names?

                    From cute and delicate to prim and proper, there are a lot of great names for female puppies out there this year. Tough and sporty names like Zoe, Piper and Quinn were very popular last year, but this year we're seeing a return to more classic names like Abby, Ruby and Sadie. Here are the 50 most popular female puppy names.

                      1. Emma
                      2. Gigi
                      3. Ginger
                      4. Grace
                      5. Gracie
                      6. Hannah
                      7. Harley
                      8. Hazel
                      9. Heidi
                      10. Holly
                      11. Honey
                      12. Izzy
                      13. Jasmine
                      14. Josie
                      15. Katie
                      16. Kona
                      17. Lacey
                      18. Lady
                      19. Layla
                      20. Lexi

                      What are The Most Popular Boy Dog Names?

                      From names like Max and Charlie to names like Alpha and Zero, there is no shortage of male dog names out to choose from, but these are the 50 most popular boy dog names.

                        1. Cash
                        2. Champ
                        3. Chance
                        4. Charlie
                        5. Chase
                        6. Chester
                        7. Chico
                        8. Coco
                        9. Cody
                        10. Cooper
                        11. Copper
                        12. Dexter
                        13. Diesel
                        14. Duke
                        15. Elvis
                        16. Finn
                        17. Frankie
                        18. George
                        19. Gizmo
                        20. Bubba

                        What Are Some Unique Dog Names?

                        We scoured our databases for some of the most unique dog names and came up with some really clever ones. From the obscure and random to the weird and painfully funny, here are the most unique dog names.

                          1. Alfred von Wigglebottom
                          2. Andy War-howl
                          3. Artoo Dogtoo
                          4. Bob Scratch-It
                          5. Betty Twiglet
                          6. Boba Fetch
                          7. Buzz Pawldrin
                          8. Captain Fluffy
                          9. Captain Merrylegs
                          10. Captain Sniffer
                          11. Count Droolsbury
                          12. Deputy Dawg
                          13. Django Unleashed
                          14. Doc McDoggins
                          15. Doggy Howlser M.D.
                          16. Dumbledog
                          17. Fur-dinand
                          18. Hairy Pawter
                          19. Hashtag
                          20. Hotrod Woofington

                          What Are The Cutest Puppy Names?

                          The answer to this question depends on what you consider cute. Here are 50 of the cutest puppy names we've found.

                            1. Muttley Crue
                            2. Otto Von Longdog
                            3. Ozzy Pawsborne
                            4. Prince of Barkness
                            5. Princess Pork Chop
                            6. Professor Wagglesworth
                            7. Pup Tart
                            8. Putt Putt
                            9. Queen of Barkness
                            10. Santa Paws
                            11. Sergeant Barkowitz
                            12. Sherlock Bones
                            13. Sir Barks-a-Lot
                            14. Sir Waggington
                            15. Sniffy Longdroppings
                            16. Spark Pug
                            17. Waltzing Muttilda
                            18. Woofgang Amadeus
                            19. Calamity Jane
                            20. Captain Chaos

                            Celebrity Dog Names

                            From Adam Sandler to Zoey Deschanel, you'll find all of your favorite celebrity puppy names listed below.

                              1. Adam Sandler - Matzoball and Meatball - Bulldogs
                              2. Anne Hathaway - Esmerelda - Labrador
                              3. Aubrey Hepburn - Mr. Famous - Yorkie
                              4. Blake Lively - Penny - Maltese-Toy Poodle
                              5. Charlize Theron - Tucker - mixed breed
                              6. Christina Ricci - Sheriff - Miniature Pinscher
                              7. Debra Messing - Henry - mixed breed
                              8. Demi Moore - Vida - Chihuahua
                              9. Drew Barrymore - Flossie - Chow Chow-Labrador mix
                              10. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Brutus - French Bulldog
                              11. Eva Longoria - Jinxy and Oprah - Maltese and Pug
                              12. Gwen Stefani - Winston - Pomeranian
                              13. Hilary Duff - Lola - Chihuahua
                              14. Hugh Jackman - Mocha - French Bulldog
                              15. Jake Gyllenhaal - Atticus - German Shepherd
                              16. Jennifer Aniston - Norman - Corgi
                              17. Jennifer Love Hewitt - Mona - Boxer
                              18. Jessica Alba - Sid - Pug
                              19. Jessica Biel - Tina - Pit Bull
                              20. Jessica Simpson - Daisy - Maltese-Toy Poodle
                              21. Jim Carrey - George - Great Dane
                              22. Justin Bieber - Sammy - Papillon
                              23. Matthew McConaughey - Foxy - Australian Cattle Dog
                              24. Orlando Bloom - Sidi - Saluki mix
                              25. Ryan Reynolds - Baxter - Labrador mix
                              26. Sandra Bullock - Poppy and Ruby - Chihuahuas
                              27. Selma Blair - Wink - Jack Russell mix
                              28. Tori Spelling - Mimi LaRue - Pug
                              29. Will Smith - Indo - Rottweiler
                              30. Zoey Deschanel - Dot and Zelda - mixed breeds

                              Famous Dog Names

                              From famous hero dogs to the stalwart companions of historical figures, here are the most popular famous dog names from history and the real world.

                                1. Toto, the Cairn Terrier
                                2. Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd
                                3. Lassie, the Rough Collie
                                4. Trakr, the German Shepherd
                                5. Bobbie the Wonder Dog, Collie-Shepherd Mix
                                6. Balto, the Siberian Husky
                                7. Nemo, the German Shepherd
                                8. Jofi, the Chow Chow
                                9. Lex, the German Shepherd
                                10. Sinbad, the Lovable Mutt

                              Funniest Puppy Names of All Time

                              Out of all of the puppy names we've seen over the years, these are the ones that made us laugh out loud.

                                1. Alfred von Wigglebottom
                                2. Barkley
                                3. Captain Sniffer
                                4. Count Droolsbury
                                5. Deputy Dawg
                                6. Doodle
                                7. Lucky Goodsniffer
                                8. Miss Furbulous
                                9. Mister Fluffers
                                10. Professor Wagglesworth
                                11. Putt-putt
                                12. Scooter
                                13. Sergeant Barkowitz
                                14. Sir Barks-a-Lot
                                15. Sir Waggington
                                16. Bark Twain
                                17. Chewbarka
                                18. Doc McDoggins
                                19. Droolius Caesar
                                20. Franz Fur-dinand

                                Most Popular Human Puppy Names

                                They say you're not supposed to give puppies human names but, honestly, watching a 2 week old puppy named Jerry scamper around your home is pretty darn funny. Here are the most popular human puppy names.

                                  1. Hortense
                                  2. Howard
                                  3. Vern
                                  4. Albert
                                  5. Amos
                                  6. Arthur
                                  7. Artie
                                  8. Irma
                                  9. Irving
                                  10. Joan
                                  11. Loretta
                                  12. Marvin
                                  13. Murray
                                  14. Myrtle
                                  15. Norma
                                  16. Norman
                                  17. Pearl
                                  18. Rhoda
                                  19. Seymour
                                  20. Thelma

                                  How to Help Your Puppy Learn Its Name

                                  We hope this extensive list of the most popular puppy names was helpful and made it easy to find the perfect name for your puppy. Now that you've chosen a name, it's time to ensure your puppy learns it.

                                  Thankfully, this step-by-step guide will show you how to teach your puppy his or her name, as well as the best ways to use their name for the best results during training.

                                  Tell Us Your Favorite Puppy Names

                                  Do you have a funny puppy name from this year that we missed? We want to know your favorite puppy names. Contact PuppySpot today and let us know your favorites puppy names from this year.

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